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One Day of Rule- Emperor Version

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    January 11, 2014 5:03 PM EST

    So, inspired by Ben C's awesome discussion where you are High King for a day, I'm creating a new iteration about being Emperor of Tamriel.

     Basically, you are Emperor of Tamriel for one day. All soldiers are completely loyal and you can make people do whatever you want. You can use this power to extend your rule and execute all dissenters, so fire away!

     Personally, I'd do everything I said in the High King thread. I'll explain later.

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    January 11, 2014 5:14 PM EST

    There we go.

     Alright, here's what I'd do;

     First off, execute all dissenters to extend my rule indefinitely. Arrange a conversation with the Dominion and Ulfric. Wink at Ulfric and kill the Aldmeri Soldiers. Declare war.

     Assuming we win the war, which we probably will, reassemble the Empire under my rule. Declare myself the new line of Imperial blood, and execute Titus Mede for acting so poorly in the face of danger.

     Then do everything I already said, like;

    Send some humanitarian aid into Morrowind to help protect from the Argonians. Reinstate Talos worship. Rebuild Winterhold to be the Capital of Skyrim as it once was, and declare the College part of the new Mages Guild, and build Colleges all around Tamriel, uniting the Synod and College, with the Arcane University being reopened.

     To be hired as a Hold Guard, you must have taken an arrow in the knee at some point in your life. All snobby Redguards who claim to be high up in the chain must present evidence or be executed. Anybody who is blocking a door shall be executed, and anybody who claims I need to kill the person who helped me save the world and they did nothing will be executed. The Companions will be disbanded and all their leaders executed in public for their lycanthropy. They will be replaced with the much-superior Fighters Guild. Also, execute Maven Black-Briar and everyone in the Thieves Guild. Execute Haelga and challenge Titus Mede to a 1v1 duel, where I kill him and become Emperor, where I declare myself eternal ruler of Tamriel, then kill everyone who opposes me and become a god.

    30th of Frostfall will officially be execution day, in which each city selects a citizen to be painfully butchered, raped and teased publicly in the center of town. Also, execute all Left-handed Altmer. Every enemy captured will be publicly crucified in a large city.

     I'm evil >:)

    Also, in my indefinite rule as Emperor, I'll create the Tamriel Merchants Guild, an organization to help Merchants such as cobblers, smith, booksellers and more make a healthy profit. And also, create the Knights of the Bull as my own personal army. Build a large palace in High Rock and Cyrodiil to glorify me, then build a statue in the capital city of every province. Tax the backs off the Rich and let the poor make money. Legalize entry into every city and assign more guards to the road to keep it safe. Disband the Dawnguard and Silver Hand, and put them into the Knights of the Bull, who are dedicated to killing Werewolves, Vampires and enemies of the crown. You can't refuse. You join or leave. All other witchunting factions will be outlawed.

     Also, assign a High King for each province, including Elsweyr. Depose the Mane. Each High King must be of the land's native race (i.e. Dunmer for Morrowind, Bosmer for Valenwood, etc.). Organize expeditions into Dwemer Ruins and root out bandit groups and automatons.

     Lastly, after everything is done, get into contact with Akavir. Send Merchant Ships from the Guild and make peace with the continent far away. If an agreement can't be reached, conquer the land and claim it for Tamriel, as a province. Rule the Empire, and select a successor before I die.

     Also, outlaw the worship of Dibella. Knock down all shrines and execute all priests. It's execution time >:) The Xarxes Empire will denounce Dibella as the evil mistress of Sex and Adultery. Beauty will instead be conferred to Mara.

     Also, ban free speech and protests. Execute dissenters. Allow entry of all races into every city (or did I already say that?).

     Lastly, execute all Jarls who sided with the Empire in the Civil War.