U.O.T.W. Chapter 268 Divine Intervention

  • Divine Intervention 


    It was still dark outside when Aela was woken up by a loud ominous snoring. She walked up to the bars and peered through to see Vilkas asleep in the chair. She quietly unlocked the cell door then crept up to him. Drawing her dagger, she gently held it against his throat and whispered sinisterly.

    “Vilkas? Vilkas... wake up Vilkas”. 


    Vilkas’s eyes shot open to see Aela standing there with the tip of her dagger against him.

    “Great job of guard duty dear ‘brother’; you’re dead. Take a walk”. 


    Vilkas slowly pushed the dagger away from his neck. He was full of concern.

    “What you up to? Don’t go freeing him Aela. We’ll sort it out, somehow”. 


    Aela had an intense look about her when she turned to Sotek who was still asleep.

    “Free him? I’m not going to free him. Get yourself some food. Don’t come back within the hour”. With that she entered the cell then locked it securing the door. She cast a quick look at Vilkas as she started undoing her armor straps. “Are you still here?” 


     Within moments Vilkas left the cells and made his way upstairs to the guard’s quarters. One of Whiterun’s guards called out to him as he appeared from the stairwell.

    “Who’s downstairs?”


    “Ummm Aela. She’s ermm in a mood so it’s best if we stay away for a few hours. Let her get it out of her system, so to speak”. 


    Another guard looked across at the stairway and shook his head.

    “Well I’m going down there; not if she’s in a bad mood”. 


    Vilkas smiled to himself.

    ‘Yea I don’t blame ya, but it’s not a ‘bad’ mood she’s in’. 


    Sotek awoke to Aela kissing his neck. As his eyes opened he found himself staring at her naked body. He looked into her eyes as he started kissing her. Within a few seconds she was straddling him as she made love to him, in the cell. 



    A few minutes later various howls came from the cells below the guard’s room. Vilkas covered his face with his hand as he quietly groaned. “Once, just once can’t you to do it quietly?” 


    One of the guards jumped out of his chair and quickly moved to the stairway.

    “What in oblivion is that?” 


    Vilkas looked across to them in a panic.

    “Wait! Don’t forget she’s a werewolf. I did say she was in a mood”. 


    All the guards froze as they stared down the stairway. Suddenly Aela let out a particularly loud howl which caused all the guards to stare wide eyed at each other, within seconds they ran back to their chairs. One guard turned to Vilkas and nudged him.

    “Aren’t you going to go down there?” 


    Vilkas grinned and outstretched his arm in a welcoming fashion.

    “Why sure, after you”. 


    Vilkas spent the next half hour eating and amusing himself by watching the guards while the guards spent that time staring at the stairwell. The main door from the guard’s quarters to Dragonsreach burst open when the Penitus Officer walked in with two of his guards.

    “So if you’re up here, then who’s guarding the murderous scum down there?”


    Vilkas go to his feet and walked to the stairway in an attempt to block the officer’s route.

    “Aela’s down there but you’re not going”. 


    The officer walked right up to his face.

    “Stand aside, you can’t stop me”. With that he pushed his way past.


    Vilkas yelled down the stairs to Aela as he followed the officer.

    “Troubles coming! Aela? You hear me?”


    As the officer walked over to Sotek’s cell, he stared in disbelief to the fact that Aela was in the cell with Sotek.

    “What the bloody hell do you think you are doing?”


    Aela sat up, still straddling Sotek; she held a fur tightly around herself. But it was obvious to everyone due to the amount of flesh showing that she was naked but more prominently was the fact that her clothes were scattered across the cell floor. 


    Aela sarcastically grinned as she looked the officer in the eye.

    “Sorry boys, shows over. We were having sex but now we’re recovering. Vilkas be a sweetie and shut the door, it’s kind of chilly”. 


    The officer turned around yelling at his men as he made his way to Dragons reach screaming out for the Jarl as he made his way up the stairway. 


    Vilkas stood there staring at Aela and Sotek he covered his face with the palm of his hand and groaned.

    “Seriously? Aela, you harlot, get the hell dressed. He’s gonna have everyone down here! Hurry up”.


    Sotek sniggered at the ‘harlot’ and gave her a kiss. He then turned his attention to the other Companion who seemed like he was about to have a heart attack.

    “Vilkas, when it all goes bang, and it will go bang, tell the Jarl and the Harbinger this…” Vilkas listened intently to what Sotek said with a sorrowful gaze as he became an unwilling pawn.


    Even Aela looked at Sotek with disbelief.

    “He can’t say that”. 


    Sotek just smiled at her and nodded.

    “Yes he can and here’s why”. 


    Sotek’s answer caused the brute of a Nord to chuckle. He smiled back and nodded, agreeing to Sotek’s idea. As Vilkas made his way upstairs, Sotek and Aela distinctively heard Vilkas laughing. 


    Jarl Balgruuf came down from his quarters with Proventus following behind. The Penitus Officer was pacing up and down in front of the Jarl's throne cursing loudly.

    “This is an outrage! He’s responsible for murdering a high official in your hall and he’s being kept in bloody luxury! Let alone visits from the Companion’s whore”. 


    The Jarl stood right in front of him and never said a word until the officer stepped back away from the Jarl's throne. Once the Jarl sat down he addressed the Officer.

    “Now, what are you on about? Luxury? The Companion’s what?” 


    “That Aela! She spent the night with him in the cells. Are you running a prison or a whore house for the love of the Eight! Don’t you have any control on what happens here?” 


    I don’t run a prison, I run a city”. The Jarl retorted. He then looked across to Vilkas and called out to him. “Get the Harbinger, now please”. 


    Vilkas headed off to Jorrvaskr as he was requested. Upon entering the hall, he flagged Kodlak to him.

    “Harbinger, we got ermm problems?”


    Kodlak looked over to Vilkas with complete disdain.

    “What the hell has she done?”


    Upon hearing this, Tilma looked across at Kodlak and butted in.

    “What makes you think she’s done anything?”


    Vilkas stood there shaking his head.

    “The Jarl's requested your presence. Aela and Sotek, kind of... spend the night together. They ermm yea. Now that overbearing Penitus Officer’s kicking off at the Jarl”. 


    The Harbinger looked worried and he sprang to his feet.

    “Oh bloody hell, let’s get over there“. 


    Tilma shook her head at him and tried to slow him down.

    “Calm down, this isn’t your fault. It’s not like you told her to sleep with him, is it?” 


    Kodlak stopped dead in his tracks and sheepishly turned to her.

    This was one of those rare moments when even he feared her broom and mop.

    “Well not exactly; I ermm”. 


    Tilma shook her head and walked right up to him and poked him in the chest.

    “What the hell have you done?” 


    He gulped as he stepped back a few paces.

    “I ermm. Now you listen to me old hen. Don’t go wagging your finger in my face. I’m the Harbinger of this hall and I... I may have told Aela that Sotek needed her by his side last night”. 


    “You idiot! You should have made it clear by his bloody side not underneath him”. 


    Vilkas started grinning and stuck his hand up.

    “Sorry to interrupt, but she didn’t. By my reckoning she was definitely the one on top”. 


    Kodlak shouted at him.

    “Vilkas, that doesn’t help”. 


    Tilma responded aggressively.

    “Don’t you shout at him. Kodlak, get your butt over there. Vilkas, Farkas go with him”. 


    As soon as Kodlak entered Dragonsreach, the Penitus officer went over to him and proceeded to grab him. Instantly Farkas knocked his hand away and within a second, a hefty boot belonging to Vilkas kicked the officer’s knee, knocking him to the floor. Farkas leaned over him and issued his own warning.

    “Leave the Harbinger alone”. 


    Kodlak looked down at the officer then simply walked over him as he made his way to the Jarl’s side.

    “Jarl Balgruuf, you requested to see me?” 


    The Jarl looked briefly behind Kodlak and saw the Officer get to his feet before dismissing any more thoughts on the man.

    “Yes, it seems certain liberties have been taken. Now I know of Sotek’s importance but the Companions can’t make their own rules regarding prisoners. Sotek is a prisoner”. 


    Vilkas stood alongside the Harbinger and, having remembered what Sotek told him to say, spoke.

    “With utmost respect Jarl, no liberties have been taken that have not been dealt with“. 


    The officer looked at him blankly. His off cast gaze soon turned to that of a poisonous snake.

    “You swear to that? Swear to it now for the honour of the Companions”. 


    “I swear for the Honour of our Harbinger, Kodlak and the honour of the Companions, that no liberties have been taken which have not been dealt with using the full extent of the law”. 


    The Officer gloated and slammed down his fist on the nearby table. “Right you bastard! Now I got you. Harbinger, Jarl, come with me”. He then led them all downstairs to the cells, kicking up a storm with every step.


    Kodlak disdainfully shook his head to Vilkas who weakly smiled back in return.


    They passed through the guard’s quarters then entered the cells. Aela was lying down next to Sotek on the bed. Kodlak was praying that they were both decent. Fortunately, much to his relief, both Sotek and Aela were fully dressed. The officer barged past the Harbinger. As he went passed he grabbed Vilkas by the shoulder.

    “Right then, pray tell me how you can swear no liberties were taken? He has apples, there are extra furs. And he’s had a conjugal visit for crying out loud. You swore an oath, which you knew you knew had been broken”. 


    Kodlak disappointedly shook his head at Sotek and Aela.

    “Vilkas, you swore an oath. Sotek, this is totally unacceptable. Now you’ve dragged Aela and Vilkas into whatever this is”. 


    Vilkas smacked the offending hand away then he turned to the Harbinger and the Jarl.

    “Harbinger, I swore an oath but I fail to see how it was broke”. 


    The officer fumed at him.

    “Are you blind?”


    Sotek chuckled then got up from the bed and walked to the bars. He leaned lazily against them and smiled provocatively, almost deliberately winding up the Penitus officer.

    “Vilkas, care to explain?”


    “What? Oh yea, I swore an oath that no liberties were taken that have not been dealt with. Aela tried to smuggle the apples and the furs into his cell but I caught her. The law dictated that she should be punished so I locked her in a cell”. 


    The Jarl shook his head, as did Kodlak. They both knew Sotek had planned Vilkas’s reply.

    “Why this cell?”


    “Ermm, Sorry Sotek. Why did I use this cell?” Vilkas asked as he tried to stifle a chuckle.


    Sotek smirked and egged him on, helping the Companion remember his lines.

    “Because it was near?” 


    Vilkas nodded, back.

    “Oh yes! It happened to be handy at the time so I shoved her inside then re-locked it”. 


    The officer glared evilly at Sotek.

    “So why didn’t you take the apples and furs back”. 


    Vilkas grinned and outstretched his hand.

    “Here’s the key, you go get them”. 


    The Jarl was losing his patience with the whole matter. He wasn’t in the right mind set to go toe to clawed foot with Sotek and the whole situation was smothered in green scales. He called out, demanding an answer.

    “And the accusation of the guard? Aela and Sotek having a conjugal visit?”


    “That never happened”. Aela stated defensively. 


    The Harbinger walked up to the cell bars and rapped his knuckles against them. His own patience was running out as well.

    “You two never slept together? No games, a straight answer”. 


    Sotek smiled at him and nodded.

    “Yes of course we did. We’re mates. Although I should point out she was a prisoner at the time. It wasn’t our fault that we were locked up together”. 


    The Jarl leaned into the Officer and scowled.

    “Stop wasting my bloody time”. He then headed back upstairs, yelling for Proventus.


    The officer glared once more at Sotek then he hit the bars with his hand. You’re going to hang for the murder! Within the hour there will be an Argonian corpse swinging from the bridge. Stick around Aela, I‘m reserving you a front row seat”. 


    Aela ran at the bars and punched him.

    “You can’t, you coward”. 


    “I’m an Imperial Penitus Oculatus officer and my word carries the weight of the Emperor. Basically, you slut! My word is the law! He will hang within the hour. Kodlak, anyone who interferes will swing next to him, do you hear me?” With that he headed upstairs and barked out his orders. “Prepare a rope, we have a hanging”. 


    Kodlak glared at Sotek.

    “You stupid bastard! What the hell are you going to do now? Aela get him out. Run, the pair of you”. 


    Aela shook her head defiantly.

    “He won’t hang. It isn’t legal”. 


    The Harbinger thrust his hand through the bars and grabbed her by the scruff of the neck. He pulled her closer and growled at her stupidity.

    “It is legal, he committed a murder! He will bloody hang! Get him out”. 


    Sotek lay on his cell bed and shook his head.

    “I won’t hang within the hour! The sentence has to be countersigned. Harbinger, go upstairs and have a drink; you look stressed”. 


    “And what the hell are you going to do?”


    “Wait.” With that Sotek closed his eyes and silently laid there, listening to the heavy breathing of Aela and their Harbinger. 


    Within five minutes of the altercation, three riders arrived at the stables. One of them wore a tabard of the Penitus Oculatus, showing himself to be a commander. He took a satchel containing a dispatch from his aid then the three of them left their horses at the stables and headed straight into Whiterun. From there they were directed towards Dragonsreach. They calmly walked into Jorrvaskr and dominated the entire hall just with their presence. The commander announced himself and took total authority from the Penitus Officer and the Jarl.


    “I am Commander Odaren and I bear the Emperor’s seal. As of this moment this hall and its guards are under my command. Officer Maraley, where is this Sotek?”


    The officer saluted him then pointed to the cells.

    “He’s down there sir!” Then he instantly led him down the stairway quickly followed by the Jarl and Kodlak. 


    Odaren walked over to the cell containing Sotek and Aela. He looked straight at her and heavily scrutinised the Huntress.

    “Who in all of Tamriel is this?” 


    Sotek sat up then slowly walked to the cell bars. He gave a one word answer but he knew the effect that word would have.



    “The Huntress? Your Huntress?” Odaren said as he looked straight at Sotek. 


    Sotek just nodded. 


    Odaren stepped back from the cell and clicked his fingers.

    “Let them out”. 


    The Officer stepped up to him and held the cell door shut.

    “He’s a murderer! He killed... Motierre”.


    Odaren grabbed him by the collar and forced him against the wall with surprising ease.

    “Understand this Maraley, there was no murder. It never happened, I was never here and you were never here. The noble was killed by bandits on the way here; he never arrived. Do I make myself clear?” 


    The Jarl who was totally confused, called out to him.

    “There were over fifty witnesses to it; of course it happened”. 


    Odaren shook his head.

    “There are no witnesses to nothing. He never arrived. Sotek, these are for you”. With that he went to hand over to Sotek two sealed letters.


    Sotek looked at them in Odaren’s hands and grinned.

    “Are they what I think they are?” 


    “Yes, they are. And the terms were found to be acceptable”. 


    Sotek seemed somewhat surprised and raised a spiky eyebrow.

    “Really? Oh wow!” He glanced back at the other officer who gave him a beating and handed back the two sealed scrolls to commander Odaren. “One moment. Could you hold on to them for a second?” He then walked over to officer Maraley and hissed. “It’ss been a pleasure. Oh yess, I owe you for that thrashing you gave me”.


    The next second Sotek head butted the Officer in the face, breaking his nose. As he screamed out, Sotek grabbed him and threw him in the cell which he and Aela had spent the better half of the day in. The next second he slammed the cell door and kicked the key with the heel of his boot, breaking it in the lock. A second later a small fireball exploded at the lock, melting the delicate metal pins and tumblers.


    He shook the door, making sure it wouldn’t open before addressing a rather shocked Jarl.

    “Jarl Balgruuf, Harbinger, Aela, it would seem I have some explaining to do, but I warn you all, there’s not a great deal I can tell you. Thanks for these Odaren”. With that, he took the two letters from him then Sotek waved to the officer in the cell. 


    The Penitus officer, Maraley cursed at Sotek as he shook the door to the cell.

    “I’ll have you arrested for this”. 


    Sotek grinned at him and infuriatingly waved as he headed upstairs.

    “No you won’t because you’re not here, remember? Excuse me, I need a drink” Then Sotek led the rather perplexed group upstairs. 


    The Jarl took Aela’s key but he couldn’t unlock the cell door. Shaking his head, he called for a guard.

    “Summon Adrianne; tell her a cell door’s jammed”. 


    Ten minutes later Adrianne headed back upstairs to the hall.

    “I need my tools, the lock's wielded shut. It’s going to take a while”. 


    Meanwhile, in the Jarls private quarters where prying ears couldn’t overhear what was being said, the Jarl looked at Odaren and Sotek disbelievingly.

    “No one can bury this; nobody”. 


    Sotek smiled and happily disagreed.

    “Oh there is one person. You are all sworn to secrecy. Failure is punishable by death, so you’re all warned. It was a hit Aela; a sanctioned hit. One person can arrange all this. My orders, they came from the...”


    Commander Odaren nudged him and slyly whispered.

    “You can’t mention his name”.


    Sotek paused and cringed at the thought. He knew the Emperor had ordered the assassination of Motierre but he was sworn to secrecy. Knowing he couldn’t say, Sotek hissed out a short answer.

    “It wass ordered. We leave it at that”.


    Aela sat back in shock. She wasn’t satisfied and demanded an answer.

    “You were under orders to assassinate Motierre? Who gave such an order?” 


    Odaren smiled at her and pulled her to the side.

    “There was no assassination remember. You would do well to leave this stone unturned. It’s in Red’s best interest. Oh yes, I know all about you, Aela the Huntress... Let it go!”


    Sotek passed the Harbinger one letter and offered an explanation.

    “This is a royal pardon; I’m free from all crimes. Kodlak, I don’t suppose there’s any room for an Argonian in the Companions? I’m hoping one bed’s empty and another bed has been lonely as of late”. 


    The Harbinger just shook his head at Sotek. He huffed as he knew despite everything, this was one time when Sotek was beyond his reach.

    “Get your backsides in the hall. I’ll deal with you both later”. 


    Sotek laughed as he pointed at the scroll.

    “Royal pardon, don’t forget that”. 


    Kodlak glared at him and waved his fist in the air.

    “You get no pardon from me Sotek!” 


    Aela looked at Sotek’s hand. In it was the second scroll.

    “What’s that?” 


    Sotek glanced down at it and frowned.

    “It’s nothing, it doesn’t exist. Aela, I know there’s not much I am saying but you have to trust me. For the sake of Red and Scarface, don’t ask. Just be there by my side?”


    Aela growled. She hated being in the dark and yet that seemed to be the order of the day. She was tired and confused. Mentally she was shot to hell yet the wheels kept turning. She took a deep breath and nodded, knowing Sotek had a plan.


    What really irked her was the fact that Sotek 'Plans-But-Doesn't-Explain' was the only one who knew what it was.




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  • Ebonslayer
    Ebonslayer   ·  August 19, 2017
    "The Jarl stood right in front of him and never said a word until the officer stepped back away from the [Jarl's] throne."

    “The [Jarl's] requested your presence. Aela and Sotek, kind of... [spent] the night together."

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    • Sotek
      "The Jarl stood right in front of him and never said a word until the officer stepped back away from the [Jarl's] throne."

      “The [Jarl's] requested your presence. Aela and Sotek, kind of... [spent] the night together."

      ...  more
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      Yes you were on the mark there. Although he never came, he certainly showed his presence. 
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    this was funny
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      Shy Knight of the Shovel
      Shy Knight of the Shovel
      this was funny
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      Haha  glad you liked it Shy. This chapter makes Aela laugh too.