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    June 19, 2016 6:53 AM EDT

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    June 19, 2016 11:10 AM EDT
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    June 19, 2016 12:21 PM EDT
    1. Are you personally excited in how this could change how you play Skyrim?
    2. Are you excited about the changes it could have on the site?
    3. What changes do you think it could have on the site?
    4. What aspect of Skyrim Remastered are you most excited about?


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    June 19, 2016 12:24 PM EDT

    I have seen the Bloodmoon rising,

    As werewolves howl and maim.

    The pack's song of howling,

    Echoing without aim.

    I have run through reddened night,

    Leaving my camp behind.

    Irrefutable, terrible fright,

    Rampaging through my mind.

    I have seen the sanguine flow,

    As flashing fangs sunder my flesh.

    The prey captured and brought low—

    And yet now I feel bravery afresh.

    I slash with the hidden blade—

    The monster's life waning.

    And as I escape that damned glade,

    I feel my fear fading.

    But I have seen the Bloodmoon rising,

    As werewolves howl and maim.

    My newfound song of howling,

    Echoing without aim.

    ((My poem for Sotek's post. ))

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    September 10, 2016 8:35 PM EDT

    -Main Quest: What is a dragon, but an untapped source of power? What is Alduin, but a rival to be destroyed? The common sheep may hail you as a hero, but they will learn soon enough.
    -Dawnguard: This is where all the vampire stuff comes from.
    -Dragonborn: Miraak is a threat to your position and an obstacle on the road to dominion. Devour his soul to prove your strength and become even more powerful.
    -Volkihar Sidequests: Harkon wasted his time chasing a dream instead of tightening his grasp on Skyrim. A change in leadership means a change of plans.
    -The Blades: A win-win situation if there ever was one. Absorb Paarthurnax's soul and start building a personal army.
    -The House of Horrors: Optional. A sweet mace awaits those vampires who embrace their heritage.


    Notes I was pasting into a build topic I was writing for an hour or more before I tried to upload an image. Instead of uploading it, my browser decided to display the image, destroying all my hard work.


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    September 10, 2016 11:26 PM EDT

    Oh yeah. I was editing my blog's ToC. XD

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