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  • The Northern Lights

    Being out on patrol during the night never was one of Thorin’s favorite things, especially not when he was stationed in the hold of the Pale. Thorin may have been a Nord, and a proud one at that, but if he had been able to choose for his own, he would most likely have picked someplace warmer...
  • A Chance Meeting

           The snow was swirling around me, with enough force to stop me from going at a fast pace while also making it harder to see more than a few metres ahead. I held my hand in front of me, trying to stop most of the blowing snow from getting into my eyes. It was hard enough to...
  • Exiled

    It was a relatively warm day in the forests of Falkreath Hold. Skyrim was mostly known for its cold climate, but during the summers it could still reach somewhat warm temperatures. The weather could also be very pleasant when the sun was at the top of the sky and with no clouds covering it. The larg...