U.o.t.W. Chapter 331 Kite

  • On the fifth day, around early afternoon, two Khajiits entered Whiterun and proceed to head towards Jorrvaskr. Everyone in the town eyed them suspiciously as they worked their way through the market. Ri’saad banged on the double doors of Jorrvaskr angrily while the young teenage female Khajiit looked on nervously.


    Farkas opened the door and blankly stared at Ri’saad who blatantly pushed past him and entered the hall. He called out to the Harbinger, ignoring all protocol and titles.

    “Where is he?”


    Kodlak sighed as he stood up. He walked to the table and offered Ri’saad a chair and a flask of mead to try to calm him.

    “Ri’saad isn’t it? What’s happened?”


    “That is between me and him. Where is Sotek?” He stated angrily as he glared across the room at the Whelps


    The Harbinger nodded slightly then turned towards Sam. “Go to the forge. Tell Sotek Ri’saad’s here and he wishes to have a word”.


    Within a few moments Sam informed Sotek and Aela of Ri’saad’s visit. Sotek groaned slightly as he was in the middle of working a scale. Aela tugged his arm slightly then headed towards the hall.

    “I’ll tell him you will be a few minutes. Hurry up”.


    The moment Aela entered the hall, she saw Ri’saad was upset, her eyes then switched to the other Khajiit who was standing by a pillar nearby. “Whatever’s the matter?”


    Ri’saad’s voice growled across the hall at her although he tried to hold back his anger.

    “That dragon born. My niece...”


    Aela instantly glared across to the female who felt far more afraid than what she did momentarily ago. Her voice made Ri’saad sit back a bit as she instantly became hostile. His own anger seemed insignificant compared to hers when she snapped.

    “What about her? Him, them. Whatever… start talking”.


    “My niece is called Kite’zhinda, she had for the last year aided Khajiit trade caravans by way of security. But then two months ago she joined a group of warriors and done work for them, she was happy. Until that dragonborn came along. Within a week he took over, ran the whole group. She isn’t a great fighter, but she has heart. He forced her out, accused her of stealing. He threatened her”.


    Aela cast an accusing look at the young Khajiit then snapped instantly. “That’s a load of crap, he doesn’t do that”.


    Kite’zhinda nervously pulled back her sleeve which revealed a long  deep cut on her arm.

    “It’s true, on my mother’s grave. I swear, he chased me out. The Dragonborn threatened to kill me if I step foot in there again. He told me to get out of Skyrim or he’ll cut my tail off and use it as a decoration”. She instantly burst into tears, as Tilma took her by the arm and sat her on a chair. Ebony got some fresh linen and a bowl of water as she cleaned up the wound.


    Aela walked right up to her and pinned her to the door.

    “How do you know it was him?”


    Kite’zhinda screamed back at Aela as her fear took over.

    “Because he shouted at me!!! That Fus Ro Da shout. He sent me into a god damn wall”.


    At that moment Sotek himself walked inside. Aela picked up a bottle of mead then casually walked up to him.

    “Hi baby”.


    Sotek immediately froze as he watched her approach him.



    The next instant Aela smashed the bottle over his head.

    “You bloody moron, when the hell did you start taking over groups and throwing your weight around. How dare you threaten Ri’saad’s niece. He’s been bloody good to us, what the hell do you think you’re playing at, you arrogant bastard”.


    Sotek staggered backwards and crumbled into a pillar. He grabbed hold of it to steady himself, but at best he just managed to control himself as he slumped down to the floor. Blood trickled down his face from various cuts on his head, as a few pieces of glass dug in his scales. Kodlak grabbed Aela and pulled her away. He shouted at her as he shoved her towards the other side of the hall.

    “Aela, that’s uncalled for. Get over there, shift it now”.


    Tilma left the Khajjit and went to Soteks aid. He himself was stunned as dizziness and nausea took a tight hold. He felt himself fall backwards but was oblivious to the fact that he was already on the ground. Tilma held his head against her, as she supported him, then she pulled out the pieces of glass from his scalp. “Sotek, Sotek can you hear me, look at me”. His only reply was a dazed expression as he struggled to focus on anything. “He’s concussed. You stupid girl. Look at him!”


    Sotek closed his eyes as he fought off the sickness. His breathing slowed down as Sotek took back control, one sense at a time. Within a few minutes light glowed from his hand as he cast a healing spell which took rapid effect. The cuts on his head stopped bleeding as the wounds healed over. Sotek felt the nausea die down but he kept casting the spell until he felt steady once again.


    Sotek’s hand shot up and grabbed the pillar which he tried to hold on to earlier, making Tilma jump. With minimal effort Sotek pulled himself up to his feet then watched Aela with an intense stare.

    “What the hell was that for?”


    Aela came up to him again but this time both Farkas and Vilkas grabbed an arm each. She pulled against them both but her eyes never left Soteks.

    “You threatened to kill her, since when? How dare you tell her you’ll cut her tail off. You used your bloody shout at her. After all the problems you had using a shout on me!”


    Sotek leaned back against the pillar after he assured Tilma he was ok.  “I threatened who?”


    Aela yanked her arms away from the others then stood right in front of Sotek. Both of them glared at each other, just waiting for the slightest sign to say a fight was on. Aela pointed across at Ri’saad who was currently standing behind his chair so he had some sort of protection. “His bloody niece, that’s who”.


    Sotek in turn pointed across to him, making him feel extremely afraid as the two Companions yelled back and forth while they stood right in front of each other.

    “Who the hell is Ri’saad’s niece?”


    Kite’zhinda got up from the chair nervously as she studied Sotek.

    “I am… Who are you?”


    Before Sotek could answer, Aela spun around and glared over to the Khajiit.

    “I beg your bloody pardon?”


    Sotek tapped himself angrily on the chest.

    “I’m Sotek, Companion to the Harbinger and current enemy to Aela. Oh yes, I’m the Dragonborn. What’s this about a shout?”


    Kite’zhinda turned towards Ri’saad and spoke softly.

    “He’s not the one who shouted at me. That was a Nord”.


    Aela instantly felt sick. She stared at the Khajiit with disbelieving eyes. “I’m sorry, a Nord!”


    Sotek growled out loudly, even Aela jumped at the ferocity.

    “You’re not the one I seek. I seek another. Terrific”.


    The Harbinger tried to calm everyone down by offering Ri’saad a seat. “When did this happen?”


    Ri’saad spoke quietly as his anger dispersed more through fright than anything else.

    “This morning. She came to me an hour ago upset and scared. She was asking about whether I thought she could be accepted in the Companions as I have often talked to her about you. That’s when she said that the Dragonborn threatened her”.


    Sotek spoke quietly, but his hostility lost none of its anger.

    “You want to join the Companions?”


    Kodlak answered on her behalf, inside he hoped that Sotek would calm down, knowing he was there, but Sotek never looked at him once.

    “Let’s see what your made of”.


    Sotek strode over to the side wall where his spear, ‘Soul Storm’ rested on a wall rack. As he pulled it off, Kodlak called over to him, hoping yet again to calm him down.

    “Sotek, you said you’ll never use that until it’s enchanted. Let the others test her.”


    Sotek blanked him entirely, instead he called out to the Khajiit.

    “What’s your name?”


    She jumped as he shouted across the hall, and just managed to stammer her name out.



    “I’m damned if I’m calling you that bloody mouthful. Kite? Kite. Get your tail outside”. He then stood right in front of Aela, who struggled to look at his face. “Training yard, now”.


    Aela started to feel sick in the pit of her stomach. The memory of her falling to the ground where Sotek struck her during his trial came flooding back. She turned towards the Harbinger, with fear gripping her heart.

    “Harbinger...” Before Kodlak could say a word Sotek grabbed her arm and threw her outside. Sotek stood there watching the Khajiit slowly walk past to the yard, then seconds later the door slammed shut.


    Sotek drew two crosses in the dust with the tip of his spear, both crosses were about twenty feet apart. He grabbed Kite roughly by the arm and stood her on a cross, then without saying a word, he pointed to the other cross. Aela slowly walked over to it, as she tried to console Sotek.

    “I’m sorry, it was a misunderstanding. I thought it was you. Sotek, say something, please”.


    Sotek stood in the middle of them then stepped eight paces back so he was offset to them, forming a triangle between the thee points where they stood.


    The next moment he cast his telekinesis spell on a chair and pulled it towards him, but instead of taking hold of it, he used the spell to propel the chair high above him in the air. As the chair fell towards the ground, Sotek, in a blinding blur, struck the chair with his spear in mid air. The chair practically exploded, sending bits of wood in all directions. Aela covered her face as bits of wood landed all around the training yard.


    Sotek turned around then started heading back inside. He paused then turned to Aela and glared angrily at her, then he turned his attention towards the Khajiit and snarled.

    “Welcome to the Companions, whelp”.


    Everyone inside the hall jumped when Sotek threw open the doors and stepped inside. He walked towards the other doors and threw his spear into the flame pit. Only then did he look at the Harbinger, but even so he only muttered two words.

    “She’s in”. The next instant he shoved the other doors open and headed off towards the centre of town.


    Vilkas rapidly opened the doors to the training yard. He called out to the Harbinger, when he saw Aela and the Khajiit still standing on the two crosses, motionless but alive and well. Between them lay various pieces of broken wood but Vilkas couldn’t fathom from where the wood came. “Well at least we don’t need the priestess”.


    Ebony looked across to Farkas.

    “I take back what I said, I think I’m more afraid of Sotek”.


    Farkas just sat there watching  the main doors as he mumbled back to her.

    “You and me both”.




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