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Freeeeee Games! Pt. 2

  • October 22, 2012 10:31 PM EDT

    Sorry Console players, I did a tiny bit of research and from what I saw there isn't really much free on consoles. PC only once again. One of the games has an XBLA version that is newer and better but it is not free... Sorry 

    # 11 - No More Room in Hell - This is a Source Mod, it's completely free you just need to install the Source SDK from Steam. Just look up a tutorial, it's really really easy trust me. This is a fun and hard zombie FPS kinda game. There are no crosshairs and you can die or get infected very easily. It's incredibly hard but good fun. Takes a bit to learn exactly how to play. I don't really know what else to say. If you like shooters or zombie games check it out. Windows Only, don't know how well it works with Wine.

    #12 - Resistance and Liberation - This is another Source Mod, read above you install it exactly the same way. This is another FPS, in this you have deadzone aiming and no crosshairs, it's a WW2 FPS which is pretty 'realistic'. It's in the Beta state and it seems like it's being worked on but not much. Most people think it's dead cause it sorta is but on their twitter they said something on the 28th of August, so it seems they're sorta still working on it, but don't worry. It works well and I haven't experienced many bugs though you can get stuck where the only option is to die, literally as soon as you say you're stuck you will get shot. The grenades are wonderfully destructive and easy to kill yourself with, but also equally as fun to use to run into enemy establishments and kamikaze. The guns are nice and the game has a nice mic system with the how far away people are etc. kinda stuff and the enemies can hear you, vice versa etc. lots of people put random songs and things through their mics too, it's pretty hilarious to be swarmed by the Allies all blasting "Running in the 90s" as they charge you destroying everything in their path. Check it out if you like FPS games. Windows Only as Well

    #13 - Super Crate Box - This is a small shooter platformer where you survive as long as you can in a small area, enemies come out a certain spot continually and all of them try to go down to the fire pit at the bottom which will make them faster, which is a bad thing, the enemies continually loop if you don't keep hold on them but you'll probably die before you kill them all. The whole point of the game isn't to survive for longer or to kill enough enemies, it's to collect the crates which randomly spawn all around the map 1 at a time every time you pick one up, each crate gives you a new weapon to kill the enemies and get to the next crate with. A fun and addictive little game where when you die you seamlessly go into the next game, just press enter or z or x or something and you instantly restart. There are 3 maps and 2 or 3 modes and about 10 weapons or something like that. Tiny little game for when you're bored. It's on Steam if you like Steam. Windows And Mac

    #14 - ARMA 2 Free - If you like FPS and tactical realistic FPS, try ARMA 2 Free, ARMA 2 is a game you have to pay for, but for some reason as the demo it's pretty much the full game except for campaign and some other SP things, I think it also has visual limitations or something. But yeah, the whole point of ARMA 2 is the Multiplayer and it's really fun so try this out I got about 20 hours into it before actually buying the game as well as the expansion. Pretty much a full game if you like FPS and multiplayer try it out. It's got a pretty big learning curve but if you get past that it's very fun. Windows Only, it's on Steam if you want to install it that way.

    #15 - Black Shades - This is a game from 2007 I think that was made by one of my favorite Indie Devs, Wolfire Games. It was made for a 24 hour game competition I think and its free, it's an FPS where you are a bodyguard who is protecting the VIP in white. Apparently you are so renowned that the VIP will walk through the streets with complete disregard to the many people trying to assassinate him, it's a fun FPS game where you stop the enemies from killing the VIP for a certain amount of time, there are a number of weapons and it's got a bit of a weird control scheme but it's a fun little game for when you're bored, I've played it for a few hours and had fun. There's also some weird 'psychic' gameplay thing where you got to this trippy free-cam and it's all red and black and you can sorta tell who the enemies are but it's hard to use and not really worth the time. Only guys it could be useful for are the knife guys, but it's usually pretty easy to see the knife in their hand if they're not sprinting towards the VIP anyway. Windows, Mac, and Linux, I personally couldn't get the Linux version to work but Windows works fine.

    #16 - Soldat - This is a sorta free-to-play game where you don't get all the features or something but you get most of the game, it's an online 2d platformer competitive shooter kinda game and a lot of people really like it, it's pretty popular, I played a bit of it and was sorta a noob and didn't like it much, if I end up playing it more I might end up liking it but it has a bit of a learning curve. Try it out if that interests you at all. Windows Only

    #17 - Facade - If you spend a lot of time on Youtube you may have heard of this game, it was developed for something like 7 years and is where you are an old friend of a married couple and you're visiting them, there's one room and you talk to them with text. Basically they spent those 7 years recording dialogue for the 2 people, creating responses and making things that decipher what you've typed etc. it's a pretty big accomplishment what they did and is pretty advanced, but even then the AI is a bit weird and you can really fuck around with the AI and the game  So even if a sorta serious accomplishment in AI story driven little game doesn't interest you there is quite the chance for ridiculous and funny stuff there. Turns out Trip doesn't like melons... Windows and Mac.

    #18 - Octodad - Octodad is a silly game where you are an Octopus in disguise, you are married to a human woman and have 2 children. You have to stay undercover as you partake in deadly dad-related tasks while trying to control his boneless body. It's a really fun and silly game and they're coming out with a more large and fully-fleshed out game that will cost money. Octodad: Dadliest Catch. Windows and Mac

    #19 - Trackmania: Nations Forever - This is a free racing game that is supposed to be really good, I've seen gameplay of it but haven't had a chance to play it yet. Though I haven't played it I still feel justified putting it here cause I know I'd like it, try it out. It's on Steam if you want to get it there. Pretty sure it's Windows Only

    #20 - Stealth Bastard - I still haven't played it but it's got high ratings and is a free stealth platformer, it looks good but I just am not interested right now, playing other games currently. If you like stealth platformers definately check this one out, I've seen gameplay and it looks really good. Looks like it's Windows Only

    #21 - MDickie Games - MDickie has a ton of ridiculous games that are all hilarious, go look at these right now. I highly recommend Hard Time and The You Testament. If you like ridiculous and funny games try some of his.

    #22 - I Wanna Be The Guy - I Wanna Be The Guy is a platformer, I feel like it's Sacrilege to recommend this game to anybody but why not. This is the ridiculously fucking hard game that you will piss you off no matter what. Die in ridiculously unfair ways, it's a game of remembering every single last bit of what happens in the level and still fucking up a million times before you progress. If you like frustration, stress, and bloody pixels try this game right now. Windows Only

    #23 - Spelunky - Spelunky is a platformer where you go through randomly generated levels and try to beat the game while also collecting treasure on the way for your score. It's a hard game where when you die you have to start all over again. It's addictive and fun and you should play it. Period. Windows Only, but if you are a console player you can buy the new and much improved version of the game with new content and visuals and music and all that jazz. Oh, the game has good music too.

    #24 - Epic Inventor - Epic Inventor is a sort of Terraria Clone game which is more about the crafting rather than the building. It looks really cool and there's a ton of stuff to craft it's out right now and it will always be free and they're going to start a kickstarter that if they meet the goal they will add more stuff to the game. I haven't played it yet but I'm about to, but it's supposed to be good. So if you like Terraria definitely check this out. Windows, Mac and Linux

    #25 - UFO - Alien Invasion - This is basically the free version of the Original XCOM, I haven't tried it yet but it's supposed to be really good and I will try it at some point. If you want to try XCOM but don't feel like paying for it or something try this out. Windows, Mac and Linux

    #26 - TeeWorlds - Teeworlds is a free competitive multiplayer shooter platformer like Soldat, if you like Soldat or Soldat sounds interesting also try this one out. It's for Windows, Linux, and Mac

    #27 - Battle For Wesnoth - Battle for Wesnoth is a free turn based strategy game, I haven't played it but it's hugely popular so check it out if you like strategy games, and ones that are free.

    #28 - Black Mesa Source - Black Mesa Source is basically a remake of the Original Half-Life, it's another Source mod so it's completely free and only requires 1 or 2 extra steps to install, though it's going onto Steam soon so it'll be really easy to get it on there soon. If you like Half-Life play this. I haven't yet but I am going to at some point. Windows Only

    Also, look for more free indie games on Desura, Desura is like the Steam for Indie games, and has tons of cheap and good indie games as well as tons of free games. It's also great for finding Linux games as well, Desura has lots of sales kinda like Steam as well so if you like Steam or want steam but are on Linux get Desura, a lot of the games that are on here are on there.

    There you go guys, that should be all of them. Also, if you like free games join Betas! If you're a PC gamer and you don't join Betas you're an idiot  Even if it's a closed beta it's a chance to play a usually really cool game for absolutely free for a few months to a year or more depending. There are so many good games with Betas out there that I could probably add another 10 or so onto here. Anyway, yeah I don't feel like looking them all up though. I enter a lot of Betas and I almost always get in, so start signing up!

  • October 22, 2012 10:35 PM EDT

    There you go, a total of 28 free games, and the fact that there are more on Desura and that you can get them from joining Betas which a lot of games do now.

    Free Games FTW! Betta not hear any'a Y'all PC Gamas sayin nuttin bout not havin' no games to play now!

  • October 23, 2012 7:15 PM EDT

    Was just thinking if I should have put TF2 in there...

    Nah, if you're on PC you should already know what that game is.

  • October 23, 2012 7:16 PM EDT

    Oh, and so far Epic Inventor is pretty good for a free game.

    You kinda walk around and pick stuff up for most of it so far to make a lot of stuff but it's pretty fun. Also, make sure you hit rocks before trying to pick them up.

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    November 24, 2012 2:34 PM EST

    2 free games I would like to add to this list

    World of Tanks, it's basically a shooter but you are a tank. The gameplay mechanics are very good and balanced, there is a huge variety of vehicles: Light tanks, Medium tanks, Heavy tanks, Tank destroyers and Self-propelled guns. The maps are nice and big and are very suited for all different kinds of tactics and every tank can be customised to make different kinds of style possible. You can subscribe but that only gets you faster XP gain which is only convenience but not something necessairy.

    Planetside 2 This game is an MMOFPS, a game that has 3 continents with up to 2000 players per continent. You can move between these continents through Warp gates so if you are sick of the continent you are currently on or think you need more action you can always move to another one. This game has A LOT of customisation and quite a few different classes with each of the classes being very specialised. This game has tactical plannings, unconventional warfare and massive fights for you. The fact that on top of customising your classes you are also able to customise every vehicle only makes this game better. You can use an APC to transport people, you can use it to back up the ground troops, or even turn it into a mobile spawn/supply point. Same thing applies to tanks, and all aircrafts. If you like a real challenge and like FPS games, this game is the one you need to play. I has a very steep learning curve though.

  • November 24, 2012 3:00 PM EST

    I played the Planetside 2 Beta like once, and never ended up playing World of Tanks.

    2 very popular F2P games.

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    November 24, 2012 5:52 PM EST

    And very good games. But the think with Planetside 2 is that as soon as you made a character you get dropped in the middle of a big fight, and in the beginning you keep dieing and don't know what to do which puts of a lot of people who never play the game again because they say it sucks. But you have to continue for a while and as soon as you understand the game, it becomes a lot of fun and the best FPS there is. The fights for large facilities are just truly epic, and with a good squad you can cause quite a lot of chaos for the enemy in a lot of different ways.

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    November 24, 2012 6:22 PM EST

    I've played Battle for Wesnoth obssessively for about six months back in 2008 and I can vouch for it. The concept is somewhat similar to Heroes of Might and Magic, with some especial Hero units, alongside normal military especialized units, but all the units act independetly and don't stack, just like in Warcraft. It's a very very adittive game and a campaign might last 12 to 24 hours to complete. Thank you Julian, for reminding me of this game - I'll dowload it and play it a little, though the danger of receding to my previous addiction isn't small.

  • December 12, 2012 3:18 PM EST

    Get Metro 2033 for free here!

    It's Easy

    Enjoy, it's supposed to be really good so now that's 5-20 dollars less I don't have to spend. You can redeem the code on Steam if you like that, but it isn't required.

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    December 12, 2012 3:44 PM EST

    Thank you very much, keep me noticed for more, itz very nice. But seriously, how did you end up on that bit of information?

  • December 12, 2012 6:54 PM EST

    Haha, following gaming youtubers on Twitter has it's benefits does it not?

    I get a lot of sales from @DanNerdCubed (Very occasionally he will have them, you should watch his videos anyway, one of my favorite youtubers), but mainly @Totalbiscuit - He makes very informative videos on a tons of Indie games and AAA titles, he's an ass but his content makes up for it. He has almost a million subs and many people tell him about great deals (Like the recent 10 dollars for like 6-8 THQ games on Amazon bundles) and he retweets/tweets about them. This one was from some guy I don't know that tweeted about this to him.

    So yeah, being part of the youtube and indie gaming worlds has it's benefits, as well as twitter.

  • December 15, 2012 2:04 PM EST

    Metro 2033 will no longer be free after the weekend!

    Get it while you can!

    Metro 2033 - Kung-fu almost-black-belt approved!

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    December 15, 2012 2:57 PM EST

    I've almost finished it and it's defenitly worth it. Both gameplay and graphics are very good.

  • December 19, 2012 12:09 PM EST is having a huge 'before the world ends' sale, you should go check it out.

  • December 20, 2012 1:47 PM EST

    Ridiculous THQ Bundle on Steam Here if you haven't already taken advantage of their many awesome sales and crap.

    25 bucks for pretty much all their currently out games.