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Fallout 4: Multiple Companions Glitches?

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    September 5, 2017 12:29 PM EDT

    Has anyone played around with trying to get and keep multiple companions in Fallout 4? I'm mainly wondering if anyone has tried to acquire multiple companions and if so, list the ways you can do it here and I'll create a little guide if there are enough ideas. Thanks!

    1. The X-86 Glitch:


    I've found one tutorial on YouTube:

    I'll summarize as his instructions are...a little fuzzy.
    -Join RR
    -Go to the Institute, but don't start working through "Underground Undercover"
    -Start Father's Quest - "Synth Retention" 
    -Go to the Libertalia area
    -Talk to X-86, but don't complete "Synth Retention" 

    2."Rally the Seven" from Noodles, "The Samurai"

    Requires: Dismiss Follower

    Description: Just like in the movies, the seven warriors come together to defend a settlement attacked by raiders. This is a tough move to pull and it’s a thing destined for roleplayers. Once the Samurai receives a notification that one of the settlements under her protection is being attacked, she can fast travel to where all her automatrons are and then one by one enlist them as followers only to immediately dismiss them to the settlement in need of help. The catch is that the automatrons travel towards their destination at walking speed and fast travelling to the settlement does not make the robots appear there. This means that A) the Samurai needs to travel with the machines, vanquishing any attacker on the road and B) the settlement needs to be pretty close to the origin point of the automatrons for them to arrive before the raiders or supermutants are done attacking. For example, half the distance from the Red Rocket shop near Sanctuary to the Slog is too much. There is however a perfect opportunity for this ability to be used and that is at the start of the Minutemen quest where the Institute is attacking The Castle. There is no time limit there.

    3. Console Commands, Rudeman53 Gaming Tutorial

    4. MODS. 

    There are many MODS that fix this problem. I'd recommend doing your own search based on your system to find the best one for you.