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My Name...Explained

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    February 6, 2015 12:24 AM EST

    I went with Zach 'cause I'm Zach, and not one of those "Zack/Zac/Zak" plebeians. I chose to omit a last initial so that I could have a monopoly on the name "Zach" and force other people to use initials to differentiate. Muahaha :)

    Everywhere else online I am Punapple, or PunapplePie, sometimes colloquially referred to as the 'Fruity Bastard" or "The Great White Punasaur". A long story:

    So my friend and I were playing a Halo game when we were younger, and for some reason we called one of the vehicles a "Pineapple" because pineapples are cool, and that vehicle was cool (middle-schoolers, am I right?). So, later on when I was creating my account for Battlefield Bad Company 2 I naturally wanted to be "Pineapple" because it was cool. Pineapple was already taken, so Punapple it was! It took on a life of its own, being used for everything it could online, and my friends actually called me "Pun" or "Punapple" a lot of the time (though my Peruvian friends said Poo-napple). I also have an excessive love of Puns (hence the "pun" in punapple), I use them regularly (I can think of them really quickly on the spot). My AP US History study group even has a rule where I can only make a pun every 15 minutes... The beast must be restrained.