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How limited are Daedra on his thinking and decision choices?

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    May 15, 2017 3:34 PM EDT

    Hello!, I have a specific lore question, about this

    According to that a Xivilai called Moath who is the of Xivilai's Clan in service of Clan Dagon. So on the link:

    "Moath was once in the service of Molag Bal. In 2E 582, he was sent to Tamriel by Bal to defend a Dark Anchor opened above Bangkorai Garrison. However, he was swiftly banished by the Daggerfall Covenant forces and the Anchor was released.[2] Some time after this, he passed into the service of Dagon and served as his lieutenant. His clan took part in the invasion of the Battlespire, after which Moath returned to his headquarters in the Havoc Wellhead. Imago Storm gave his neonymic to an apprentice battlemage from the Battlespire, but it is unknown if the apprentice banished him or not. " 

    It is ESO lore, ESO is canon too, but soemtimes seems is not totally can lore friendly, I prefer to think it is in general.


    So my questions are:

    - Can a Dremora move between oblivion realms?, according to the reference it seems so

    - How limited are intelligent Daedra about what they think?, I'm talking about Xivilai's or Dremoras for example

    - How limited are intelligent Daedra on their behave?, are they just limited by their instincts?

    - Also, How limited are intelligent Daedra respect their decisions If they took their own decisions or not?


    I really wish to know for lore purposes, tell me what do you think, I will really appreciate it, thanks






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    May 15, 2017 5:23 PM EDT

    For the first question, i don't know certainly, as the you say, the uesp says they can, or maybe could be that Daedric Princes can reclaim any daedra when they want, maybe some small dispute between princes about it or maybe not, i can't answer 100%, this one sorry for that.


    For the second question, it doesn't matter, they are more powerful than regular daedra of course, but they are still minions, and they do as the Daedric Princes command, so the limitations remain the same.

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    May 15, 2017 5:50 PM EDT

    Alright, thanks for your oint of view ThalmorWizard, by the way I added a third question, would be good to see what thinks about it

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    May 15, 2017 7:15 PM EDT

    Medieval said:

    Alright, thanks for your oint of view ThalmorWizard, by the way I added a third question, would be good to see what thinks about it

    For the third question, i couldn't tell certainly, from what i've seen while playing ESO, they even more crazy and savage than the regular dremora, they just fulfill what they've been ordered by their Daedric Princes.

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    May 15, 2017 7:51 PM EDT

    Well alright, thanks for your comment :).

    Researching about on UESP:

    About Xivilai:

    - "Xivilai are highly intelligent Daedra that look like tall and muscular gray-skinned warriors. They are similar in many points to the Dremora, but do not have a caste system. Their lack of a caste system fits perfectly with their hatred of subordination and tendency for betrayal. They are also often in the service of Mehrunes Dagon. They can wield two-handed weapons in one hand and cast a wide variety of spells, including a Clannfear Summon."  

    Also there is a Xiviali clan: "Xivilai's Clan is a Daedric clan led by Xivilai Moath. It is in the service of Clan Dagon, led by Mehrunes Dagon. The clan is based in the Havoc Wellhead. It represents the ambitious, but occasionally overreaching and imprudent side of destruction.", also it is said: "It is unknown what relation common Xivilai Daedra have to the clan."


    But Dremora are different: 

    "Dremora society is a class-based clan system that upholds values of oaths, pride, honor and loyalty, both to the clan and to Lord Mehrunes Dagon, whom they venerate as a god."

    "The Dremora hierarchy consists of seven major ranks: Churl, Caitiff, Kynval, Kynreeve, Kynmarcher, Markynaz, and Valkynaz. The former three represent the military ranks of lesser soldiers, with Churls being the untrained disorganized rabble that form the bulk of a clan's fighting force, Caitiffs representing shock troops, and Kynvals being soldiers that distinguished themselves in combat and displaying the potential to be future leaders of their clans, as well as being the equivalent of knights. The other four are more important, politically-oriented roles, as they respectively represent clan officers, grand dukes, lords, and princes. There are also many other ranks, such as Feydnaz, Kyngald and Narkynaz, whose positions in the overall hierarchy is largely unknown.

    Dremora refer to their race as the Kyn (the People), with the adjectival form being Kynaz (of the Kyn). They consider themselves to be above other Daedra, who are seen as unthinking animals (the primary exception being the Daedric Princes)"

    also, "Throughout the years, other professions that Dremora have pursued outside of being warriors of their clans include being mercenaries, torturers, bodyguards, taskmasters, pirates, butlers, and merchants in both Oblivion and Nirn."


    So according to this it is seems Xivilai have more possibilities due his nature to be independent and seems they could take own decisions. But it seems for Dremoras is more difficult, because they live in a hierarchy and they upholds values of oaths, pride, honor and loyalty


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    May 16, 2017 8:03 AM EDT

    DAEDRA ARE ALSO PEOPLE! #cutofrdremoras #dremorashavefeelingstoo #wearepeopleyouknow