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Favorite person to marry?

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    June 21, 2013 9:22 AM EDT

    I was reading Ben C's build the cursed prophet and in it he tells you to marry Brelyna Maryon (who is my favorite person to marry). I went on a couple of forums and it seems like Ysolda is a popular choice. so im wondering who your favorite person to marry is.

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    June 21, 2013 9:47 AM EDT

    Sylgia from Shor's Stone. Now if only I could get rid of that damn pickaxe... 

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    June 21, 2013 9:55 AM EDT
    Lydia, she was my first follower that wasn't terrible at fighting, plus I love her design. I try to only marry followers because I find it to be a dick move when you marry someone and basically say "Well, now that we're married, I will go out on fun adventures surrounding myself with women being gone months at a time where I could be dead and you would never know... You will go home and prepare my sandwhich"... NO!
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    June 21, 2013 9:56 AM EDT

    I think Emma Watson looks pretty hot, if she where in the game she would be my favourite. Also Scarlett Johansson.

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    June 21, 2013 9:56 AM EDT
    The only two reasons pick Ysolda... She's a redhead, and a trader...
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    June 21, 2013 9:58 AM EDT

    Poop comment.

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    June 21, 2013 10:05 AM EDT

    She is the only one I can see my canon Dragonborn marrying... Aela would want him to be a wolf (he would like a cure). Ysolda is too easy to marry... Mjoll won't shut up... Marrying Borgahk the Steel-Heart would feel like marrying a prostitute (he paid for her dowery to travel).

    Lydia was his only companion that didn't anger him
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    June 21, 2013 10:09 AM EDT
    Lydia is no bueno. Jordis or Iona are atleast not acting as if they hate being with you unlike Lydia. They even look better. So if you love marrying woman that hate you and don't want to be near you, good luck:p
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    June 21, 2013 10:34 AM EDT
    Iona looks terrible and sounds rue to you, Jordis sounds bored, Lydia sounds nicer and more lively
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    June 21, 2013 10:36 AM EDT
    Every time I talked at Iona she sounded worse than Lydia pre- 1.5 patch because at least then, she wouldnt sound pissed off at me whenever I talk to her.
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    June 21, 2013 10:58 AM EDT


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    June 21, 2013 11:07 AM EDT
    You really have them mixed up. Iona has never sounded pissed off. She has always sounded like someone who's friendly and kind.
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    June 21, 2013 11:10 AM EDT

    I agree wholeheartedly redheads FTW!

    but shes kinda like the town bike, its almost like everyones had a ride on her

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    June 21, 2013 11:39 AM EDT
    Jordis, Sylgia,Janessa or Aela. I married Janessa on my first playthrough because I was a dark elf, Sylgia when I played a human character, and Aela and Jordis on others. They just look the most attractive
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    June 21, 2013 11:43 AM EDT
    ... You know what... We are just going to be doing this back and forth for awhile... Let's just agree to disagree :)
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    June 21, 2013 11:51 AM EDT

    That's a paradox.

  • June 21, 2013 11:54 AM EDT

    *High-fives Dieter*

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    June 21, 2013 11:57 AM EDT
    how? we are agreeing that we disagree on who is better
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    June 21, 2013 11:59 AM EDT

    Agreeing that you disagree is illogical and contradicting. Hence it's a paradox.

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    June 21, 2013 11:59 AM EDT

    Surewhynot. *High-fives Matt*

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    June 21, 2013 12:07 PM EDT

    Hroki, I know you have to use console for her. But I don't mind.

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    June 21, 2013 12:26 PM EDT

    Well I usually try to reward my followers (yes I know they're pixels) after they have outlived they're usefulness which is about 15-20 levels before enemies start killing them...

    I married Lydia and made Uthgard my steward, my current follower is Serana but only because I can't get rid of her

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    June 21, 2013 12:31 PM EDT

    I only ever married in Skyrim on my first playthrough back in the day and haven't bothered since.That was with Mjoll but I ruined it by getting her recruited to the Blades. 

    The whole concept of marriage is poorly executed and shallow, for me it breaks immersion rather than adding to it. Nowadays, I could only envision marriage along the lines of how Adrik incorporated it into his Telvanni Wizard.

    The only character that this idea could have worked well with is Serana. Love her or hate her, at least the game gives you the chance to develop a bond with her through occasional dialogue changes and rp discsussions. Of course, Bethy cocked that up.

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    June 21, 2013 1:04 PM EDT

    That'd be Haelga (or however you spell her name) in Riften buddy :P

  • Tim
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    June 21, 2013 4:01 PM EDT

    I like to marry Jenassa, guess I just have a thing for badass dark elf chicks =p