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Alt-History: What If High Rock Left The Empire Not Skyrim?

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    February 4, 2017 8:23 AM EST

    It's fun to speculate about alternate history. What if after the Great War it was High Rock that decided that the Empire was a one-sided deal and seceded from the Union and not Skyrim? an HRexit if you will. Lets say that after the GW the leaders of High Rock decided that the Empire was to corrupt and bureaucratic and wouldn't allow enough Breton influence on the day to day politics so they decide to secede to gain control over their laws and resources. There is also a growing sympathy for the Aldmer and maybe even the return of the Direnni as a political force.

    Would every High Rock kingdom agree to leave the Empire?

    Would it result in a war the same as it did in Skyrim?

    If so what kind of war and who would win?

    Would a breakaway High Rock make it more or ess likely for other nations to break away?

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    February 5, 2017 9:32 PM EST
    A High Rock region which has shattered all over again would make for a much more political sort of game.

    Ultimately, the first question would be about power. Who stands to gain? Who stands to lose? Far more than patriotism would be political advantage. If you were a unifying force in High Rock, your job would be to make each ruler either agree that they stand to gain most by staying or leaving and preparing for war with the Empire.

    As an enjoyer of sneaky/chatty gameplay, I'd enjoy it and hope there is enough gwar-headbutt-style gameplay to suit me when I need a change.