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Workshop Spotlight 4 - The Champion of Namira

  • June 3, 2017 7:35 PM EDT

    Right, a tad late this time (8 days technically) but I believe it's worth it to showcase a build that's currently being worked on for the Follow Me, Follow You Event over in the Character Building/Modder's Conclave groups. The Champion of Namira is based off of the character Eola, and is well I don't know if I want to spoil it that early, but it's a really amazing piece of work so far written by BlueDremora.

    So what makes this build so amazing? Well, let's start off with the Artwork, which despite being one of the best pieces of work I've ever seen is arguably the second best part of the build. Let me just start you off by showing off the Main Banner of the build and letting you absorb that. 

    I know, it's freaking amazing isn't it. I shrunk that a fair bit to fit it in which I think takes a little bit away from the overall feel of the picture, but the way that BlueDremora has used artwork in his build is something that is very rarely seen and very rarely done well. What he's done is turn the entire build into a set of images, with all of the builds text in these just amazing 'text boxes'. It's something that I've seen a few people do, but let me tell you that I think BD here has done it better than just about anyone, and I was half tempted to give it a Spotlight just for the Artwork.

    But that would be a huge disservice to the Backstory that he's written at the moment. I can't and won't spoil it too much, but it's the sort of thing that really fits the character even though it's for an NPC (which is hard to do). Blue Dremora has a real ability to write and you really feel the emotions of the character in the backstory. 


    I can't recommend reading the build enough, it's already a great combination of awesome art and an even better backstory so even now I recommend reading it. Thanks for dropping by this week, I've got a little surprise in the next few days (I'm doing an Event Coverage, and that's all I'll say) and don't forget to head over to the Workshop Spotlight Corner to see all of the past Spotlights. 

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    June 5, 2017 6:31 AM EDT

    Thanks you so much for the showcase and the praise Dragonborn! Makes a man happy ^^