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Differences between Vampire Lord and Master Lich

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    December 28, 2015 4:55 PM EST

    About Vampire Lords and Master Liches

    Reading and thinking about Elder Scrolls, I noticed there are in my opinion  two powerful undead kinds, Vampire Lords and Master Liches, in the games Liches have not took too much deep related to them and their features, I really like that kind of Undead I think are awesome because they wants immortality just that, Vampires depends on take form others blood and energy, the Lich in my opinion are more independent and have more control, but a Vampire Master should be an expert on control too because its depends on his survivorship, but I think Liches are more independent in all senses and that's why I like about them and the idea of become immortal in a mortal world (If you think Daedras are also immortal but in other plane and in different way), that's why I like Liches and undeads, but specially Liches because their are the Master of Undeads in my opinion, what I like about undeads is they have one opportunity to become immortal.

    On nexus site are a really good and well made mods related to Vampires and Undeads, actually there are mods just related to Vampire lord and Lich

    Would be nice to see what do you think related to this both kind of Undeads, and the differences makes them special, their pros and contras:

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