U.o.t.W. Chapter 339 A Few Paws Behind


    The two Companions, Farkas and Sotek encountered little in the way of bandits or other encounters due to staying on the various main paths and tracks. The main adversary was a pack of wolves, or at least, Farkas thought they were a threat albeit a basic one. As he watched the wolves run almost alongside them, he saw that Sotek was smiling. Farkas couldn’t be sure whether Sotek was enjoying being chased, or simply enjoying the wolves as company. As the pack couldn’t keep up with the horses, they soon gave up their pursuit in search for far easier prey. As the two Companions rode off, Sotek howled out, to which the Alpha wolf answered with a howl of its own. 


    By the time they reached Ivarstead, dusk had already past, and night had a firm grip on the sky. Neither rider knew of the exact time but they both felt the coldness of the nights touch. Sotek, feeling tired himself and fully aware that Farkas wanted to stop, mainly because Farkas kept on about wanting food over the last hour or so, pointed towards the stables. They rested the horses, leaving them in the capable hands of the stable boy then made their way to the inn. Once inside, Farkas sat by the fire and listened to the music that one of the maids, Eofel, was playing on her lute. Meanwhile Sotek went up to the bar and ordered two meals from Adla who was busy serving drinks to the other patrons. 


    As they drank their ales and patiently waited for their meals, two maids walked over to them.

    “Farkas, you haven’t visited us in a while, why ever not? There’s no better than us, you know that”.


    Farkas slightly went red in the cheeks as Sotek leaned back and watched him get embarrassed.

    “Yea, I ermm. I’ve kinda started seeing someone, on the quiet. So, no sorry girls. I’m spoken for”.


    One of the maids rested her hand on Soteks chest, making Sotek’s tail coil around between his feet. Upon seeing this, the second maid laughed slightly.

    “Oh, he’s embarrassed, how sweet. So how about you then? They say an Argonians got a few tricks he can do with his tail, well?”


    Sotek spluttered on his drink and dramatically shook his head.

    “No, no thanks. I’m spoken for, she’ll kill me... And probably eat you both”.


    The first maid raised an eyebrow as she cast a wanting wink to Farkas.

    “What? Girl on girl action we’re up for that”.


    Sotek chuckled as he regained his composure.

    “Not exactly, more like she’ll tear out your throat, rip open your chest then devour your hearts”.


    The maids wearily backed off a few feet in surprise and shock, wondering what the Argonian meant. They both cast concerned eyes at Farkas who rather casually explained the situation.

    “Aela the Huntress, he belongs to her”.


    The second maid poked Sotek in the chest hard, giving him no illusion to the newly formed boundary between him and the maids ‘entertainment’.

    “You stay the hell away from us, that’s something we don’t mess with. Farkas baby, come on...” As the maid spoke, she reached down and started pulling Farkas’s hand


    Farkas shook his head at them both.

    “Sorry, I’m spoken for”.


    One of the maids cursed quietly then murmured something.

    “Oh well, Vilkas said the same thing”.


    Sotek suddenly jumped up out of his chair.

    “I beg your pardon, what did you say?”


    The maid looked on in surprise. She paused for a moment then repeated her statement.

    “Vilkas? He said the same thing, that he was with someone else”.


    Farkas cast a confusing look as he played back the events of his and Vilkas’s last visit.

    “I don’t remember him saying that last week”.


    Adla, who was wiping a few glasses, called out to them both.

    “Last week? Nope it was last night, early evening if I recall”.


    Sotek immediately headed to the bar.

    “Are you telling me that Aela and Vilkas was here last night?”


    As she replied, she pointed to the door.

    “Yes, they stayed for a few hours then headed off, I don’t know where though. She was in a foul mood, so I didn’t ask”.


    Sotek immediately slammed down his drink on the table then called out to Farkas.

    “I’ll be back soon, wait here”.


    Farkas gulped then moved to the table.

    “Ok, but if she doesn’t want to talk then leave her alone. Oi! Do you hear me?” But Farkas’s pleads fell on deaf ears as Sotek had already left. 


    Outside, Sotek headed across the bridge towards Riften. He knew for a fact that amongst the trees, here about was a hunting ground of Reds when she was in the area. Both Scarface and Red killed many a prey here when they stayed at the bear cave nearby. Sotek changed form then Scarface stated patrolling the surrounding area for any sign of Red or Aela. 


    Just after Sotek left the inn, Adla bought over two meals of roast pork which she served up at the table. Farkas immediately ordered two more drinks from her then proceeded to eat his meal. Over the course of the next fifteen minutes, inch by inch and minute by minute, Sotek’s meal inexorably moved ever close to Farkas. 


    For the next two hours Scarface searched the whole area, but he came up with nothing. Howling out with frustration, Scarface headed back to the inn, then burst through the doorway. He stood there staring at Farkas while Eofel screamed in near terror until Farkas came over and lightly punched the werewolf in the chest.

    “Oi you great ox, what the hell are you doing?”


    Scarface looked at him oddly then he realised what he had done. Sotek changed back then meekly apologised.

    “Sorry about the scare, I ermm. Oh, fuck it”. He slumped down at the table then pulled his now empty plate towards himself as if to just confirm that his meal had been already eaten. “Typical”. He picked up his flask but that was finished as well. “Farkas! You’re a bloody dustbin”.


    Farkas just laughed.

    “Yes, well, too bad. I presume you didn’t find her. Get up there’s no time to eat now, besides Scarface will probably try to eat someone, come on let’s move”.


    Sotek groaned as he followed Farkas outside, but just before he left, Adla called him back.

    “Here take this, I guessed he’d eat your meal. Don’t worry about Eofel, I’ll see that she’s alright. She just had a bit of a scare, that’s all”. She then handed over to Sotek a small bag. Sotek opened the bag to find two apples and a large piece of bread filled with meat. He thanked her then set off with Farkas up the mountain side.