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What's your preferred play style?

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    February 19, 2015 7:24 PM EST
    My prefered play stlyle is a Battlemage but I use Bows #RareSight #Unique lol.
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    February 19, 2015 8:52 PM EST

    Two-handed + Destruction + Shouts

    So, a battlemage of some sort? I guess it could be called that. Also I use the block skill a lot.

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    February 19, 2015 9:13 PM EST
    It would fall under that category. Good play style though.
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    February 19, 2015 9:21 PM EST
    Spellsword or some kind of stealth mage ... Or a mix of both.
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    February 19, 2015 9:33 PM EST

    Ranger all the way :P

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    February 19, 2015 9:48 PM EST
    Warrior, Spellsword or Bowmage.
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    February 19, 2015 11:10 PM EST
    Stryker good call for Bowmage!
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    February 19, 2015 11:12 PM EST
    @Gabe that's why I play Bow/Mage mixes. I'm a big ole Bosmer marksman at heart.
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    February 20, 2015 12:57 AM EST
    Been running a bound bow-wielding Argonian Mage recently, quite a bit of fun.
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    February 20, 2015 3:39 AM EST

    True warrior - light armour + sword and board.

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    February 20, 2015 3:44 AM EST

    I find myself most at home when sword and boarding. I don't really know why, I just enjoy bashing people's heads in. Other than that, probably Sneak Archery + Conjuration.

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    February 20, 2015 3:55 AM EST
    Too many to say. But I would go for awesome pure mage or necromancer. "Your mind is your most powerful weapon"
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    February 20, 2015 7:57 AM EST

    I always go with the Hunter type or pet class. Pets make me feel like I'm fighting alongside Pokemon. Then, only if the game is a MMO, I switch to a tank class and make it my main. 

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    February 20, 2015 9:40 AM EST

    Pure blacksmith warrior with a touch of restoration thrown in for that paladin twist

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    February 20, 2015 4:06 PM EST

    Unarmored + greatsword + Destruction (or Conjuration)... Ranger-style ambush tactician ;D

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    February 20, 2015 5:33 PM EST

    Man that sounds cool

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    February 20, 2015 6:20 PM EST
    Ronin; 0 Ar + Blade's Sword/Ebony Blade.
    Lots of Dodging, Blocking and Speed, Coupled with some Shouts every now and then, Makes me feel an absolute Badass.
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    February 20, 2015 6:26 PM EST

    It really is a kick... very much like the Ronin playstyle Lozhar mentions below :D

  • February 20, 2015 6:52 PM EST

    Dots, dots, and more dots!

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    February 20, 2015 10:37 PM EST

    I've always played a tank in fantasy games. In WoW I played a protection warrior/raid tank (Orc warrior forever! ) for years and had a protection paladin tank as an alt character once Lich King came out and made pallys good tanks finally. I briefly went back to WoW for a bit during Cataclysm and made a bear druid...

    So, I seem to keep to that theme in Skyrim as I feel most at home as an Orc in heavy armor with a shield and 1-hander. I recently did discover the joys of smashing things with 2-handers though, so I've been toying around with that, but my heart will always be with shield bash.

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    February 21, 2015 1:04 AM EST
    I feel you Lozhar I just wished they had a better dodging system in the game and a better sneaking one too.
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    February 21, 2015 3:34 AM EST

     Respect, Rocktime!

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    February 22, 2015 3:10 PM EST

    I am torn between mages and assassin types. As far as assassins go in skyrim I heavily favor dual wielding types.