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Musical Russian Roulette

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    March 1, 2016 5:45 AM EST

    Yes, those are very popular!

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    March 1, 2016 5:50 AM EST

    The Fortune of Edward Kenway by Sarah Schachner

    Marked for Death by Brian Tyler

    Wow, that's weird, two soundtracks from the same game. 

  • Tim
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    March 1, 2016 5:31 PM EST

    Lol, nah I don't blame you for not showing your kids. I'm very glad that you didn't immediately, though, lol.

    But of course, since you live in the US, they'll hear it once they get into middle school (if they aren't already in it). . . . . . I can hear your Dad Senses screaming :P

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    March 1, 2016 8:19 PM EST

    That first one's got a Celtic vibe that I really like :D

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    March 1, 2016 8:23 PM EST

    I resigned myself to that patent fact years ago... just about every horrible thing I ever learned was from a high school locker room xD

    But all the more reason why I prefer to keep it out of the house; my home may be the one place where they know they won't have to worry ;D

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    March 1, 2016 8:23 PM EST

    I had to look that up, and the closest match I got was "Still Ray." Does the song have a guy playing the tuba toward the end?

    If so, that's a pretty cool song (which is saying a lot for me because usually the closer a song gets to R&B nowadays the less I tend to like it) but that one was cut from a different cloth :D

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    March 2, 2016 4:54 AM EST

    Yes, I love how Schachner added that in, as it makes a lot of sense; though the game is set in the West Indies, the main character Edward Kenway is in fact Welsh.

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    March 2, 2016 5:43 AM EST

    Yeah, that's him: although I don't know that track. 

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    March 2, 2016 5:47 AM EST


    'New Orleans' by Gary 'US Bonds'

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    March 2, 2016 10:08 AM EST

    I forgot all about that one (which is weird, because the opening is super catchy... gonna be singing that for the rest of the day :D).

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    March 2, 2016 2:23 PM EST
    Cigarette Daydreams by Cage the Elephant. I got lucky!!
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    March 2, 2016 2:24 PM EST
    I'm wearing Twenty One Pilots merch right now, haha. I love them!
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    March 2, 2016 7:12 PM EST

    Good pull!

    Initially, that one took a while to grow on me, but now I like it even more than "Come a Little Closer" (and I like that song quite a lot ;D)

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    March 3, 2016 4:14 AM EST

    Eagle Eye Cherry: 'Worried Eyes'.

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    March 3, 2016 1:29 PM EST

    The Heart of Nirn by Rik Schaffer

    This song gets stuck in my head for hours on end!  It's a good thing I like it a lot.

    Unmarked Stone by Jeremy Soule

    Hooray, Oblivion dungeon-delving! 

    Istanbul by Lorne Balfe

    One of my favourite Assassin's Creed soundtracks. 

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    March 3, 2016 7:55 PM EST

    You know, I'd only ever heard "Save Tonight" from him (which was kind of a 'meh' song for me), but I really like "Worried Eyes" :D

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    March 3, 2016 7:58 PM EST

    Now "Unmarked Stone" takes me back! :D

    I'm gonna have to look into more of the Oblivion soundtrack... it was a large part of me enjoying the game as much as I did :D

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    March 3, 2016 8:05 PM EST


    "Spring and by Summer fall" by Blonde Redhead. Hmmm... an excellent song, but I want to say that this one has come up for me before--I honestly can't remember any more xD

    Just in case, I'll try another... "Darker" by Doves. I like this one (even used it as an intro for one of my builds :D).

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    March 4, 2016 4:56 AM EST

    It was also amazing to see how Soule improved from 2006 to 2011.  I can't wait to see what he'll do with the Elder Scrolls VI soundtrack.

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    March 10, 2016 3:46 AM EST

    Found the English version of Moskau. 

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    March 10, 2016 3:51 AM EST

    Alongside that, I got Discord, by Eurobeat 

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    March 10, 2016 4:10 AM EST

    "Can You Hear Me Now?" Emmylou Harris. Beautiful song.

    I've been playing my 'Mellow' playlist this morning.

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    March 10, 2016 4:30 AM EST

    Not bad Idesto, not bad at all. Listening now.

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    March 10, 2016 4:48 AM EST

    So you inspired me to spin my Rockabilly roulette:

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    March 10, 2016 5:01 AM EST

    Love it!