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The lilmothiit mage(possible build)

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    March 11, 2016 9:52 PM EST

    as some or all of us know the lilmothiit are a long unseen beast-folk race of fox like in look. the were said to be wipe  out in the 2E 560 due to unexplainable  reasons. one theory was that the khatean flu killed everything of non-reptilian race , including lilmothiit who probably lived in blackmarsh before the argonians, giving them some immunity to deasise. I myself am hoping in future skyrims that they include them. the main point of this is I'm ask for your opinion of how I should make the build . since they haven't been seen for nearly a couple thousand year's. I would like to give the race it's self something  other than disappearing mysteriously . some builds gave me the idea to do this ( Tsaesci is one of the builds). I'm thinking of an alteration  and illusion build to give it more mystery to the lilmothiit name. Just to give the possibility that they could still be out there. If i could get some opinions of what to do I might make it a unique build. Thanks for giving you opinion if you gave it, and thanks in-general if you took the time to read or comment.