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What Build Are You Playing w/ Pictures

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    January 19, 2014 1:29 PM EST

    Simple, you find a nice picture that matches with your current Skyrim character and we try to guess the skills you use.

    I'll start.

  • January 19, 2014 1:33 PM EST

    That tag though

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    January 19, 2014 1:35 PM EST

    Nice tag :D I guess it's a samurai or a shinobi. I also have my own picture, try to guess (It's not hard).

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    January 19, 2014 1:37 PM EST

    Yes, but what skills do I use, hmm?
    I'll guess you're a bard, using One Handed and Alteration along with Illusion?

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    January 19, 2014 1:39 PM EST

    You're right. But I also use speech and pickpocket. I reckon you use 1 handed, smithing, alchemy and dodging if you count it as a skill.

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    January 19, 2014 1:47 PM EST

    Here's one I think resembles my one of my current characters. (He is supposed to be an Altmer but the picture more closely resembles a Nord).

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    January 19, 2014 3:25 PM EST
    This fits perfectly
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    January 20, 2014 6:09 AM EST

    This matches it quite well.

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    January 20, 2014 6:31 AM EST
    Are you playing the Virdian Witch?
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    January 20, 2014 6:32 AM EST
    I'm gonna guess Archery, Light Armor, Sneak, Alchemy, typical ranger stuffs...yeah?
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    January 20, 2014 6:33 AM EST
    Wow! I don't know what skills she's using but I know you perked Hypnotic Gaze :o
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    January 20, 2014 11:41 AM EST

    Yeah, it had been too long since I had played a character with Illusion. Also I really wanted to try out the potion stacking.

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    January 21, 2014 1:52 AM EST
    How did you...? Wait have you seen the cryptstalker build?
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    January 21, 2014 1:53 AM EST
    Heavy armor, two handed, and bad ass perk trees
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    January 22, 2014 2:43 AM EST

    She uses every weapon skill available (except magical ones ofcourse) and, when needed, she fights with everything she can lay her hands on. For her defense she puts her trust more in weapons skill, though she likes fancy armours. Bad ass yes, evil no.

    No Hyponic Gaze or such however. She wants her enemies being fully aware their fate is inevitable.

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    January 22, 2014 7:25 AM EST
    I have indeed :)
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    January 22, 2014 11:02 AM EST
    I see
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    January 22, 2014 11:31 AM EST

    Hmm, are you a tree hugger?

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    January 22, 2014 1:35 PM EST

    This matches my current character pretty well.

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    January 22, 2014 3:47 PM EST
    Soul stealer
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    February 1, 2014 4:16 PM EST

    My new favorite warrior playthrough. see if you can guess.

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    February 1, 2014 7:12 PM EST

    Screenshot from my upcoming (and first) build, The Kitsune. Guess what he'll be using?

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    February 1, 2014 7:24 PM EST

    I'm completely sure he'll use Heavy Armor and Two Handed. Ha, I say Archery and Sneak along with Light Armor. But... but isn't he just a basic sneak archer? I hope he isn't, I really want to play a new type of an archer.

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    February 1, 2014 7:27 PM EST

    This is the closest I could find (feel free to send any oictures heavily battlemages my way) armor, but Argonion, sword and more magic :)

    Anyone care to guess his skills?

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    February 1, 2014 7:32 PM EST

    No he's not. Don't worry, I plan to add to this site. The Kitsune is going to be a Nightblade character, taking use of the lesser inolved aspects of the game. Telekinesis is a big part, as is using the terrain to your advantage. Pickpocketing weapons and armour, aswell as placing powerful poisons is the main goal. Not a classic assassin, in that you'll be avoiding a lot of characters, and having a bit of fun with them aswell. Nothing is as good a distraction as throwing a sweet roll at a guard.

    Skills used are Sneak, Pickpocket, Illusion, Alteration, Lockpicking and Enchanting (both optional) and Archery, which is purely used for taking down big characters when detected, with the help of stacking Lingering Damage Health poisons. I rarely focus on armour skills, but Light Armour is the type we'll be using.