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How many followers is to many?

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    November 1, 2016 5:36 PM EDT

    I've been using the Extensible Follower Framework mod and have 3 followers. Things seem to be good so far because I have the mods Ultimate Combat, Combat Evolved and Deadly Dragons. But how many followers do you feel breaks the game for you?

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    November 1, 2016 5:39 PM EDT
    Man, I can't even deal with having one follower, let alone three.
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    November 1, 2016 5:50 PM EDT

    Yeah, I usually play alone too, though I am partial to dogs. Both my builds feature followers, but they were for the story. 

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    November 2, 2016 3:40 AM EDT

    Yes I normally play alone, Lydia is a pain, however the odd Dog Now and again really helps with immersion  when in sneak mode I hate the fact you can put an arrow in someones head and they say "someone there?" the dog is right in there

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    November 2, 2016 4:12 AM EDT

    I say three's a crowd. Normally I would just roll with two followers and that's it. 

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    November 2, 2016 4:40 AM EDT

    All depends on what I'm doing with it to be honest. I think a mod like this has more appeal for those taking screenshots than anything else. A few times I've had Aela, Farkas and Vilkas as followers. On a few rare occasions I've had all the Companions and Whelps as well as Lydia and a few of my own followers just to set up screenshots.

    Game wise I find one is enough.

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    November 2, 2016 5:02 AM EDT

    I can't comment on mods increaisng difficulty, for all I know 3 is still very hard with all those mods installed, but 1 at most in Skyrim vanilla is enough. They definitely slow down combat by drawing fire, but thats not always a bad thing, and hitting someone in the back when they're hitting your follower takes you out of the action a bit. Only in the very early game for me, until my charcater is established with the gear/ spells they need to get along by themself.