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Why there won´t be a TES VI : Elsweyr or Blackmarsh

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    March 5, 2012 2:16 PM EST

            Don´t worry, it´s not inside information, just an educated guess, but one based on a reasoning which is good from a commercial standpoint and, therefore, appealing to Bethesda. RPG gamers, even hardcore PC gamers like the ones we have so many in this community,  have a trend to build their characters guided by the goodie oldie mechanisms of  projection and identification (yes, they seem like psychoanalytic mumbo-jumbo, but some neuroscientists think they do exist). It’s basically the same mechanism described by literary theory, that makes you feel related to a certain character in a movie or in a book.

             The point is, there must be a link of empathy between the gamers and the characters they play, as well as with the “likeable” NPC´s, and that is the very foundation of the multiple rewards our brains receive for the deeds and accomplishments in the game, and also a stimulus to keep on playing. That´s it folks, that pride we feel for killing a dragon, marrying a beautiful blondie, or receiving a trophy, is just an illusion of our underdeveloped childish brains (LOL!!!). That´s true even for the most hardcore role-players, those who build evil unlikeable characters, like assassins, necromancers, daedra worshippers, etc.

             Now, I´m not saying it´s impossible to sympathize with a beast race character. We have our share of animal lovers here, though I trust their love for kittens and lizards are well inside the limits enforced by animal care legislation and the socially acceptable. But they are the exception, not the rule. Most people are repulsed by reptiles, and also not very fond of cats, and those people would find very uncomfortable to role-play in their skin, or in a world dominated by them. Let’s consider the fact that Skyrim has already sold more than 7.000.000 copies, which makes it BIG. Videogame market is big buzz and big businessmen are not in the trade of alienating potential consumers.

             So, what I’m really saying is: here come the elves! TES VI will take place in Valenwood or Sumerset Islands, and will have lots of elves. At least they´re beautiful, humanlike, relatable and I, myself, am particularly fond of those pointed ears.

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    March 5, 2012 2:31 PM EST

    ** steps back and waits for Vix to come and address this point **