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Blooded's Worldbuilding: Races

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    June 16, 2017 3:45 AM EDT

    A while ago, another user, I believe it was Mortiferous, made a thread about his ideas fro a fantasy story. I don't have an idea for a story yet, but I'm going to be sharing my worldbuilding. I'm kind of going in reverse, creating a world then a story that fits into it, rather than a world that suits my plot and my characters. All elven race names end in "dell"(singular), or "della"(plural) because in the language of the very first elves, from which all the elven races are descended, it means "same". I still have  a lot more to do with this, many more race ideas, many blank spaces to fill in. I'll be creating other threads for other parts of my worldbuilding journey as well.


    Other Names: Faes, Ancient Folk

    Average Weight: 10 lbs

    Average Height: 4’ 10”

    Features: Soft, childlike facial features. Slightly slanted eyes. Pointed ears.

    Skin Color: Soft, pale pink

    Hair Colors: Green, blonde, red, orange, silver, white, pink

    Eye Colors: Pink, Purple, Red, Blue

    Average Lifespan: 10,000 years

    Diet: Vegan. Fruit from trees in their forests

    Abilities/Strengths: Great magical power, longevity, high intelligence, flight, connection to forest, ancient woodland magicks

    Weaknesses: Physically weak, small stature, magic is less powerful outside of their forests, low endurance

    Technology: Magical weapons made from ancient trees, homes made in the tops of trees from branches

    Religion: Don’t have gods. Worship plant life and the forest itself, especially trees. Older trees are more revered. The Narinor is a special tree in the heart of the forest, infused with the blood of Narinia, giving it a unique red sap and dark red leaves. Also infused with her spirit, it is strong, taller than other trees, and filled with a vast amount of magical energy.


    Naming Conventions:

    Government: A group of three Magistrates is chosen by the faeries from among the most gifted of the youngest generation. A Head Magistrate is chosen of the three elected. They enforce the faery laws and judge cases where the laws are the broken to determine sentencing and keep the peace. Aside from dealing with criminal activity, the Magistrates do little unless a war or other big event happens. The Head Magistrate appoints a Jailor, a powerful magician, to ensure that faeries who have severely broken the law are properly imprisoned.

    Legendary Figures: Gildenheem, the oldest faery in existence, over 800,000 years old. The only feary to noticeably have aged, appearing about the age of an elderly human.

    Narinia, the first Head Magistrate, said to be the main reason for the faeries’ success in the early years of their civilization. When she died, she fused her blood and her spirit into what became known as the Narinor Tree.

    Hallenglenn the Brutal, the only faery known to have been anything but peaceful, and the only to ever be sentenced to death by the Magistrates, although he killed himself before his execution. He killed almost every faery sentenced to be imprisoned by him, because he believed it to be the ultimate justice.

    Legendary Artifacts: The Staff of Norelhem

    Homeland: Unnamed living forest, where trees are full of magic and move of their own accord, shifting their roots and even moving to different spots within the forest

    Varieties: Split-winged faeries appear to have four wings, but rather they have two wings that split very near to where they connect to the faery’s back. Full-winged faeries have two wings that are round, not split, and somewhat larger than the wings of split-winged faeries.


    Faeries are woodland creatures similar to wood elves. They bear a mixture of human and elven features: round and soft facial features with slightly slanted eyes and pointy ears. On average they reach the height of human children, four and a half to five feet tall, and weigh only a few pounds. Physically, the faeries are very weak, but wield the greatest magical power of any race. The average life of a faery spans several thousand years. All faeries are vegan. They are highly connected to the plantlife of the forests more so than the animal life, as the tree elves are.


    Fendella(fin-dell-uh), Fen meaning tree:

    Other Names: Oaken Folk, Tree Elves, Wood Elves

    Average Weight: Male-120 pounds Female-100 pounds

    Average Height: Male-5’ 3” Female-5’

    Features: Sharp, very angular facial features, high cheekbones, wide eyes, large, pointed ears. Lean. Often covered in tribal markings and tattoos. Many piercings

    Skin Color: Dark olive(Greek skin tone)

    Hair Colors: Dark red, dark brown, orange, blonde

    Eye Colors: Yellow, dark red, dark brown, green

    Average Lifespan: 70 years

    Diet: Wild vegetation, forest animals, insects. Berries, fruits, nuts, squirrels, bears, deer, ants, beetles

    Abilities/Strengths: Agile, cunning, fast, knowledge of forest, great alchemical skill, ability to domesticate and control some strong animals, resourcefulness, archery skill, excellent hunters

    Weaknesses: Small stature, low magical ability, less ability to fight in open areas, not very strong in close combat, addiction to drugs they make

    Technology: Lightweight armor made of hardened tree bark, leather, and padded fur. Weapons made of wood and animal bones. Homes built into roots of giant trees. Potions, poisons, medicines, and drugs made from plants and insects.

    Religion: Pantheon-


    Naming Conventions:

    Government: Oligarchy. A small, elite hunter group is chosen every three years in a series of trials to determine the Oaken Folk’s leaders. These leaders then appoint a Chieftain to be the overall ruler. The Chieftain oversees important matters such as war or resource shortages and delegates his or her leaders to oversee other, smaller matters.

    Legendary Figures: Zandeyr the Large, the tallest wood elf in recorded history at 6’ 1”. He had immense strength for a wood elf and was a great warrior and hunter, said to be capable of fighting large prey with his hands. He ruled as Chieftain from the age of twenty until he died at sixty-two, easily winning the trials every 3 years. Under his reign, the wood elves were said to be their strongest and most prosperous. Qanderia Eagle-Eye, the fabled greatest wood elf archer. She was a member of Zandeyr’s group and served as his second in command for nearly every year of his leadership. She died three years before him. Legends tell that she was able to split an arrow in half with another arrow.

    Legendary Artifacts:

    Homeland: The Elder Glade, a vast and ancient forest of enormous trees. The trees all grow very close together and their thick canopies allow little light to shine through. Also known as Fendeyr, or the Fendeyr Woods.

        Also known as the Oaken Folk, wood elves are forest dwellers just as the faeries are, though they prefer the thick, dark woods to the south.They have sharp, angular features with large, pointed ears and wide eyes that help them take in the dim light that comes through the forest canopy.



    Other Names: Silver Folk, Sea Elves(though they aren’t actually elves)

    Average Weight: 155 lbs

    Average Height: 7’

    Features: Sharp, gaunt facial features. Large, round eyes. Disproportionately long arms and legs. Neck gills. Webbed hands and feet, each with 4 digits. Small, pointed ears. Sharp teeth. Extremely thin. Slimy skin. Hard silver scales on upper back and chest, arms, and legs. Sometimes scales are golden.

    Skin Color: Pale white, light grey, light blue, seafoam green

    Hair Colors: Black, white, silver

    Eye Colors: Silver, light blue, light green, dark grey

    Average Lifespan: 100 years

    Diet: Fish, shellfish, algae, plankton

    Abilities/Strengths: Can breathe underwater and on land, can swim quickly, strength that belies their physicality, superior reach due to height, strong bite force, extreme intelligence, hard scales, strong water based magic

    Weaknesses: Weaker on land, must return to water after a certain amount of time on land, affinity for shiny objects, low magical ability when used on anything besides water

    Technology: Armor made from scales of their dead, cities made in coral reefs, forging techniques utilizing the manipulation of water pressure



    Naming Conventions: Silver Folk names, like many words in their language are long and consonant heavy with extraneous letters, and strange spellings and pronunciations. It is difficult for humans to understand and spell. Many female names have double consonants and more vowels than make names. Male names often contain silent letters and less vowels. Masculine names often have beginnings such as Xyr, Zyr, Ghylm, Krul, Mnem, Pson. Feminine names often have beginnings such as Nnaon, Zrell, Erryn, Yannia. These prefixes are considered to be more masculine and feminine than others by historical context and the heroes and rulers who bore them.

    Government: No government, as they are not a very organized race. However, they have a Portent, a single wise and powerful member of their race who leads them in tough times. Their is only a Portent during times of strife and conflict. The first to be willing to lead the people in that time, and to be accepted by the Coral Throne, becomes the Portent. The Coral Throne was created with powerful magic and will accept those with good intentions of leading the race and those who are powerful and smart enough to do so. There is a group of esteemed sea elves known as The Council who are usually the first to try the Throne when a portent is needed. Each Reef of the sea elves is loosely led by a leader known as a Silver Duke, but they relinquish all power to the Portent when there is one. Silver Dukes are chosen by a battle of wits in each Reef. They rule until they die, step down, or are challenged and beaten in a battle of wits. For the first few hundred years of their civilization they had a monarchy, being led by a royal family.

    Legendary Figures: Xyrthanth of the Sand, a great warrior and the Portent during the First Great War. He led The Five in the defense of the shore in front of what is now known as Xyrthanth Reef while waiting for reinforcements. They fought off an entire legion of invading humans. Xyrthanth single handedly defeated over 200 human soldiers. He is also known for a myriad of other heroic deeds, many on land. He is considered to be the Silver Folk’s greatest hero ever.

    Princess Zellthionna, the princess of the first royal family. She was known for being exceptionally smart and advising her father, King Ghelmaryth, more than his official advisors. Her main signifance was being eaten by the great white shark, Axannu. 

    The Five, a group of five warriors who aided Xythanth in the defense of Xyrthanth Reef. They were: Ghylmtharesh, Vrulengrelash the Strange, Psyltunshron, Yannialexaon the Fair, and Pyttrellunna.

    Axannu, The Great White, an ancient, enormous shark revered and feared by the Silver Folk, who roams the seas. It has no allegiance to the Silver Folk, but protects the ocean itself, therefore protecting the Silver Folk in dire circumstances. However, it will not hesitate to turn against the Silver Folk if there is any threat of their actions harming the ocean in any way and has attacked them in the past.

    Legendary Artifacts: Fang of Axanu, a legendary blade wielded by Xyrthanth. It was made by Vrulengrelash the Strange after Xyrthanth fought Axannu and was able to pull a tooth from its mouth. It has one serrated edge and one razor sharp edge. It is nigh indestructible.

    Homeland: Soracean Ocean



    Vondella(vahn-dell-uh), Von meaning volcanic:

    Other Names: Ashen Folk, Grand Folk (formerly), Golden Elves(Formerly), The Broken

    Average Weight: 85 lbs

    Average Height: Male 5’ 10” Female- 6’


    Skin Color: Black

    Hair Colors: Black, grey, often bald

    Eye Colors: Red, grey

    Average Lifespan: 30 years

    Diet: Insects, people

    Abilities/Strengths: Superhuman olfactory and auditory senses, superhuman reflexes, resistance to fire and heat

    Weaknesses: Blind, malnourished, race as a whole is not organized, feral, had entire civilization destroyed by volcanic eruption




    Naming Conventions:

    Government: None

    Legendary Figures: Exithur, Ericosa, and Endarth, three brothers who, in the Vondelli/Gryndelli mythos, became the three great volcanoes in the Red Wall mountain range. 

    Legendary Artifacts:

    Homeland: The Red Wall, a large mountain range home to three volcanoes: Exithur, Ericusa, and Endarth.


    Morendella(moh-ren-dell-uh), moren meaning grassland:

    Other Names: Wandering Folk, Wild Elves

    Average Weight: Male-180 lbs  Female-125 lbs

    Average Height: Male-5’10”(178 cm) Female-5’ 6”(167 cm)

    Features: Strong, bold features, rather human-looking for an elf.

    Skin Colors: Medium tan

    Hair Colors: Brown, Black

    Eye Colors: Brown, hazel, grey

    Average Lifespan: 55 years


    Abilities/Strengths: Great at fighting in the open, great survival skill from nomadic heritage, good endurance

    Weaknesses: Lack permanent settlements, 




    Naming Conventions:


    Legendary Figures: 

    Legendary Artifacts: 



    Gryndella(grin-dell-uh), gryn meaning gold(Extinct):

    Other Names: Grand Folk, Golden Elves, Unlucky Ones

    Average Weight: Male-175 lbs(79.4 kg), Female-180 lbs(81.6kg)

    Average Height: Male-7'(213 cm) Female-7'4"(223 cm)

    Features: Exceedingly beautiful, long eyelashes, 

    Skin Colors: Golden

    Hair Colors: Golden, yellow, white

    Eye Colors: Yellow, light brown, sometimes green

    Average Lifespan: 80 years


    Abilities/Strengths: Wealth, beauty, homeland was difficult for invading forces to reach, exceptional jewelry smiths, access to many natural resources





    Naming Conventions:


    Legendary Figures: Exithur, Ericosa, and Endarth

    Legendary Artifacts:

    Homeland: The Red Wall. It is rich with gold and many other valuable metals and resources. This contributed greatly to the wealth of the Gryndella.

    History: Exithur and Ericosa erupted at the same time in the year 223. The eruption caused most of the Gryndella to die. Exithur, the largest volcano, continued to produce smoke over the entire mountain range for over 100 years straight. The few Gryndella who survived continued their bloodline, though they were warped. They had been rendered blind by the smoke, never able to see through it anyway. The ash made their skin black. With the lack of a real civilization, they became feral(similar to the Falmer, which is the biggest inspiration for this race).


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    June 16, 2017 5:42 PM EDT

    Added a lot more information to the Gryndella and Vondella, plus I started added metric heights and weights, but I got interrupted before I could finish. I'll do the rest of that later.

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    June 16, 2017 5:44 PM EDT

    Damn, Blooded, this is one helluva read.

    I like that you focussed on Elves, sometimes having every different race can be... boring? Cliche maybe? Making every race similar but with massive distinctions, advantages and disadvantages over each other, it makes the world feel more dangerous and alive. Like there's a dynamic food chain which shifts wherever you are.

    Is there any resentment from the shorter-lived races toward those who live several lifetimes over compared to them? I imagine it would be a point of contention, like a whole race who is nothing but condescending to you.

    Are races allied with other races, or is that on a smaller scale? Are there any races that downright refuse to even talk to others, or does the need for survival outweigh there squabbles?

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    June 17, 2017 5:19 PM EDT
    I know what you mean about having so many different races being boring. I know it's a fantasy staple, but I honestly don't even think my story will have dwarves. The multiple different types of elves was obviously inspired by ES, and I'm going to have a few different human races as well when I get there. I haven't quite gotten to the point of thinking about race relations too much yet, though I do like to think that the Xakkavan hold themselves as rather superior because of their superior longevity and intelligence to most races. The faeries also may have some resentment towards the tree elves for harming their forest by eating animals and using the vegetation for drugs. And as far as allies, I haven't thought about that at all yet.
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    July 18, 2017 5:10 PM EDT

    So, I'm guessing that all of the della are going to have similar naming practises, at least at a base level, judging by the elven nature and a clear relation by language.  Even years down the line, were can track back how and why we name things in a certain way to ancient times, and the same should hold true in this universe for a grounding in realism.  It is something that people do pick up on, even if they don't realise it.

    Perhaps the differences are impacted by the varied circumstances and values surrounding them, with the Gryndella possibly using names based around the various minerals surrounding them, whereas the Vondella may name their kind based on temperature and sound given their blind nature.  Maybe the Fendella use vegetation as a baseline of naming, and the Morendella use topographical geography to name their children to remember where they've been?

    Just be careful with making up a language - make sure it doesn't strain a reader's mind too much that they need a pronunciation guide to work through the story, and if they do, intersperse it into the story through clarity of dialogue.  Just a list of the words at the back isn't enough if they need to switch between the two to read it properly.  When it comes down to it, have 'patsy' characters who don't know everything get clarification and on what someone else is talking about, stumble over the names/words, and have them corrected.  It doesn't distract heavily, and is a natural thing people do.

    I like the look of it all, especially lacking the usual Elves and Dwarves pitfalls of most amateur fantasy writers.  You don't make it anywhere by retreading the same tired out ideas that have been around for decades.

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