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Most insane character you have ever devised?

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    April 22, 2014 7:52 PM EDT
    What is absolutely the most physiocratic characater you have ever designed? They could be the calm, sophiscated nutcase ala Hannibal Lector, or the foaming at the mouth, ranting, keeps severed heads in his basement wackjob, like Matthieu Bellemonf (That one. Black Hand member from Oblivion)? For me, I have a couple. One was named Fiddlesticks. A man, long ago, once tried to call upon Julianos to help him with a great task. Instead, the man ended up summoning a Daedric servant of Molag Bal. To stop it, the man sealed the both of them in the body of a nearby scarecrow. Unfortunately, the scarecrow came to life and killed everyone in the village, them ate a puppy.vHow bout you?
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    April 22, 2014 8:51 PM EDT

    I've had a total skooma-addict Khajiit. In Elsweyr, he was an impoverished petty thief, serving as a thug due to his incredible debts. Once, while at a party, he passed out only to wake up in a prison cart in Skyrim. He proceeded to find all the skooma and shiny objects he could, trying to save money up to return to Skyrim, but ultimately unable to keep himself from buying alcohol or skooma and often finding himself in rather unfortunate circumstances due to his intoxication and his big mouth.

    I have a new character- Not sure if he would count as 'insane,' but he's definitely a bit crazy. An orc warrior who tried to have his way with one of the chieftain's daughters, he found himself beaten, scarred, gelded, and banished from the strongholds. He's relentlessly bloodthirsty, and feels betrayed by his people and an outsider in 'wimpy' Nord culture, and tends to murder people. While on his quest, he discovered some Daedra artifacts and is now on a quest to earn the favor of all the Daedric princes so that he can be all-powerful and get revenge, but it's turning him from a proud Orc into an almost Gollum-like creature, but still able to cut people up with his dual-axes.

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    April 22, 2014 10:08 PM EDT

    Funny you mentioned Hannibal. I played a Bosmer (Wood elf) who was a cannibal, and master hunter. He took pride in hunting his food, and saw all of mortal kind as nothing more then his next meal. He was banished from the Aldmerri Dominion, and sent to Skyrim to be beheaded for his crimes. He escaped briefly, but was caught again when he ended up between some imperials and storm cloaks.

    After his first run in with Alduin, he decided that he didn't care, and just went about his business, until, after basically being tricked into helping a Jarl take down a dragon, he became a Thane in Whiterun. He decided that the fancy life was for him. He lived in Breezehome, and sort of decided to only eat the bandits he was sent off to deal with, so he didn't lose his comfy new position as Thane. (He would eventually get into his head that he was to be some great hero, even though he was nothing more then a villain who lucked into the role of hero, but he did die protecting a farm house from a dragon, shortly after he retrieved Auriel's Bow, thanks to the Deadly Dragon Mod. (I was doing an Ironman play through, so when he died, he was dead.) I got like 50 hours out of the character before he died, and it was kind of creepy to begin with, which is why I made him a "conflicted" hero.

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    April 23, 2014 3:46 AM EDT

    I had a Dark Brotherhood character once who heard voices in his head.