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    August 7, 2017 4:52 PM EDT

    GailOlm said:

    Thanks, Zonnonn! Actually, Estelle is a bascially moral character and so is not an assassin. When not using stealth archery, she resorts to illusion spells to cause her enemies to attack one another (casting the mayhem spell) or to calm them (casting the harmony spell) in order to sneak past them.  In fact, using illusion spells along with sneak enabled Estelle to successfully complete the entire Thieves Guild quest line without killing anyone, with the exception of using archery to kill Draugr and Falmer who she would normally kill in dungeons anyway. In fact, she didn't even directly kill Mercer Frey but instead he was defeated by a Dremora that Estelle summoned using the Sanguine Rose.

    As a female gamer, I must say that I disagree regarding the sacrilege of removing Teldryn's chitin helm -- even though it was specially crafted for him by Grendis of the finest master armorsmiths in Morrowind. With his spiky hairstyle and unique tattoos, Teldryn is just too fine looking to hide behind a helmet. ;)

    Ah sorry my mistake, I see a cowled archer and instantly get flashbacks to all my assassins and thieves. A librarian illusionist, for when books are so interesting that you make people forget who they are to get them! And to be fair, although Nightingale Armour is intimidating, for a squishy librarian who doesn't want to be seen its perfect, and makes them feel like a real fighter!

    And I think we can all agree that Teldryn is one fine fella, but I like the mystery of not being able to see his face... like a superhero who you chill with every second of the day. Maybe I'm just old fashioned about my followers though!