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Dying Light and Game Difficulty

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    July 1, 2015 4:44 AM EDT
    Dying Light, oh how I hate you sometimes. For those that don't know Dying Light is yet another zombie game (this one has Parkour though) that is one of the best examples of a day-night cycle that actually means something.

    This game can be a real crap to play, the daytime play is almost easy on normal difficulty and even on Hard difficulty is easy as long as you avoid any group of enemies larger then 4. But oh nighttime, I kid you not but this game at night can actualy be slightly terrifiying. Mutant Zombies will jump out of everywhere and start tracking you down, they are faster then you, stronger then you and they do no tire. Add being practically blind (turning on your torch will bring even more to you) in a game placed in a broken down city (which means obstacles, lots of them) and you will die.

    So other then me using this is an excuse to talk about my current favorite game, I am actually getting to a point. This game has a massive difficulty curve, not over the events of the game (it actually gets easier later on) but over difficulties and the Enviroment. This is somethign that just doesn't seem to exist in a lot of games these days. I mean look at Skyrim, the level between Adept and Expert isn't that massive and the same goes for Apprentice and Adept.

    So what do you guys think if game difficulties, best difficult game or moment and for those that have played Dying Light, well what do you think of that games difficulty.
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    July 10, 2015 8:13 PM EDT
    I found the nights horrifying, and told myself I would never set foot outside by night after being forced into it during the story.

    The difficulty in Dying Light is pretty neat afaik. Some virals and human dodge really well though.

    Witcher 3 gets difficulty scaling right.
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    July 11, 2015 10:54 AM EDT

    I made it almost halfway through Dying Light and for some reason just put it down. On second thought, that reason was most likely DA:I and then The Witcher 3... both of which I haven't beaten... *SHAME*

    Anyways, I found the nights terribly exciting. I don't remember feeling that way since Fear 1 on PC on release, and then again with Doom 3. Few games these days get environment right, although I'm beginning to see more and more. Where just hanging out in the game world is an experience to remember, even if you don't complete a quest. That's probably why I can always go back to Skyrim and all of the above games.