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Short, Semi-Poetic Tribute to Some Underappreciated Equipment

  • October 2, 2013 1:15 PM EDT

    I am not the armor defending the body, yet nor am I the defenseless body which needs the armor.

    I am not the sword to strike the opponent's defense, yet nor am I the scabbard which ends the strikes.

    I am the defense for the defender, the weapon to strike the opponent's blade.

    I am the conglomeration of all tools, yet outperform every one of them.

    I protect the armor from the blows it is too weak to defeat, protecting the body.

    I strike not the opponent's defenses, but the opponent's weapon itself, destroying the foundation of their attack.

    Some set me aside for more weapons to attack their defenses, or magic to block the enemy's attacks,

    and despite my many great strengths, I am constantly given the impression of weakness.

    I am the most reactive offense, the most proactive defense.

    I am the Shield.

    And I will not be stopped.