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Question for Twitch streamers

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    April 21, 2017 12:52 PM EDT

    So I've actually streamed twice now.  A couple of questions if you don't mind as I try to figure it out (It's hard to do at almost 50 you know?

    1. In my streams I log in on my phone to follow chat and notice it's anywhere from 10-20 seconds delay from what I'm doing in-game.  Is this normal?

    2. When I end my stream the feed shows me having gone offline and the video stream also ends and is no longer viewable.  I'm pretty sure that some streamers that I've watched were already offline and I'm just viewing the "aftermath" of the stream.  Am I bonkers in thinking this or is there a way to keep the stream up for later viewing by people?  (Maybe I watched them on YT and just remember it as Twitch since that's where he was actually videoing it...)

    3. Any other suggestions or stuff that I should know to get into my streaming?

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    April 21, 2017 1:07 PM EDT

    Good questions, John!

    So here's what I know:


    1. Yeah that's totally normal. I'm not a streamer, but I'm a frequent viewer and that sort of lag is actually not bad. Sometimes there's lag closer to 40 seconds or so, and not ideal. But 10-20 seconds--I'd say you're doing just fine.

    2. I suspect there's a setting for this somewhere--any streamers have any insight on this?

    3. As a viewer, I can say that my favorite streams are ones where I learn something new, watch really exciting, fast-paced, or otherwise engaging game play. If you're going to craft something, ask for audience input, and do it before you start crafting so you can account for the lag. It's cool to be able to help craft something, even if it's just picking a name or deciding between option X or option Y. Then take that new toy out and test drive it so the audience can see!

    Also, have some particular quests or missions in mind before you start streaming. I'd say probably I will tune in for 60-90 minutes usually, 2 hours is about my upper threshold because then I start feeling like I want to play or like I should be doing other things. Give us a heads up here too so we can plan for it! Sometimes if I find out last minute, I can't always jump on.

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  • April 21, 2017 8:20 PM EDT

    I've got some idea about question 2 (Or I think I might, not entirely sure if I'm answering it right.)

    Basically what you can do is archive your streams (I don't know if that's still the correct terminology), and from there you can do things like upload them as a Youtube video (for you that would mean being able to expand the base of people who watch it, and possibly post it on the Vault as well), and of course it just allows people to watch your stream afterwards for a fair amount of time. I just checked my channel, and because I don't have any videos I can't actually check and see how to do it, but I reckon Golden would be the person to ask. He's got it figured out, or at the very least his videos are archived for a period of time.