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Anyone got some different versions of this?

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    September 20, 2014 10:21 PM EDT

    i was looking around on the blog and found this post and masons comment looks like something that im sure some of you guys can come up with different versions of it that are great, its kinda like a character build but different. so comment your versions :). this was masons comment.

    I would set you sights on a level 50 character maybe, its about then that most characters will have selected the perks they need to be effective. Then its all about making sure your character doesnt develop to fast and that there is always something to look forward to as you level.

    I recieved an email just like this post from someone else on the blog yesterday and this is an example of the skill breakdown i advised them to try if they wanted to keep gameplay immersive for as long as possible, i'll just paste up the e-mail:-

    Its fun to run a warrior, but then you feel completely wrong joining the dark brotherhood or the thieves or the college of winterhold.

    The answer to this in my experience is to create a nightblade/spellsword style build and bring new skills in as you play through the factions almost like telling a story as your character grows.


    Levels 1 - 20

    Skills: One handed, Restoration, Light Armor (yes only these three)

    Faction: Stormcloaks or Imperials

    Playstyle: Only uses steel weapons but always has a healing spell ready in off hand, perhaps place one perk into smithing so you can sharpen your weapon (dagger or steel/imperial sword), and wear your factions outfit. It looks weak on paper but its actually pretty strong when you get going.


    Levels 20 - 40 (lets start adding in some magic and versatility)

    Skills: Adds in Illusion & Sneak

    Factions: Thieves or Dark Brotherhood

    Playstyle: Your time fighting in the war will have given you the survival skills to excel in either faction, Sneak and illusion work very well together and level extremely fast meaning that your character wont feel like their standing still and will still level quickly. Just three perks in illusion allows you to manipulate some of the toughies that start appearing more at level 20+. Frost trolls, Bears, Chaurus Reapers, sabre cats, you can dominate all of them with apprentice illusion spells and the the animage perk.


    Levels 40+ (time to complete our magical training)

    Skills: Destruction and Conjuration with some Enchanting.

    Faction: College of Winterhold

    Playstyle: You should have a fairly strong base magicka by this point, at least 200 i'd say plus you will have been using Restoration consistantly which means you will have maybe invested some points in the recovery perk, giving you a nice inherent magicka regeneration. So you can begin leveling these two magical skills while using soul trap to fill gems as you play.

    Hope some of this helps mate...

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    September 21, 2014 12:26 AM EDT
    This is a very interesting way of playing. I have some questions however. Let's say I want to be a night blade type char by the time I reach level 40+ Can I actively hunt certain spells? Does the same apply for weapons/armor? Or should I wait to the more powerful version of the weapon/armor?