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Blood on the Ice Quest- Windhelm

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    March 30, 2013 12:56 PM EDT

    So that quest, Blood on the Ice. On my secondary character it wasn't bugged until patrolling the streets now on my main. I can't buy the house or start the quest because it's such a bugged quest. So, I guess I also can't do it by trying to find an alternative route into it because I joined and completed the Dark Brotherhood. Do any of you have had this problem, or any other bugged quests?

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    March 30, 2013 4:30 PM EDT
    If you completed the DB then yea your pretty much screwed, one of your assassinations makes the blood and ice quest fail.
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    March 30, 2013 4:44 PM EDT

    It sucks, it's a fun quest it looks like. Can you suggest any fun quest such as that. (DLC: Dragonborn or Skyrim Original) I don't have the other 2 DLC's unfortunately . 

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    March 30, 2013 4:55 PM EDT
    If you haven't done thieves guild I'd start there, a night to remember, some of the deadric quests are fun. I like the civil war questline, all quests are pretty much a to each their own kind of thing.
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    March 30, 2013 4:56 PM EDT

    ahh really?! That explains alot then

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    March 30, 2013 5:50 PM EDT

    Under a spoiler tag, could you go into more detail, because I very much doubt this. *spoiler* My reasoning being when you kill Nilsine and then the mother ,Tova , commits suicide that avenue is lost to get the key, but the master lock could still be picked. Obviously it would conflict with stages of the quest if you bought Hjerim before the completion of Blood on the Ice. Therefore the house should not be bought until the completion of said quest.

    And in order to buy Hjerim you either have to be pretty far in (stormcloak) or complete (imperial) the Civil War quest line, which make this place one of the more laborious and time consuming houses to get. Has he completed the prerequisites to get the house?

    Or maybe it's an entirely different bug he's encountering. He sure wasn't very descriptive.

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    March 30, 2013 5:50 PM EDT

    Sorry D:

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    March 30, 2013 5:51 PM EDT

    I did all the things (Companions, All Daedric, Thieves Guild, College of Winterhold, Dark Brotherhood) I spent so much money buying houses, just to see if there were similar missions to Blood on the ice haha.

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    March 30, 2013 6:14 PM EDT
    Lanep25 is right, killing Nisline will only cause the quest not to initiate but like he said you can always break into Hjerim. I can't remember if the quest starts right after you break into the house or if you gotta investigate the notes, in any case it should begin about half way through the quest.
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    March 30, 2013 6:21 PM EDT

    A quest in Morthal is very good. Collect all dragon priest masks, some are with interesting quests like one in Forelhost. 

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    March 30, 2013 6:51 PM EDT

    If you're interested in owning Hjerim, you should read the discussion page for Blood on the Ice over at UESP.  There's a very clear walkthrough for how to ensure that the house is bug-free when you are ready to buy it.  You need to be aware of the steps early on in your playthrough though, so it probably won't help you at this point on your current character.

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    March 30, 2013 7:35 PM EDT

    They are pretty interesting, some are intense, the mask are amazing ! But in the Dragonborn DLC, Deathbrand is my favorite thing to wear. It's easy to find and it's a great reward.