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    September 11, 2016 4:04 PM EDT



    Medieval here,

    I want to say I like things of the new platform, something I really enjoyed was the photos section, I have seen it changed a lot, one point I really miss is the feature of see the pictures on fullscreen, would be really cool have that back. I had on my favorites of my browser: , was the first page I open when I open my browser, I liked a lot the ning style. Just I want to say would be cool have some of that things back. In my personal oppinion I think the new platform makes the site better for blogs stories and I think thats cool, but I really miss that leaisure time just for enjoy what other users were doing while play Elder Scrolls or Fallout, the photos section gave that leaisure free time, just to see some cool content about Elder Scrolls (and other games), liked that because was a section where people could share his own experiences in a easy way. I know by the polls the photos sections wasnt too popular, the most popular were and still being the builds and stories, but I think a visual aspect would be cool for a first introduction, I think lack of a good sections related to photos, actually I dont enjoy it anymore uploading pictures or watching them, one of the reasons are is because I cant see them on fullscreen, the other thing I miss are the "ranks of the day", the most liked photos were on a top of the day, as every post or blog most liked or commented was featured and shown on a top list on the home page, was really cool and gives motivation to create content because you will know If what you posted was a succesfull blog or post, because people commented it and liked it, without that its needed search the stories, blogs, posts. That feature of "top of the day" was a really fun thing I really miss, I in my personal oppinion makes this platform lack of something important and fun what made this site love it a lot. Now looks like just another site related to Elder Scrolls (and other games) nothing inusual, I hope the site improve more, because I guess would loose memebers specially the old ones

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    September 11, 2016 9:26 PM EDT

    Thanks for the input, Medieval! You can always check out the Photo sub-feed on the activity feed, but I'll look and see if there's any way we can try to bring photos a little more front and center. I always liked that feature too. What we always wanted on Ning was a little scrolling module of photos rather than 6-8 static photo boxes, but that feature was always way too buggy. I'll look into this a little for you and see what's possible. :)

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    September 11, 2016 9:29 PM EDT

    Thanks Edana, for have it present :)

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    September 26, 2016 1:33 PM EDT



    I'm a little confused about the tags and the Categories when is about to create blog entries. I'm usually createing a blog entry, is something different not a TOC of a long or short story, is about a project I'm creating, adds an story, a guild, characters, and even mods I created, when I create the blog entries I usually got messages from admins saying I need to add or move to a properly Category, the thing is when its created a blog on the new platform, it forces you to add the post to a category, there isnt a misc or "another" category, so I usually tag it and add to a categroy as: TSC: Mixed. What category should I add this kind of blog entries:

    Mods of The Dark Legion Cult this entry is part of My Project: The Dark Legion Cult


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    September 26, 2016 3:06 PM EDT

    Those admins and hosts are trying to tell you that you should move it into appropriate group. I understand that this some kind of bigger project, but Blogs are for stories, poems, in-character articles, diaries and such.

    Here´s something I would recommend to you, which would be ok with Story Corner hosts (where Blogs fall under). Create a Table of Contents of sorts for this project of yours. You can edit the ToC to add characters list, guilds and all that. But when you post something like this, about the mods, you should post it in Modders Conclave. But you can put link into your ToC, connecting those two discussions. Get it? When you start posting the story, those should definitely be in Blogs. The rest needs its appropriate group.

    Modder´s Conclave for Mods, Character Building for Builds, Roleplaying Group for Roleplaying Profiles and Blogs for story. But you can connect all that through your Table of Contents, by putting links to all those discussions.

    How does that sound?

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    September 26, 2016 9:38 PM EDT

    Alright, I will move the blog "Mods of The Dark Legion Cult" to Moders Conclave and "The Dark Legion: Faction Roleplay" to Roleplay categories respectively. The Dark Legion Cult blog entrie is already in TSC: TOC category. Thanks for the advice!


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