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How Not to Change Characters Every 3 Minutes

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    February 15, 2013 1:15 PM EST

    Hi guys, I have a problem, I am addicted to switching out characters. I can't even make it past level 3. But I think I have found a solution... I posted a status a while ago, and I have had some good replies. 

    I need help! I can't stop making new characters! I can't even make it past level 3!!!! HALP!

    Ben C replied: You and Bryn both need to stop playing. Really, just stop. Use the time to think, plot and plan your character. Give him personality. Think about what he does, how he does it , where he will do it and why. If you put a TON of time into planning you will feel closer to the character. Set a list of things to accomplish. Focus on him , not on his perks.

    Kyrielle Replied: I like to make mini character builds for my new characters.  Like those sheets DJ just posted, only I don't take the time to make them look nice--they're just scribbled on spare bits of paper.  I even like to think of what general "look" I want to go for before I even start playing.  There's nothing that kills immersion for me more than zipping around, trying to find my armor and weapons in the game and generally feeling unsatisfied until I do.  Much better to find that out before hand, get it all set up on what I need to get that armor, perks, weapons, and go for it.

    Then again, I play for the story part of my characters, not the actual leveling part.  The leveling is what comes as a by-product of playing.

    Some non-important conversation later Kyrielle Replied: When you're forced to work within a set of "rules", you'll find you get a lot more creative with your gameplay.  Something like, "I'm not allowed to use plants" makes alchemy a lot more interesting.  Or, "I'm not allowed to strip bodies of their weapons and armor" means you don't earn gold at a stupidly fast rate.  

    And when it comes to thieving, you could also make the restriction (in addition for Ben's suggestions): "I'm only allowed to steal from rich people and only once every 3 days so they don't notice a pattern."  The rest of the time you have to either make due with what you have, or resort to honest work to cover up your thievery.  (Gotta keep the locals thinking you're a normal guy who works hard at what he does.)

    This brings up several interesting points, with putting planning into my character I have played up to level 10! Something that might also help is Vix's Background List. Hopefully this helped and you now can play a steady character.

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    February 15, 2013 11:08 PM EST

    I have the character switching problem as well, I can usually get to about level 20 and then I'll notice something in-game that I want to use, but my current character can't use effectively, so I end up making a new character for that item specifically and rinse and repeat

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    February 15, 2013 11:10 PM EST

    That describes EXACTLY what I do, SO MANY GOOD BUILDS

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    February 15, 2013 11:16 PM EST

    It makes me miserable with my life, yet somehow I'm ok with that. Except when I start quoting Jarl Balgruf while playing -_-;

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    February 16, 2013 1:24 AM EST

    I don't think I have this problem quite as bad Talen-Maht but I have been knon to retire characters too early once I've strayed out of character. Sometimes I might complete a quest which started out ok but then regret it because it wasn't something my character would do, or would be something that could potentially change the character itself.

    So I'm in full agreement about setting limitations on what your character will use. In my current playthrough I was adament that I wasn't going to use any magic except shouts. I only broke the rule once on Solstheim when investigating a dark ruin and used magelight because I was getting my arse handed to me when holding a torch instead of a shield. I regret that now of course and haven't cast a spell since.


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    June 15, 2013 11:50 AM EDT

    Being someone who has only managed to get a character up to level 46 (might be 56 not sure) This really helps....

    Starting Nendir Olaffsen again as I revamped, so should be good....try and level him past my Skyrim Trailer Dovahkiin (cliche Iron Helmet, the full trailer works....)

    Should be badass to see my personal toon level past 80, without the cap 200+ must be mind-blowing...