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Modders needed for a Wormhole Skyrim Project

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    February 26, 2013 9:31 AM EST

    I am not sure if this is the right place to post this but it isn't a blog.

    Wormhole is a modding forum or a modder's forum.  :)  So there is no conflict between this site and the Wormhole.

    The Wormhole forum has a large Skyrim project that needs moddrs, texturers, what ever it takes to make a large mod, actually several mods.  You will need to join the form so here is the link to the portal page.:The Wormhole Portal Page 

    Once you are registered you need to make a post in this thread: A thread for real people.  This is due to spamming attacks they have received.

    Wormhole iis a bit tricky to traverse.  It is a modding forum and modders like to keep their ideas confidential until they have something to present to the public.  One you are registered and your account activated go to this forum: Secrets of Trade  Take a look around at the project and you will understand why I say large.  Then if you are interested go to this thread and post there.  Recruitment Thread Post what your interests and talents are and someone will explain what they want and what to do next.

    The Wormhole is a very friendly place.  Testers for the project are also needed..

    Nakia Rogue on Wormhole.