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Character Generators: try, try again..?

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    October 1, 2015 9:16 PM EDT
    Race: Dunmer
    Gender: Male
    Age: Middle-aged
    Class: Barbarian
    Supernatural: Werewolf
    Apparel Style: Light Armour
    Combat Style: One-handed
    Residence: Heljarchen Hall
    Talent: Enchanting
    Preferred: Smithing
    Backup: Light armor
    Auxiliary: Sneak
    Spouse: Ghorbash the Iron Hand
    Children: Braith, Samuel
    Steward: Roggi Knot-Beard
    Follower: Belrand
    Familiar: Sceolang

    I guess I'd play it. He is also Hostile to the Greybeards, loves Daedra and the Volkihar, and hate Altmer.
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    October 1, 2015 10:21 PM EDT

    That sounds nice!! and thanks for the site, I haven't know about it :)

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    October 1, 2015 10:24 PM EDT

    Really cool!! haven't know about this

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    October 2, 2015 3:56 AM EDT

    Now on topic - I don't believe I can play a random generated character. Maybe if it's only random generation of race, possibly sex, and appearance I could tolerate playing such a character for a while. But the other - playstyle and faction allegiance - that I must control and enforce

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    October 2, 2015 4:14 AM EDT

    It worked out well didn't it? My 1st attempt too.

    To be fair though I added the 'chip' and backstory myself after the character was created.

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    October 2, 2015 11:18 AM EDT

    I got an Imperial who wears robes and is hostile to, wait for it...

    ...Imperials :D 

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    October 2, 2015 11:21 AM EDT

    Ha! Oh joy! The level of self-loathing must be incredible.  Have you ever played completely through with a random roll?

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    October 2, 2015 11:23 AM EDT

    Never even started one haha

    I'm currently playing through with a character build/roleplay I'm developing, so it won't happen for a while. I think I will add it to my list though :P

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    October 2, 2015 11:23 AM EDT

    I get it, Overhate. We all have our favorites. The fun thing needs to still be fun. Coughtwohandedcough. 

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    October 2, 2015 11:28 AM EDT

    What I love most about this is that the char is adoring of Daedra and downright hostile against the Bard's college. xD  This one is actually somewhat consistent. I would maybe only make a few cuts and substitutions to this one and it's mainly because I just don't think I'd need to go that deep with the factions section. 

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    October 2, 2015 11:30 AM EDT

    Well if you do it you should let us know how it shakes out! The skeptic and scientist in me want to know.

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    October 2, 2015 11:34 AM EDT

    I'm actually with you SoulLess. I would only go with the basics and then want to fill in some those kinds of blanks as the personality sort of started to emerge. I think it takes some of the fun out of it otherwise. 

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    October 2, 2015 6:46 PM EDT

    Race:  Khajiit
    Gender:  Female
    Age:  Middle-aged
    Class:  Mage
    Supernatural:  Vampire
    Apparel Style:  Heavy Armour
    Combat Style:  Archery/Marksman
    Residence:  Breezehome

    Talent:  Restoration
    Preferred:  Illusion
    Backup:  Smithing
    Auxiliary:  Alchemy

    It's workable.  A heavy armor vampire mage that specializes in Illusion.  Breezehome is an odd choice, but so be it.  Combat style...archery.  Hmm.  Bound Bow.  

    A maniacal, fanatical, lawful good Khajiit, she is a zealot for the Bard's College and the College of Winterhold (a scholar I see) and is indifferent towards the Volkihar.  Interestingly enough, she tolerates the Dawnguard.  I think she prefers to go her own way and not concern herself with such trivial matters as the sun dying.  

    She is indifferent towards her own kind, hates Nords, hates Argonians (loving her), and is a zealot for werewolves.  Fellow hairy beastly creatures, so naturally.  

    Spouse:  Belrand
    Children:  Knud, Lucia
    Steward:  Erik the Slayer
    Follower:  Onmund
    Familiar:  Garmr

    This Khajiit hates Nords.  So what does she do?  She marries a Nord, Adopts a Nord, recruits a Nord Steward, and has a Nord following her around.  At least they aren't lizards...

    I present, the Nord hating (and employer), magic using vampire Khajiit who is indifferent to not only her kind, but also the sun:  

    Randomly generated (thanks again for the idea Idesto ).  Is it good?  I can't tell.  All Khajiit look the same to me.  

    For best results, insert tongue into cheek. 

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    October 2, 2015 8:17 PM EDT

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    October 2, 2015 8:51 PM EDT

    I just rolled something I think Im going to turn into a build. Time to tuck this idea inside my secure mental vault for now. 

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    October 2, 2015 9:33 PM EDT


    Race:  Altmer
    Gender:  Female
    Age:  Adult
    Class:  Agent
    Supernatural:  None
    Apparel Style:  Heavy Armour
    Combat Style:  Two-handed
    Residence:  Vlindrel Hall


    Weight:  Average
    Skin Tone:  Fair
    Complexion:  Mature
    Scars:  Major
    War Paint:  Heavy
    War Paint Colour:  red
    Hair Style:  Short
    Hair Colour:  Red


    Talent:  Speech
    Preferred:  Pickpocket
    Backup:  Speech
    Auxiliary:  Two-handed weapons

    Family and Friends...

    Spouse:  None
    Children:  Britte, Francois Beaufort
    Steward:  Ingjard
    Follower:  Onmund
    Familiar:  Stray Dog


    Ethics:  Lawful
    Morality:  Good
    Temperament:  Engaring
    General Tendency:  Callous
    Demeanor:  Abrasive
    Sanity:  Stable
    Motivation:  Nobility
    Deity:  Talos
    Piety:  Reverent
    Habit:  Knuckle cracking
    Hobby:  Gambling
    Interest:  Altruism

    Faction Dispositions...

    Blades:  Dislike
    Greybeards:  Friendly
    Imperials:  Dislike
    Stormcloaks:  Hostile
    Companions:  Indifferent
    College of Winterhold:  Adoring
    Dark Brotherhood:  Zealot
    Thieves Guild:  Zealot
    Bard's College:  Hostile
    Dawnguard:  Tolerant
    Volkihar Clan:  Tolerant
    Forsworn:  Tolerant
    Thalmor:  Dislike
    Vigils of Stendar:  Friendly
    Daedra:  Indifferent

    Social Dispositions...

    Altmer:  Indifferent
    Argonian:  Tolerant
    Bosmer:  Indifferent
    Breton:  Hostile
    Dunmer:  Tolerant
    Imperial:  Tolerant
    Khajiit:  Hostile
    Nord:  Tolerant
    Orc:  Indifferent
    Redguard:  Hostile
    Children:  Tolerant
    Elders:  Hostile
    Vampires:  Adoring
    Werewolves:  Indifferent
    Undead:  Friendly
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    October 2, 2015 10:22 PM EDT


    Race:  Altmer
    Gender:  Male
    Age:  Adult
    Class:  Warrior
    Supernatural:  Any
    Apparel Style:  Any
    Combat Style:  One-Handed
    Residence:  Vlindrel Hall


    Weight:  Maximum 
    Skin Tone:  Fair
    Complexion:  Clear
    Scars:  Minor
    War Paint:  Medium
    War Paint Colour:  green
    Hair Style:  Medium
    Hair Colour:  Dark Brown


    Talent:  Alteration
    Preferred:  Heavy Armor
    Backup:  Block
    Auxiliary:  Speech

    Family and Friends...

    Spouse:  Ghorza gra-Bagol
    Children:  Aeta, Erith
    Steward:  Calder
    Follower:  Athis
    Familiar:  Vigilance


    Ethics:  Neutral
    Morality:  Neutral
    Temperament:  Optimistic
    General Tendency:  Trusting
    Demeanor:  Hostile
    Sanity:  Very Stable
    Motivation:  Fame
    Deity:  Zenithar  
    Piety:  Zealot
    Habit:  Blade sharpening
    Hobby:  Metalwork
    Interest:  None

    Faction Dispositions...

    Blades:  Zealot
    Greybeards:  Indifferent
    Imperials:  Dislike
    Stormcloaks:  Dislike
    Companions:  Indifferent
    College of Winterhold:  Zealot
    Dark Brotherhood:  Hostile
    Thieves Guild:  Adoring
    Bard's College:  Hostile
    Dawnguard:  Adoring
    Volkihar Clan:  Zealot
    Forsworn:  Friendly
    Thalmor:  Indifferent 
    Vigils of Stendar:  Dislike
    Daedra:  Zealot

    I like It. I will play it! I will post screenshots of my new Char. I kinda like this already. A Altmer who loves Orcs and is married to one. This will be a very strong Character.

    One-Handed and Block (Sword and Board,) 

    Alteration, Smithing, Heavy Armor, Speech. Strong Trader and very high Defense capability

    For being randomly generated this is cool  and well put together. Lol. 

    Social Dispositions...

    Altmer:  Hostile
    Argonian:  Dislike
    Bosmer:  Friendly
    Breton:  Indifferent
    Dunmer:  Tolerant 
    Imperial:  Friendly
    Khajiit:  Tolerant
    Nord:  Dislike
    Orc:  Adoring 
    Redguard:  Adoring
    Children:  Zealot
    Elders:  Zealot
    Vampires:  Adoring
    Werewolves:  Hostile
    Undead:  Tolerant

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    October 2, 2015 11:00 PM EDT

    awesome roll man.

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    October 2, 2015 11:06 PM EDT

    Thanks! Are you Participating too? 

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    October 2, 2015 11:16 PM EDT

    I did, and gotten a Chaotic evil Female Orc Mage that wears heavy armor and is friendly with some of the good guys. I might use that as a base but change some of it to better fit a Chaotic evil character. also she had both the Companions and Volkihar Vampire Clan.

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    October 2, 2015 11:23 PM EDT

    I understand. That sounds cool. Maybe I will make a little story of our chars meeting each-other.

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    October 2, 2015 11:29 PM EDT

    I'll make her, also we should be friends on Steam. I am ShyGuyWolf there as well.

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    October 2, 2015 11:32 PM EDT

    Im making him too. Also My Steam Hates me. I bought Skyrim but says my Acc isnt full member so add me Instead. Im Fallenreapz. On Steam. 

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    October 2, 2015 11:34 PM EDT

    just did that.

  • October 3, 2015 1:00 AM EDT

    Haha! Hilarious! 

    Kind of reminds me of the Breton I rolled: he hates the Dawnguard, and dislikes the Volkihar, so I guess he doesn't care about the sun either. He also loves both the Vigilants of Stendar and the Daedra, but he ~is~ Insane, so it makes some sense.

    What's your character's sanity?