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  • For the entire month of December, anyone who posts a new, original piece of creative content is eligible to receive a profile badge and a front page feature. (Badge unveiling coming soon!)

    What do we mean by new, original creative content?

    - Do you have a build you've been meaning to post?
    - Need an excuse to conclude a short or long blog series you started?
    - Been meaning to try your hand at crafting a volume of poetry?
    - Have an idea for an article or guide (of any kind!) you've been trying to get to?
    - Maybe you've been meaning to wrap up that roleplay profile?
    - Need an excuse to buckle down and finish a brand new mod you've been working on?
    - Looking to complete a work of art that's been on your desk for months?

    Any of these things count as new, original content, and we'd love to see what you've been playing with since the release of Special Edition last month.

    All you need to do to participate, is link to your new, original work in this thread to receive the badge. That's it. Badges will be distributed throughout the month. Please note that if you do not link to your new work in the thread, you will not receive a badge, as we know not everyone might want to participate, and it's the most effective and only fool-proof way of tracking new works.

    In addition to this, we are hosting a site-wide holiday giveaway which ties into our Creativity Month Event. Anyone who submits a new piece of content (from December 1st, 12:00 AM Eastern time to December 31st, 11:59 PM Eastern time), will also be eligible win a prize in our giveaway. Requirements for eligibility in the giveaway are simply that you:

    1. Subscribe to CouchWarriorTV on YouTube;
    2. Are a registered member on the Vault, and;
    3. That you post new, original content during the month of December.

    At the end of the month, the Hosts will review the submissions posted in this thread. The three people who have put forth the greatest creative efforts (considering BOTH quantity and quality), will receive special badges reflecting their accomplishments, as well gaming giftcards of their choosing (Steam, PS, or Xbox).

    1st Place: $100 giftcard
    2nd Place: $50 giftcard
    3rd Place: $25 giftcard

    We advise anyone who is interested in participating in the giveaway to post their links to any and all new creative works in this thread for giveaway consideration.
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