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Girl Gaming and "lag"

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    July 18, 2012 11:56 PM EDT

    Was talking to Emer about an experience I had lately and it made me want to ask you guys a question. Sooo, here is the story. I was playing Mass Effect 3 multi-player with a group of 3 guys who were on mics. We played several rounds together, the four of us, and I beat them by a HUGE margin (12,000+) each time, although one guy I was playing with had over 1600 missions completed, I had the lowest number at 146. The guys were giving me props about my kills and trophies so I got on the mic and said "thanks." That was all I said, then turned off the mic. After that, 2 of them immediately started complaining about playing poorly because of lag. REALLY, NOW??! I owned you! Get over it! So when they thought I was a guy (my screen name is androgynous), they were high-fiving me, but as soon as they heard me, they were all "lagging." Hmmm. 

    So my question to you is this: Honestly, does it bother you in anyway to be beaten by a girl? If it does, why? Just be honest. I really felt upset by their behavior as I was pretty proud of myself for owning that guy with over 10 times more missions under his belt.

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    July 19, 2012 12:11 AM EDT

    I don't like losing to men or women, so the gender makes little difference.  That being said, if I must lose, I would rather lose to a girl than a guy - a part of me always 'pulls' for the girls, even when they're the competition.  Nevertheless, I will try my best when competing.

  • July 19, 2012 12:12 AM EDT

    That's guys-you-don't-know-over-the-internet for yah. As for whether it bothers me to be beaten by a girl... I don't know, never been beaten by one :P but seriously I hardly play online shooters, for this reason( the assholes and shiny kids, not fear of being beaten by a girl <.<), monthly fee, and having to keep my xbox connected to the routed( which is pretty far from the Tv). Honestly though, I wouldn't be so upset that I had to lie about lags if I was beaten by a girl at something as fickle as a video game. Don't worry Shannon, we're not all assholes :P