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Character Generators: try, try again..?

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    October 7, 2015 9:36 PM EDT


    Race:  Imperial
    Gender:  Male
    Age:  Adult
    Class:  Bard
    Supernatural:  None
    Apparel Style:  Robes
    Combat Style:  One-handed
    Residence:  Heljarchen Hall


    Weight:  Average
    Skin Tone:  Tan
    Complexion:  Clear
    Scars:  Minor
    War Paint:  Medium
    War Paint Colour:  blue
    Hair Style:  Bald
    Hair Colour:  Brown


    Talent:  Sneak
    Preferred:  Illusion
    Backup:  Block
    Auxiliary:  Smithing

    Family and Friends...

    Spouse:  Romlyn Dreth
    Children:  Aeta, Minette Vinius
    Steward:  Golldir
    Follower:  Durak
    Familiar:  Riekling Warrior


    Ethics:  Neutral
    Morality:  Evil
    Temperament:  Engaring
    General Tendency:  Precise
    Demeanor:  Abrasive
    Sanity:  Insane
    Motivation:  Destruction
    Deity:  Any
    Piety:  Martyr
    Habit:  Daydreaming
    Hobby:  Animal racing
    Interest:  None

    Faction Dispositions...

    Blades:  Zealot
    Greybeards:  Dislike
    Imperials:  Dislike
    Stormcloaks:  Adoring
    Companions:  Hostile
    College of Winterhold:  Zealot
    Dark Brotherhood:  Friendly
    Thieves Guild:  Dislike
    Bard's College:  Indifferent
    Dawnguard:  Friendly
    Volkihar Clan:  Tolerant
    Forsworn:  Zealot
    Thalmor:  Zealot
    Vigils of Stendar:  Adoring
    Daedra:  Indifferent

    Social Dispositions...

    Altmer:  Indifferent
    Argonian:  Indifferent
    Bosmer:  Zealot
    Breton:  Tolerant
    Dunmer:  Friendly
    Imperial:  Hostile
    Khajiit:  Dislike
    Nord:  Zealot
    Orc:  Indifferent
    Redguard:  Friendly
    Children:  Friendly
    Elders:  Zealot
    Vampires:  Tolerant
    Werewolves:  Hostile
    Undead:  Adoring
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    October 7, 2015 9:39 PM EDT

    Race: Imperial

    Imperial: Hostile

    The self hate is strong with this one.

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    October 7, 2015 9:42 PM EDT

    Bows and daggers huh? She sounds like a lady after my own heart. Ella defintely looks like she is all straight outta f*cks to give. 

    Really very entertaining, Leeg. Well done, 10/10! 

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    October 7, 2015 9:43 PM EDT

    Cognitive dissonance at its finest! 

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    October 7, 2015 9:51 PM EDT

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    October 13, 2015 1:27 AM EDT

    Race: Orc
    Gender: Male
    Age: Elder
    Class: Agent
    Supernatural: None
    Apparel Style: Heavy Armour
    Combat Style: Any
    Residence: Windstad Manor

    Weight: Above Average
    Skin Tone: Average
    Complexion: Mature
    Scars: None
    War Paint: None
    War Paint Colour: blue
    Hair Style: Long
    Hair Colour: Blonde

    Talent: Alteration
    Preferred: Destruction
    Backup: Illusion
    Auxiliary: Sneak
    Family and Friends...

    Spouse: Romlyn Dreth
    Children: Blaise, Minette Vinius
    Steward: Beleval
    Follower: Ralis Sedarys
    Familiar: Riekling Warrior

    Ethics: Lawful
    Morality: Evil
    Temperament: Conscientious
    General Tendency: Violent
    Demeanor: Diplomatic
    Sanity: Unstable
    Motivation: Nobility
    Deity: Hircine
    Piety: Iconoclastic
    Habit: Blade sharpening
    Hobby: Fishing
    Interest: Religion
    Faction Dispositions...

    Blades: Adoring
    Greybeards: Friendly
    Imperials: Dislike
    Stormcloaks: Indifferent
    Companions: Tolerant
    College of Winterhold: Friendly
    Dark Brotherhood: Hostile
    Thieves Guild: Dislike
    Bard's College: Tolerant
    Dawnguard: Hostile
    Volkihar Clan: Hostile
    Forsworn: Zealot
    Thalmor: Zealot
    Vigils of Stendar: Tolerant
    Daedra: Dislike
    Social Dispositions...

    Altmer: Hostile
    Argonian: Tolerant
    Bosmer: Tolerant
    Breton: Dislike
    Dunmer: Tolerant
    Imperial: Adoring
    Khajiit: Hostile
    Nord: Dislike
    Orc: Zealot
    Redguard: Indifferent
    Children: Adoring
    Elders: Friendly
    Vampires: Friendly
    Werewolves: Tolerant
    Undead: Zealot