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If your Skyrim character was a boss fight.....

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    July 20, 2014 3:05 PM EDT

    ...What would the player be up against?

    How difficult of a fight would it be? Where would the fight take place? Could there be allies on either side, or would it be one on one?

    And don't just make this a chance to show off your character's strength. How could he/she be beaten? What would the player have to do to win?


    If Chases-The-Wind were a boss fight, I would probably use the version of him from my original Skyrim playthrough, rather than my story (if only because he's nerfed in the story by comparison). 

    In his prime, Chase was a master illusionist and employed guerrilla-style tactics when facing opposition. He would likely not fight the player in an open environment; instead, his "arena" would be one that offers plenty of places to retreat and hide. Chase would seek to fight outdoors if possible, allowing him to summon Odahviing as support if the battle begins to favor the player.

    Using an invisibility spell, he would alternate between close-quarter and long range sneak attacks. The "Throw Voice" shout plays a key role here as Chase attempts to disorient and confuse his opponent. He would employ this tactic until otherwise exhausted of reserves or if near death. 

    The player would have to overcome Chase's restoration magic in some way. To be frank, Chases-The-Wind is not so resilient. He can be killed fairly easily by a powerful player. But his healing spells will keep him alive much longer than he can actually last. If the player manages to deplete or drain Chase's magicka reserves, it will provide a considerable advantage, almost guaranteeing victory.

    Once cornered, though, Chase is at his deadliest. He will attempt an all-or-nothing melee rush as a last resort. In this, he would employ the full range of his powers, including "Dragon Aspect" and the bevy of shouts at his disposal. If the player fails to counter this, he/she will be quickly cut down, though Chase is most vulnerable at this stage.

    On the whole, a battle with Chases-The-Wind would be a battle of wits and resources rather than pure endurance. It would not be a long, drawn out fight, but instead a test to see who can bring down the other fasted.

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    July 20, 2014 4:15 PM EDT

    The mechanics of Skyrim don't allow for my favorite type of character/game-play to translate to NPC adversaries, this being a general sneak thief. If Cugel the Clever, a rather cowardly run-away thief, we're to oppose a player character, it would have to be through the theft of the player's goods. I'd love to see mechanics allowing for NPCs to attempt to close distance while avoiding my line of sight.

    However, if Cugel was to be caught in a fight, the arena would be his homestead, or an H.Q. type of retreat, where he feels most secure to the point of over-confidence. So when the player character tracks him down to his lair, he would have to deal with all his cronies first (generally Nazir and some initiates) then avoid Windshears stun-lock ability, or more than likely, just catch him as he runs away.

    Almost any character could beat Cugel in a fight. Common tactics would be pressing attack after selecting a mode of offense. But to steal everything he has gathered, a treasure composed of all Skyrim's now empty treasure-rooms, without him knowing of the process- leaving him alive and penniless, beaten at his own game- thats how the player character would really win.

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    July 20, 2014 4:46 PM EDT

    I'll likewise go with my blog character. If Alazir was a boss character, he would likely be a very similar fight to Harkon, though in a setting more like the Bone Yard in the Soul Cairn. He would make liberal use of Ebony Flesh to reduce damage and he would attack directly with Stamina Draining axes, and the Hack and Slash perk ranked according to player level. Frost runes would also be common traps for a player giving pursuit I don't really want to treat him as Dragonborn, so maybe no shouts. He might learn Whirlwind Sprint, and if not that, perhaps a human form of the "Bat Cloud" VL power if I could get away with it.

    Either way, Vampire Lord form would be a final stage. Then it'd be no holds barred. Ranged life drain spells, mist form and bat jumps would harry the player until the magic was expended, at which point would come a final melee assault.

    A melee character would have a really hard time with him, unless well stocked with potions and poisons. Draining his magic would bring him out in the open, where he'd be exposed and less threatening. The usual anti-vampire gear (sun spells and silver weapons) would provide a good advantage.

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    July 20, 2014 5:09 PM EDT
    Hmm, well, with the Familiar Faces mod, you can fight your past characters, but this is tricky.

    My Black Ranger, Jacen Marek, is very sly. He'd pelt you from afar with arrows, before flanking you and engaging with twin swords. If things wouldn't be going his way, he'd let the Wraith take over. Since he is an undead Tactitcian, and merciless, it would be a tough fight.
  • July 20, 2014 5:16 PM EDT
    Picture a fully armored Harkon that has a crazy powerful sword and every Thu'um out there.

    The fight would happen on mountain. And the only way you'd be able to win is trapping/stunning and then smacking. But good luck with that, cause he's gonna see most coming.
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    July 20, 2014 5:17 PM EDT

    *Sigh* I still get a bit depressed at the missed opportunity for vampire heavy armor.

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    July 20, 2014 5:20 PM EDT
    Would have been cool, but all my character's fights would either happen in the Soul Cairn, Boetiah's Arena from Oblivion, or atop the Throat of the World
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    July 20, 2014 5:55 PM EDT

    If Wergar were a boss fight, you'd need a lot at your disposal. Thanks to his lycanthropy, invisibility wouldn't work due to his hearing and smelling. And he knows a trick and feint when he sees one. He's had numerous war campaigns throughout his life and know how to fight with the very best.

    And if he'd transform against you, better pray to a god. When he's transformed, Wergar's vicious. What he sets his sight on for death will become just that. Unlike others, his armor expands with his body and continues to use his blade in Wolf form. Thanks to his therian blood, his wounds heal exceptionally fast. A stab wound to his stomach would scab up in mere seconds. He'd use the Thu'um to his advantage by far.  

    The only real way you're going to be able to defeat Wergar is with silver weaponry, or a clean blow to the heart. No amount of therian healing will stop a silver blow.

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    July 20, 2014 6:08 PM EDT

    Hmm... Tae-Rai is good, in morality, so why the player would fight him would be a mystery... But I do know how it would go down.

    It would be in the Morthal swampland, during the darkest of all nights, where the player would need torches to see. Tae, being a former An-Xileel scout, is skilled in following unseen and with guerrilla warfare. He wouldn't attack the player at first, but would fire arrows at them, just skimming him. The whole battle would be on a set of islands, deep in the swamps, and the player would have to get out of the swamps to fight Tae fairly.

    While doing so, he would spring up behind them with daggers and sneak-attack from behind with poisons, being near-undetectable with the Muffle enchantment, invisibility potions and poisons. He wouldn't kill the player there, but would use something like Damage *attribute here* to slow them down. In this case, he is not the Dragonborn, and thus all his skills would be his own.

    There would be traps he set up ahead, set up by him, mostly bear traps and maybe some trip wires. As the player stumbles through them, he would spring from the side and hit them on the front, once again not killing them outright, before diving into the waters. More arrows would be fired, tripping up the players and aimed for their knees ().

    When the player finally escapes the marshes, they would be on those islands and icebergs near the Solitude arch, where Tae would wait for them. Arrogance is his fatal flaw and here it will show, where he will challenge the player to a duel on the islands. Armed with a battleaxe and heavy armor, he will hit hard but will be slower on land, using poisons and sheer brute force to bring the player down. If the player gets too far away, he'll use his bow with a frost enchantment to slow them down.

    The only way to beat him would be to work down his stamina, which would prevent him from sprinting and powerattacking. Sheer brute force might also work, if they managed to get past his axe. But if he is forced to ditch the axe, he'll use a sword and dagger, dual-wielding very fast and deadly.

    In the end, I think sheer luck and speed will be the only way to kill this Argonian.

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    July 20, 2014 6:10 PM EDT

    A boss fight for an evil character?

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    July 20, 2014 6:18 PM EDT

    I chose to do it for Tae, as he is my strongest character physically.

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    July 20, 2014 6:51 PM EDT

    If Elnarya Direnni was a boss in the game, she would've been a quite tough foe. Your power attacks with melee weapons won't work - she simply dodges them and cuts you with lightning-fast dagger strikes. She can absorb 75% of any spells directed at her and also has access to wards, she has a huge health pool, 25% faster health and stamina regeneration, can hit you with Ignite or lighting spells, also has shock cloak and Ebonyflesh active. She can even become 80% immune to physical damage for about two minutes