U.O.T.W. Chapter 267 Jailhouse




    The first person Kodlak saw as he re-entered the hall was Aela. She was leaning against a pillar with one foot tucked behind her. Both her arms were folded across her chest as she glared across the hall. Kodlak took a deep breath then walked sternly over to her.

    “Aela, I’m giving Farkas first watch then Vilkas. I need you to go home and get some sleep”.


    Aela growled, completely ignoring what he had said.

    “He’s insufferable! Why the hell is he so calm? You know he told me to douse the torch on my way out!”


    “Well, all he told me was who he wanted as his guard detail and what he wants for supper!” Kodlak sighed in sympathy. He was still shocked and stunned over what Sotek did so it came to no surprise to him that Aela was shaken and upset.


    As they both talked, Aela saw the Penitus officer and three of his guards come upstairs.

    "That bastard's gonna get it". As she glared at him she noticed blood on the guard’s knuckles. She briefly looked around the hall to find Farkas talking with Vilkas on the other side of the fire pit. She looked at where the guards had came from, noticing the stairwell led to the cells. "Oi! You bastards! Why is there blood on your hands?" She headed straight over to him and signaled to the other Companions for support. Farkas and Vilkas along with the Harbinger met up with her.


    The Penitus Officer pushed past her. She turned around and headed downstairs towards the cells with the others in tow. As they approached the cells, neither one could see Sotek there at all, that was until Aela walked up to his cell.

    “Harbinger!” Aela cried out as she opened the cell door and knelt down to Sotek’s side. His face was covered in cuts and blood. “Those fucking bastards”. She rested his head on her lap while Vilkas bought a bowl of water and some cloths. Aela gently washed off the blood from her mate’s face. After a minute, Sotek murmured. Aela gently rested her finger on his lips. “Shhhh, don’t move”.


    The Harbinger handed Aela a healing potion. She gently opened Sotek’s mouth then slowly poured the contents into his gullet. Moments later Sotek’s injuries healed up. He opened his eyes slowly as his senses came around. Looking straight up he saw Aela looking down at him. Her face was full of concern as he faintly smiled back. He weakly lifted his hand and pointed to the wall.

    “You forgot about the torch”.



    Aela gasped in astonishment. She slapped him across the face and yelled.

    “You bastard, this isn’t a game!” She got to her feet, letting Sotek’s head bang on the floor.


    “Oww, steady! Harbinger, can I have a different nurse?” He asked as he rubbed the back of his head.


    Aela glared at him and raised a fist.

    “I’ll fucking kill him”.


    Farkas grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the cell. “Aela come upstairs with me”. He led her upstairs then sat her at a table. When he looked around the hall, he started laughing.


    Aela’s face looked fierce full as she glowered at him with contempt.

    “What’s so bloody funny?”


    Farkas pointed to the food on the table, he chuckled as he replied to her.

    “They never even cut the cake”.


    Aela looked over to the food then laughed. She got up and picked a large strawberry of a large sponge cake and took a bite.

    “I’m going downstairs to see that moron of a mate”.


    When she got to the cells Sotek was sitting up leaning against the cell wall. He gave her a friendly wave while being coy enough to stay away from the bars.

    “Hi Aela”.


    She threw him a weak smile then walked over to the cell and demanded an explanation.

    “Straight talking please! What’s going on?”


    Sotek smirked as he answered her.

    “I’m sorry for acting a jerk, but I can’t tell you. I’m sorry but I can’t, there’s too much at stake”.


    Aela stared blankly at him. Inside she felt numb. She knew he wouldn’t say anything but she had hoped he would at least tell her something.

    “Vilkas is going to watch your cell tonight. I’ll see you tomorrow”.


    Sotek walked to the bars then held Aela’s cheek in him palm.

    “Will you do something for me?”


    She huffed back and stared wide eyed at the wall. Her emotions were too far gone for games. Without any signs of life in her voice, she answered flatly.



    “Stay with me tonight?” For the first time that evening his voice was weak. It was as if each word was a struggle.


    She stood there staring at him as she tried to weigh things up in her mind. The trouble was, the more she tried to work things out the more confused she got. After minutes of silence, she whispered back.

    “Get some sleep”. She shook her head at him then headed back to Jorrvaskr.


    That night Aela was asleep in her bed, or rather she was trying to sleep. She got up for the fourth time and headed to the stairwell. The hall was dark as most of the torches were unlit. There was just the glow of the fire pit lighting the area in front of the steps where she sat down. A few seconds later she shrieked when a soft voice called out to her.

    “Are you staying there all night?”


    She jumped with a start as she quickly turned around and saw the Harbinger sitting at the small table.

    “Sorry, I didn’t see you there”.


    “Obviously, but you need sleep”.


    “He’s over there, in that cage”. Aela softly said. She cast a look at the wall where, beyond, stood Dragonsreach; her mate’s prison.


    “Cell”. Kodlak said, correcting her.


    “Sorry, what?”


    “Aela, he’s in a cell. For murder, I might add”.


    “Yea? So what do we do, forget about him? Well I can’t! I just wish I could help him”.


    “Well you could have, but you chose not to”. Kodlak stated as he watched the youngling.


    “What the fuck is that supposed to mean?” Aela shouted. None of this was her doing and yet she felt partially to blame. She felt there was something she could have done but she was blind to it.


    “Aela!” Kodlak tutted at the Companion. Her swearing still echoed around the hall.


    “Sorry, I’m just confused and a little upset. What the fuck is that supposed to mean Harbinger sir! There is that better?” She answered sarcastically. Aela wasn’t in the mood for being corrected let alone being told she turned her back on Sotek.


    He shook his head at her, as he replied.

    “He asked if you would stay with him. It’s not often he asks for help”.


    “Asks for help? He never asks for help”. Aela stated. She felt anger once again take hold over the Argonian’s attitude. An Argonian she deeply cared about.


    “He asked for you to stay with him did he not? That was him asking for help. So what are you going to do?”


    The Huntress spun her head around and stared at the doors. Cursing herself, she realized the Harbinger was right.

    “Who’s there at the moment?”


    “Vilkas is. Over by the door are some furs and a few apples; he’ll probably appreciate them”.


    She eyed the furs for a few seconds then got up and headed outside, carrying the furs and a bag.

    “Fine but don’t be surprised if I end up killing him”. She walked over to Dragonsreach then made her way to the cells. Vilkas was outside his cell watching Sotek. “How is he?”


    “Restless, like you. You look awful”.


    Blanking his comment, she opened the cell then locked herself inside it with Sotek. Upon seeing this, Vilkas got up from the chair.

    “I’ll leave you alone”.


    “No, you stay there. I’m not guarding him, you are. That way there can’t be any problems”. She pulled her boots off then lay next to Sotek.


    His eyes instantly opened as she cuddled up to him.

    “Hey, you look terrible”.


    It took all Aela’s strength and will to stop lashing out. Instead she chose to swear at him.

    “Sotek, shut the fuck up”. She pulled the furs over them both then wrapped herself up in his arms. As she laid there she softly said a prayer. “Please Hircine, let this be a nightmare. I want to wake up in my bed with Sotek in my arms”.


    “Well, you’ll wake up in my bed”. Sotek laughed.


    Despite her mood, she chuckled and gave the cell a quick once over.

    “I prefer your other house, this one looks awful and it stinks”.


    “Oi, I spent ages putting up the cobwebs thank you”. As he spoke he pointed to the far ceiling corner.


    Aela looked at a small spider sitting on the web.

    “Have you named him?”


    “Yea, Farkas”. Then he started laughing.


    “He hates spiders; in the morning can I tell him?” Aela asked as she smirked at it.


    Sotek gave her a squeeze.

    “Get some sleep, you’re tired”.


    “Tell me you’re going to be ok”.


    “Aela, everything will be ok. We’ll be fine. Get some sleep”.


    She shut her eyes as she tucked herself under his arm.

    “Vilkas, are you there?”


    “Yes, what’s up?” The Companion answered.


    As Aela held Sotek tightly, she whispered to him. They both out laughing as the Huntress called out.

    “Vilkas, put the torch out”.




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  • Ebonslayer
    Ebonslayer   ·  August 19, 2017
    The Emperor is going to come to Whiterun and pardon Sotek because he knew about the hit and helped set it up. I'm calling it right now.

    Also, that's the image I mentioned on the last chapter.
    • Sotek
      The Emperor is going to come to Whiterun and pardon Sotek because he knew about the hit and helped set it up. I'm calling it right now.

      Also, that's the image I mentioned on the last chapter.
        ·  August 28, 2017
      Oh wow........  ;)