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The Most Disliked Race of Elder Scrolls

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    September 11, 2016 4:27 AM EDT

    So, haha, I thought it might be good time to start some rant thread, where you all can spout your hate and whatever on target that can take it. So yeah, which race do you dislike the most? And please, tell my why, that´s what I´m really interested in. 

    Why I´m starting this thread? You know, I´ve been playing ESO recently, started an Orc (I love Orcs) in Daggerfall Covenant and...well, I have to admit...I absolutely hated it. I´m playing ESO for various reasons, and one of them is getting a better understanding of race´s cultures and lore. So I started Orc in Daggerfall Covenant because I was thinking: "Hey, you love Orcs and dislike Bretons and Redguards. How about you give them a chance, you hater?" Well, so I did give them a chance.

    And I´m going to say this: Bretons are the most boring race of TES. Three ESO locations of absolute boringness - well, there were few exceptions likat that Wyrd chainquest right in the first DC location, Glenunmbra. Quest that ties Bretons to their elven ancestors, Direnni. And that´s it, the only thing that makes Bretons interesting is their elven lineage. Except that, they are just your regular France/England/Italy mediaval society with knight hood bullshit and all that. Seriously, I could play dozen of other fantasy games and Bretons would be no different from any human society there. So yeah, three locations of boringness. Like, every other race gets at least some new insight into them, Altmer, Argonians, Khajiit, even Redguards and Bosmer, but not Bretons. ESO can´t introduce anything new and interesting, because there is nothing about them.

    Then I got to Alik'r in Hammerfell, where Yokudans/Ra Gada/Redguards came to Tamriel. And damn, I was completely wrong about Redguards. Of all human races they are certainly the most interesting ones, I love ´em. 

    Anyway, so I hate Bretons, yeah. Then Nords. Boring racist vikings. For all those years playing Skyrim a literally dislike Nords every subsequant day I play the game. I do like the Atmoran lore, the lore behind Thu´um and all that, it´s just that the pure pro-Men stance is absolutely un-appealing to me. There´s just something about it that irks me to no end. 

    So what are yours? 

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    September 11, 2016 4:40 AM EDT

    I think it really depends, I mean out of them all I would hands down say that the Bretons are the most boring...I've never seen a quality in them that makes me want to play them outside of their Magic Resistance (and in Obliviont the small boost to Magicka), because they're the typical OP gameplay oriented race, they're the Humans of most other games, sure they get some nice bonuses (I mean Dragon Age Inquisition, that extra talent point is just insane if you really think about it.) but that's it, other then that there's very little seperating them from what we consider dull and boring (humans of the real world). The Nords at least have the Skaal, who are so damn interesting they nearly bumped Nords to the top of my list for awhile, and Atmora which is interesting enough. Redguards are obviously insanely interesting, and Imperials have created (to me) such an interesting culture, the fact that they've managed to conquer so much land, hold it for so long and are essentially the pivotal race of the Elder Scrolls (at least in modern times) makes them more interesting than Bretons at least....Not to mention Breton Face Wrinkles :P

    Now, if we then chopped it down....Bosmer are the least interesting Elven Race to me, the Dunmer are the most interesting because they seem to have the most unique and diverse culture, you've got the Telvanni, Redoran and Hlallu which all have such differing cultures, beliefs, rules, mannerisms, the Ashlanders, plus whatever I haven't seen on the mainland (Imperial-Dunmer are intersting, and fight me if you think that the Tribunal aren't interesting AF). But the Bosmer just seem to be the leftovers, they're definitely cool, but compared to the diversity of the Dunmer, and long history of the Altmer I just can't see them as interesting.

    The Beast Races are tricky, both Argonian and Khajiit are too damn interesting...So I don't have anything here. 

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    September 11, 2016 4:53 AM EDT

    The Mighty Deeb said:

    Bosmer are the least interesting Elven Race to me

    I actually thought the same, but ESO kinda showed me otherwise. I think that Bosmer are mostly disregarded only because their culture was never really fleshed out. Yeah, there´s ton of lore around, but you have to dig deep and even than it is quite complicated. With ESO...I have all my Mer on equal level. Except Orcs, they´re above them. :D

    Beast know, we talked with Phil about Argonians and how we probably will never play or write about a native Argonian. Thing about Argonians is that they are really the most mysterious race of TES, which means there´s probably no way of roleplaying them right. Like, even Argonians themselves say that half of the things the world knows them about is bullshit and the rest is misinterpreted. So, writing about a native Argonian feels like...Argonian who pretends to be native. Just pretending, if you know what I mean. 

    “Here, I’ll give you some advice. In the future, just assume that half of everything you hear about Argonians is total nonsense. Then, assume that the other half is misinterpreted or rife with error." Interview with Three Argonians in Shadowfen

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    September 11, 2016 5:10 AM EDT

    I think for me the better word would be "least interesting". I have to say that the Nords are kinda pro-Human, but that's the same with the Altmer who are pro-Mer. I think I'll go for Bosmer with least interesting because, basically, they're just hippies. 

    The only interesting thing they have are sentient tree-cities and the Wild Hunt.

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    September 11, 2016 6:29 AM EDT

    I have to go with Orcs here (Sorry Karver), but admittedly that is mostly because I know so little about them (Apart from them liking to build little strongholds in other Provinces). I suppose if I actually made that effort to read up on some of their Lore I might start to like them more, but for now they just don't interest me that much.

    Other than Orcs, I've always found Bosmer and, to a lesser extent, Khajiit to be fairly boring; Khajiit are just drug addicts who talk funny, and pre-Skyrim Bosmer were whiny and irritating.

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    September 11, 2016 9:39 AM EDT

    Hard to answer, I dislike them all :P

    In terms of personal racism I am not keen on Tree Trolls. The Bosmer have always been sort of the joke race, the males of the species were designed to be stupid and dim compared to the beutiful and smart women. Even though they have what is actually very intricate and very weird lore, I still struggle with prejudices formed by TES IV. ESO is slowly changing that.


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    September 11, 2016 12:09 PM EDT
    Khajiits. I dislike cats, both in real life and games.