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    August 20, 2017 7:58 PM EDT

    A Night to Remember (Skyrim): In contrast to the dark, "evil" tone of most Daedric quests and the overall serious tone of many of Skyrims quests, this quest stands apart due to it's lighthearted theme. Each situation that the player character finds themselves in is humorously absurd as is the corresponding dialogue. Even the beginning of the quest doesn't begin in a "sinister" approach as might be expected of a Daedric quest but one of fun and revelry. Rather than appearing as controlling (even though he is) the Daedric prince presents himself as our drinking buddy "Sam," the name itself simple and unassuming. Once we reach Misty Grove and the site of our "wedding" eventually we discover that "Sam" is none other than the Daedric Prince of Debauchery, Sanguine. In contrast to many of the other Daedric Princes, Sanguine isn't controlling merely for the sake of power but explains that he just wants us to "have fun," which of course makes sense given the sphere he governs.


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