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Which Great House if your favorite on GoT?

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    August 21, 2017 9:30 PM EDT

    Recently, I have been sick with the flu and now double ear infections, yay me, but in doing so I finally got up in GoT. As I was watching the show, I soon realized there isn't a great house I like nor support, only people I like and support. So my question is if you have watched the show and/or read the books, which house is your favorite and why?

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    August 22, 2017 3:59 AM EDT

    The Starks, cause wolves rock, and their noble and loyal nature

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    August 22, 2017 11:13 AM EDT

    The Starks. The show pushes you towards them. While most other houses are shown as evil and greedy, the Starks are the only ones shown as noble.

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    August 22, 2017 12:11 PM EDT

    If it wasn't for Cersie, I would be for the Lannisters. But because she's still a part of the whole ordeal, I'm a Stark supporter. 

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    August 22, 2017 12:15 PM EDT

    I had a feeling that those who would post would be Stark supporters, though I won't say I support the Starks, they are the House with my favorite characters, Jon Snow and Arya Stark.

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    August 22, 2017 12:17 PM EDT

    I support the Night King. Giving a whole ton of people a second chance ... or third ... or fourth ...

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    August 22, 2017 4:42 PM EDT

    Read the books and either Tully, Greyjoy or Martell. Tully's seem like the most stand up lords and ladies (I mean their words are 'Honour, Duty, Family' or something like that, they definitely mean well) even if they don't really get up to much. The Greyjoys have one of the most interesting story lines in the book as of the last one (which is apparently ignored in the show) and are, you know, vikings, so they've gotta be up there. I like the Martells because they're kinda a mix of the two - fairly good guyish with intentions that definitely aren't as dark as most other people, but they're equally badass in that they live in the desert and are tough as nails.

  • August 22, 2017 9:44 PM EDT

    Starks easily mainly because they seem to be the nobler and more loyal of the families, and they have Wolves which is cool.

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    August 22, 2017 11:13 PM EDT

    I like them all. I remember that this exact question was one of my first forum posts back in 2013. I also remember going back to read my answer a few years later and thinking of how poor my reasons were. I'll try to make this one better, although I make no promises about its quality as it progresses, as I'm kind of sleepy right now.

    Anyway, let's get to it: First of all, I must say that there are a few houses and characters that I like as characters and for story reasons, but me liking them doesn't mean I endorse them. Just to clear that out.

     The first ones that fit in to that "category" are the Targaryens, they have an amazing story and depth to them, although I dislike and in some cases hate almost every member of that house for what they've done, with some obvious exceptions, like Jaehaerys I and his sister-wife Alyssane and Jon Snow (Or Aegon VII or as I would prefer Jaehaerys III). So I don't particularly like the Targaryens, but I like the history that surrounds them. It is, after all, the one that Martin has written the most about, and we are about to get even more with the two volumes of his upcoming "Fire and Blood".

     Dany sucks, though.

     House Lannister also fits into that category, although it's more of a mixed bag. There are characters like Tyrion, who during the start of the story you like and support and who by the end of the fifth book you don't see him as such a nice guy anymore and there are characters like Jaime, one of my favorites, who start as a character you hate and by the end of the fifth book is in such a compelling redemption arch that you just can't not love and support him. There's Tywin Lannister, who has such a presence on the Lannisters POV and in the first books in general that you can't fail to see how powerful and how good of a player he is and has been since he crushed House Reyne's rebellion.

     And then there's Cersei. How can you not love to hate Cersei? In the show at least, betwen Cersei and Daenerys, I'm all for Cersei. At least she's not a hypocritcal entitled little brat like Dany is. In the books, it is easier to properly hate her as a person than it is in the show, but regardless of all that she's an amazing character, amongst my top three favorite female characters in the series, together with Sansa and Brienne of Tarth.

    Resultado de imagem para tywin lannister artwork

    Charles Dance was such a good cast

     The Greyjoy brothers in the books are also pretty badass, particularly Euron (read: The Winds of Winter released Damphair's chapter "The Forsaken" for a taste of the real Euron). After "The Forsaken", and after reading some fan speculations on the internet, I'm convinced that Euron is the next, after Joffrey and Roose/Ramsay, and last big bad human villain of the series, and the worst of them all. The maddest of them all. And I hope he achieves at least half of what he has planned, because who doesn't love to stand in awe at the shitstorm Martin is capable of producing?

    Victarion is a more "phsyical" badass, although as dumb as it gets. Theon sucks, though.

    Imagem relacionada

     The dude they got to play Euron was not such a good cast... Or at least not characterized as he should have been.


     There are also the Boltons, or at least Roose Bolton. I really like his character, I find the concept of using leeches to drain out your emotion as creepy as it is stupid to the modern reader.

     House Baelish counts, right? It's only Littlefinger. And although Aiden Gillen was and is perfect for the character, I think the show has greatly diminished his character and turned him into a creepy perv. So, as expected, book Baelish is miles better than his show counterpart.

     Finally there are the Martells, and although I don't have a problem with them in the moral ground, they're Targaryen supporters, and I dislike Targaryens as a general rule. And of course I'm talking about book House Martell, not the abomination the show has produced: that thing is on Stannis levels of absurdity and stupidity, made worse that both Stannis and Doran had amazing actors escalated to portray them (Stephen Dillane and Alexander Siddig, respectively). In the books, Doran Martell is such a player, and it is great how you suddenly find out about everything he and Oberyn have been planning for years on end through Arianne after you, like her, are lead to believe Doran is just a feeble old man. Resultado de imagem para Doran Martell artwork

     I can't place this picture properly! DAMN THIS TECHNOLOGY!


     Now onto the Houses I properly support: I like the Starks, obviously. I rooted for Ned, although during the War of the Five Kings I didn't root for Robb (but I didn't want him to die either), as I supported and still do (in the books at least) Stannis Baratheon's claim. Mind you, book Stannis is not the same Stannis that D&D have ruined in the show. Now, in the show, I root for the Starks and Sansa in particular.

     House Manderly in the books is another great Northern house (in the books, the North is populated by lords and ladies with a lot more balls than in the show, where only Lyanna Mormont is a proper representation of book North. I think she may have been somehow inspired by Wylla Manderly?). Do you know the pie Arya served Walder in the first episode of season seven? In the books, it is Lord Manderly who brings three big pies to Winterfell and serves it to Roose Bolton and the Freys in the castle. It is largely believed that he killed three Freys and made the infamous "Frey pies". Lord Manderly also fakes Davos' execution and sends him to search for Rickon and bring him back, which is the condition he had to support Stannis in the North.

     And Stannis of the House Baratheon is the one I'd swear allegiance to. The One True King. The King who still cares. The King who answered. The man that Tywin Lannister worries about the most. The man who the Iron Bank comes to, not the other around like it was in the show. The man that sends a bannerman to Essos to hire sellswords and sit his daughter, Shireen Baratheon, on the Iron Throne in case he is killed. Not the one that burns his daughter and only heir alive. The man who uses Melisandre because she advances his goals, not because he believes in her or in any god. The man who only burns criminals whom he would have to execute anyway. The man that Jon Snow respects and advises, who is in turn respected and advised by him.

     The Mannis.

    Resultado de imagem para Stannis Baratheon artwork

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