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One Race to PWN them all...

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    September 30, 2012 1:38 AM EDT

    So we're nearing Skyrim's first birthday and For those of you who were here, Paul had a poll asking us what race we would first play a few weeks before release. The result showed that the majority planned on playing as a Nord. This may have been influenced by the fact that Skyrim is home to the nords and people wanted to live in the province as one of it's sons.

    A few months later, Paul had another poll asking us what our favorite race was, now that we have experienced Skyrim more extensively. The poll ended up fairly even, with Altmer and Bretons leading the pack, and Redguards pulling up the rear.

    Now I ask you, Which race is your favorite? My personal favorite is the Orc. I've always liked their lore, especially their creation. They're just the strong, battle hungry badasses of Tamriel and I love playing them.

    So tell us, And give an explanation why.


  • September 30, 2012 1:42 AM EDT

    I've always loved the Redguards, which is weird because I've never played a full playthrough as one. I just love the " greatest swordsman in all Tamriel" thing, it's badass. Breton and Orc are close behind.

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    September 30, 2012 1:43 AM EDT
    My favorite race is a toss up... Between the Nord and the Breton.
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    September 30, 2012 2:20 AM EDT

    bretin mastur raec lololol magc rseist pwn teh othres

    I dunno really, I don't have one favourite race in particular, though I'm not a huge fan of the beast races.

  • September 30, 2012 4:41 AM EDT

    Breton, just because of necromancy.

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    September 30, 2012 4:41 AM EDT

    I like playing as an Orc as well, they're my second favourite race and they're really strong. I hate beast races so I never play as them, and human races are something I dislike as well. I love all elven races basically. I've not yet played a human character in Skyrim and don't plan to do so.

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    September 30, 2012 6:18 AM EDT

    Nord, I have played it since Morrowind.

    But Argonians and Khajiits come close behind 

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    September 30, 2012 6:30 AM EDT

    If you put a gun to my head and said choose, I'd pick Orc cos I just love their battle hungry nature and their Berserker Rage power trumps everything in a fight.

    I also love playing a Khajiit for a sneaky/fighter type as I love their Night Eye ability and the claws not to mention their overall look.

    Dunmer also have a special place in my heart. I love their lore and their connection to conjuration magic. their fantastic for a sneaky wizard type / battlemage or even a general fighter type. their so versatile you can role-play them as almost any type of character.

    overall Orcs usually come out on top for me but it's a close thing between the 3 races.

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    September 30, 2012 9:45 AM EDT

    Khajiit.  I know their racial powers are sub-par, but I don't really care about that - there's plenty of ways to gain 'power' in Skyrim, regardless of race.  I like khajiit because they are fun to play - it's that simple.  My order of preference is (approximately):  Khajiit, Orsimer, Argonains, Redguard, Bosmer, Altmer, Nord, Dumner, Breton and lastly Imperials.

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    September 30, 2012 11:21 AM EDT

    Do you even need to ask me? 

    The Scales are by far my favorite race. I don't see how any of you can think otherwise. 

    Histskin = Amazing

    Argonians are pretty much the best thing ever created by anyone.

  • September 30, 2012 11:26 AM EDT

    They certainly make good shoes :P

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    September 30, 2012 11:39 AM EDT
    My favorite race? Redguard. Just for lore purposes.

    Best race? Orc. I know some will say Breton, but the Orc racial ability is the most powerful ability that cannot be duplicated with enchanting or perks.
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    September 30, 2012 11:57 AM EDT
    Emer, can you find ANY problem with the argonians? ;-)
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    September 30, 2012 11:59 AM EDT

    For me it'd have to be the Altmer, thanks in no small part to Vix. Also, one can't argue with the extra magicka they start off with, and Highborn can be one hell of a lifesaver for any magic user.