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Delaying Gratification - Things you've purposely avoided

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    September 14, 2012 6:51 PM EDT

    Thought this might be interesting to talk about!

    Here's the thing, after the debacle of the way I played Oblivion, when I bought Skyrim, I very consciously decided that I would drip feed myself the Skyrim landmass. As a result I've done the following to try to give myself new surprises and never before seen game play until even now actually. None of the following is to imply that I know if I'm missing anything significant or insignificant. Not hitting the border crossings just means I'm avoiding scenery that I want to save for later for example. The gratification runs the gamut of pay-offs.

    1. purposely avoided holds. As a result, I'm still a little sketchy on Falkreath and south of Markarth, parts of Windhelm

    2. Still have not played out the civil war quest line.

    3. Still have not played out the Companions questline

    4. More or less avoided any RP involving the bards College.

    5. There are about a half dozen dungeons and/or forts etc. I have not visited (that I'm aware of)

    6. Haven't visited all the border crossings

    7. Haven't started the Dawnguard DLC (even thought I bought it!)

    Just wondering if anyone else had done the same after getting the game and I'm wondering if there are "secrets" that you still haven't explored!

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    September 14, 2012 7:03 PM EDT

    I have always tried to avoid the bards college. I have never done it nor do I know anything that happens in it. I guess that it just doesn't seem interesting to me. Is there something that I'm missing out on for not doing the bards college quest? Other than that I don't think I would delay or avoid anything.