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Character "Snapshots"

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    March 22, 2016 5:19 AM EDT

    She's quite an Orc... *slowly looks down*

    Wouldn't mind her sharpening my tusks. (If I had any.)

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    March 22, 2016 5:24 AM EDT

    Oh, but she's not a maid, she's a Hearth-wife))) And I'd say she's the most badass wife ever, her chieftain is a very lucky Orc!

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    March 22, 2016 5:25 AM EDT

    Lusty Hearth-wife then? I like that!

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    March 22, 2016 5:25 AM EDT

    Tusk maybe then?

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    March 22, 2016 5:28 AM EDT

    I think the current name is the most fitting))) She's a fine Orc lady, exactly that))

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    March 22, 2016 6:14 AM EDT

    LOL, this made me snort my orange juice. Awesome job, Karves. 

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    March 22, 2016 7:55 AM EDT

    If this isnt already a build it needs to be one. 

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    March 22, 2016 8:30 AM EDT

    Lol, I have no idea how would I make this work, Curse. Maybe as minibuild, dunno.

    I´m actually working on rp guide for Orc Females, but I think this lady could work better as Profile. Really dunno.

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    March 22, 2016 8:42 AM EDT

    Actually this would be the forst ever build I would want to actually play. I don't usually play other people's builds, but this I totally would try))

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    March 22, 2016 8:57 AM EDT
    Naughty russian girl! xD
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    March 22, 2016 9:00 AM EDT

    What is so naughty here? But I can see how interesting it would be to try and play such a character. An Orcish girly girl is something totally new))) I imagine playing her as a lot of fun.

    Actually I've never played an Orc character, they didn't appeal enough to me somehow, but this one, I must play)))))))

    Can't wait for the weekend when I'll have time))

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    March 22, 2016 9:15 AM EDT
    Really? Hm, could it be I just discovered another purpose for these snapshots?

    I mean, can one cool picture and short description inspire people to launch their game and mess around with the character? Expand it?

    Keep me posted about your char, Thorien. You and Curse kinda inspired me to actually do something more with this character.
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    March 22, 2016 9:17 AM EDT

    You'll see the first screenshots of her this saturday))) I swear by Auri-El))))

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    March 22, 2016 9:37 AM EDT

    Crossover perhaps?

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    March 22, 2016 10:32 AM EDT

    I wanna see her, Thorien! Definitely get screenshots!

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    March 22, 2016 10:41 AM EDT

    Name: Keeps-the-Marshes

    Class: Argonian Necropaladin

    Skills: One-handed, Conjuration, Restoration, Block and Destruction

    Gameplay: A hist adoring paladin blinded by his faith who wacks "injustice", undead and idiots alike and banishes every daedra he sees. He channels the souls of Fallen argonians to aid him in battle against anything that poses a threat to the Hist and his homeland.

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    March 22, 2016 11:57 AM EDT

    You will)) See what Karver's done here, he made me join the Orc club)))

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    March 22, 2016 11:58 AM EDT

    Nice guy! Quite unique)

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    March 22, 2016 12:03 PM EDT
    So are you projecting these to be precursors to actual build or like a preview of the build already done?
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    March 22, 2016 12:06 PM EDT

    Both, I believe. It's just an easy and short way for people to share characters they created in the past or plan on playing in the near future (or present for that matter), be it builds or not. At least that's what I got from the previous posts.

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    March 22, 2016 12:19 PM EDT

    Lol, welcome in the Stronghold Orcs club, Thorien! 

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    March 22, 2016 12:28 PM EDT

    It's an honor)) Maybe I'll even make a profile of this fine lady, who knows) See what you're doing)))

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    March 22, 2016 12:34 PM EDT
    Think of this as role play-lite. For builders it's a brief snapshot of the character behind the build. A brief look at the personality motives and even fighting style.
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    March 22, 2016 12:36 PM EDT
    I'll definitely do more of these later today.
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    March 22, 2016 1:04 PM EDT

    Both or neither. Just a way to share any characters you have played OR not/planned to play.