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What kind of Realm would you create? Daedra, Aedra?

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    October 27, 2015 3:13 PM EDT

    Hello everyone Darkforge here,

    Inspiring and thinking about Elder Scrolls, what kind of realm will you create If you would have the possibility to do it,
    Related to Elder Scrolls lore, Aurbis is the name for the universe. It includes MundusOblivionthe Void, and Aetherius. It is the overlap of the two cosmic forces: Anu and Padomay.

    So thinking on that what force you would use for create your own realm? would be Padomay or Anu? or a mix of both as Mundus?, what Deities will you take as inspiration?

    For me I think in a realm, an Immortal realm, tending to use Padomay force, the aspect I would like that real would have are:

    -Eternity (undeads)                      (Molag Bal)
    -Dark Natures of man                  (Sanguine)
    -The law of the most Strongest   (Mehrunes Dagon)

    I think that I would add to my realm, maybe sounds dreadful for mortals, but that realm I would like to be part of, If you think maybe Anu ("s", lol joking) is the wrong force, and maybe the void and Padomay are the natural ways of be, but this is just a thinking

    So what force would you use for your realm If you have the chance of make one?,  And what Daedric deities will you inspire for? Would be nice to see different kind of realms you would create or be part of it