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Tusketh TL;DR

  • April 22, 2014 7:47 PM EDT

    Once, in a land long darkened by the shadow of anarchy, two ancient deities delivered knowledge unto man so as to craft him in their own image. The divine Tusketh gave man the gifts of life and music, and granted him great wisdom in His benevolence. The usurper god, the vast and terrible Lord Deathhand, drove his followers to madness in the revelation of their darkest instincts, fus ro smashing fagnets in order to block their path to enlightenment.  In time the gods slumbered on Nirn and their prophets fled to the pure, unsullied provinces of Tamriel, where they might await their masters' return. Now the usurper god's decendent, Trevor Deathhand threatens all of Nirn and the prophet of the divine Tusketh must stop him to lead everyone towards the path of enlightenment.