U.O.T.W. Chapter 265 A Short Farewell


    As soon as Aela got back to Whiterun, she approached Farkas who was in the training area with Ebony, Sam, Saber and the Argonian girl, Kul-et. The Harbinger, Kodlak was sitting outside watching them train.

    “Farkas I need a word when you got a minute”.   


    He glanced at Sotek who had only just entered the yard, then called back to Aela.

    “Ermm, can it wait?”


    She tapped her foot as she rested her hands on her hips.

    “Oh yea, no rush. You got five seconds”. 


    Sotek shook his head at her and tried to pull in her reins.



    She quickly interrupted Sotek by flicking him on the nose. 


    Upon seeing this, Farkas nervously approached her.

    “What’s up?”


    “Red’s and Scarface’s home! I know you done something there, but I’ve been told to back off so I will. However, that’s Red's home. That’s the only home she has; it’s important that you know that”. 


    “Yes, yes I do”. He said solemnly.


    The next second she surprised everyone. Even the Harbinger had to look twice at her. She threw her arms around him giving him a hug.

    “Thank you for fixing it up; it’s great”. 


    This however just made Farkas more nervous.

    “Ermm your welcome”. He gradually broke off her hug as he was expecting some sort of trick. 


    When the storm of Aela’s temper never arrived, Kodlak stood up then addressed everyone about a different matter.

    “I need everyone’s attention. Tomorrow evening there is to be a noble’s dance in Dragonsreach. There will be several important guests who will be attending. We have been asked to provide a security detail”.  


    On hearing this, Aela rolled her eyes.

    “So we get to watch a load of La-de-da’s La-de-da’ing about? Oh wonderful”. 


    Ebony however seemed thrilled with the news.

    “Oh wow, I hope it’s a ball! The dresses are wonderful”. 


    Sotek however pushed past Aela and Farkas, shoving them to the sides. His actions caused him to receive a swift rebuke from Aela.

    “Hey! What the hell! Sotek what’s wrong?” 


    He grabbed a bottle of mead from the table and threw it against the wall. It shattered, spreading foaming mead all over the impact area. Without any sign of an apology, he sneered angrily.

    “It wasn’t supposssed to be for a week!”


    From out of the shadows a single voice of authority rang out.

    “It was but plans have been bought forwards. It’s a case of timing”. 


    Sotek sneered at the Imperial General.

    “Hello Tulliusss the weather'ss great for a midnight stroll across the plainsss. You really ought to try it sometime”. 


    “I’d expect threats from her not you”. As he approached them he pointed to Aela. 


    Sotek shook his head at the man. He cared little of timing as he had other priorities.

    “It’s too soon! He will not do it to her like this; he needs time to explain”. 


    The General walked up to him and whispered in his ear. As they talked, Sotek never took his eyes off Aela.

    “Explain what? Neither you nor I really know what’s going on. You can’t tell them anything or we all lose. Hurry up, you got five minutes. I’m sorry, I really am. We have to give the couriers the time to spread the word”. 


    Sotek grabbed him by the collar and hissed.

    “When this is over we’re going to have a talk”. He shoved the General back a few feet then stood by the wall by the training dummies. “Harbinger, Aela... he need to ermm...... Damn it! He wanted more time”. He slumped his back against the wall and kicked out at a training dummy.  


    Aela came over to him and gently held his arm.

    “What’s wrong? Sotek, tell me what’s wrong. What’s going on?”


    He looked at her and smiled, then he gently kissed the top of her head.

    “Oh Aela... Harbinger he have an announcement to make and you’re not going to understand it, let alone like it”. He pulled Aela close to him and held her tight. “Aela, you’re a bitch! You are snappy, snarly, temperamental, and he loves you for it. He loves you so, so much. You must understand, this is not because of you or anything that you did”.  


    With barely enough time for his words to sink in, he called out to the two brothers.

    “Farkas, Vilkas, I have a task that needs your attention, it must be done quickly and efficiently. Can I count on you both?” 


    Vilkas walked over to him.

    “Yes of course, but what is this about?” 


    “As of this minute… I’m quitting the Companions. Farkas, Vilkas, I would ask that you collect all my belongings and pack them up, within the hour. Check Aela’s room. Tilma will help you. You swore to me that you would do what I asked”. 


    Aela grabbed him and pushed him back into the wall, pinning him by his chest.

    “What the fuck do you mean you’re leaving the Companions?” 


    Sotek ignored her and addressed the Harbinger instead.

    “Harbinger, ermm Kodlak... I would ask of you that you look after Aela for me. She’s kind of stroppy and has a bit of a temper, but she’s not always as strong as she likes others to believe”. 


    Sotek gently pushed Aela’s hand off his chest then wrapped his own arms around her and held her tight. “Aela, I leave with you my heart; it has always belonged to you”. 


    Aela broke down in tears and started pleading with him.  There was so much she didn’t understand. All she knew was her world had just exploded.

    “Don’t do this, whatever it is, don’t. Please, I’m begging; I’m begging. Sotek, you’re my love, my life… Don’t”. 


    “Aela, Aela, Aela, my sweet, violent, angry… You’re my mate, my shield, my friend. I feel so lost when you’re not by my side, Vilkas will tell you that”. 


    Aela tried to stop crying but she couldn’t.

    “Then don’t go! Stay here with me”.  


    “I can’t; there is something I must do, and I’ll not have you, or the Harbinger or the banner of the Companions mixed up with it. To do that I must break ties with you all. Then the Companions can’t be bought into it. If it goes to plan then I’ll be back by your side and I swear I’ll never leave your side again; provided that the Harbinger will have me”. 


    Kodlak gave a faint smile.

    “You’ll always have a home here. Of course the attitude and destruction would have to be discussed”. 


    Sotek gave a small laugh, but then his face hardened like rock.

    “Harbinger, if it goes to plan you might not want me back”. 


    Aela grabbed him again.

    “And if it doesn’t go to plan, then what?”


    “If the worst comes to the worst? Then Scarface will wait for Red in the Hunting Grounds. You’re mine, I’m yours, Scarface belongs to Red, and Red’s his mate. That will never change”. Sotek gently moved her hands to her side. “I wanted more time to explain but that was not to be. Harbinger, Aela needs you. Look after her, she’s… she’s very important to me; keep her safe”. With that he gave her one more kiss on the temple then headed off away from Jorrvaskr. 


    The General walked alongside him and handed over a large bag of gold.

    “See Proventus, he will aid you with somewhere to stay”. 


    Sotek nodded to him then headed off solemnly to Dragonsreach, while the Harbinger took Aela inside Jorrvaskr. 


     Inside Dragonsreach everyone was busy preparing the hall. Giant banners were being raised up on the rafters while the dining furniture was being rearranged to accommodate the large number of guests while allowing a section of flooring for the evening dance. Sotek saw Proventus standing by the Jarl near the far side of the hall. He trapped across the floor, making a beeline straight for the advisor.

    “Proventus, I have been advised to see you”. 


    “Ahh yes, we’ve all heard that you’ve quit the Companions, interesting. I thought you’d find them too rough. I’d stay clear of them if I was you, I wouldn’t like Aela to be after me. It just so happens there is a home, Breezehome, but its five thousand gold. Do you have it?” 


    At that point the Jarl butted in. His demeanor was a total opposite to Proventus.

    “What in Talos’s name are you doing Sotek? Why in the whole of Tamriel would you leave the Companions? What of Aela? Yes she’s trouble, but she adores you. Go back to the Harbinger, tell him you were wrong”. 


    “Jarl, he can’t. Here eight thousand gold, if you could arrange some furniture he’d appreciate it. Jarl he bids you good day”. Then Sotek headed outside. Just before he left the hall he stood there by the door and examined the room, where the tables were, the guards, and any other details. Then he headed out and made his way to his new home. 


    An hour later Farkas and Vilkas started carrying various boxes and sacks packed with Sotek’s belongings. As Sotek had requested, the boxes and such were stacked in the market by the well. From there Sotek carried them one at a time into his home. As he came back for a third lot, Aela was sitting on a box waiting for him.

    “Why are you doing this? I’m sorry for the way I acted, I really am! Please come back, come home”. 


    Sotek blanked her but he turned his attention straight to Farkas and Vilkas.

    “For the love of the Nine guys, why bring her here? Can’t you see it’s just hurting her? Does Kodlak know she’s out here?” 


    Aela grabbed his hand and held it against her chest, cupping his hand in her fingers tightly.

    “Sotek, look at me please! I can’t take this...” Her eyes began to water and she found it hard to breathe as her chest seemed tight. 


    Sotek looked at all the stall holders, even the Blacksmith and the shopkeepers were gathered around. Unable to say anything to console her, he called Vilkas to them.

    “Aela let go. Vilkas, please take her back”. 


    The next moment Kodlak came down the steps, he held Aela’s shoulders softly as he turned her around to face him.

    “Aela, go back inside. Vilkas, Farkas, take her please”. Both he and Sotek watched as Farkas and Vilkas escorted Aela back, but once they were out of sight, Kodlak turned back to Sotek. “I don’t know what is going on, but you do. I appreciate you trying to protect us but is your protection causing more harm than good?”


    “He was supposed to have a few days to prepare her for this; it got cut to five minutes. What the hell is he supposed to do? If you can tell him then please do because he doesn’t know”.


    “You need to explain things to her, as much as you can at least”. He picked up a sack then walked down the street with it in his arm until he reached the door of Breezehome. “So this is where you’re staying? It has no rear entrance I see, hmm. Make sure you lock your door at night. Good night Sotek”. With those words Kodlak made his way back to the steps and headed up towards Jorrvaskr. All the while Sotek eyed him suspiciously. 


    By the evening Sotek had managed to arrange the furniture that was delivered to his new home. He stored all his alchemy ingredients in a small side room which had an alchemy table set up in the corner. In the main room he had a bench and a matching dining table. Although it was all just basic wood, it more than sufficiently served its purpose. Upstairs he had a storage room towards the front of the house while his bedroom was situated at the far end of the first floor. By the time the night sky descended, Sotek has finished. Although he had cooking supplies and utensils he settled on an apple then headed upstairs to bed. He kicked his boots off, then dumped his armor in the corner. As he lay on his bed, he thought about the dance and what tomorrow would bring. He had a hard time sleeping; he couldn’t even workout whether his eyes were the heaviest or his heart. 


    That night in the early hours, a shadowy figure crept though the streets of Whiterun. As it made its way through the town, it avoided the guards by hiding in the shadows. Moments later the figure was knelt down in front of a wooden door. Then skillfully pick locked it and within seconds the door was pushed open. Inside, the room was dark. Minimal lighting was cast out from the burnt out fireplace. Within a minute the figure had searched the downstairs, and then their attention shifted to the first floor. 


    The intruder slowly climbed the stairway then turned towards the store room, once they checked there, they headed to the bedroom. Gently turning the handle the intruder carefully opened the doorway to see someone asleep wrapped up in three furs. The intruder approached the bed slowly, and then rested a hand on the shoulder. Suddenly a voice rang out from behind them.

    “What the hell are you doing here?”


    Aela almost screamed. She turned around in shock to see Sotek sitting in the corner, watching her.

    “You bastard, you made me jump”. 


    Sotek shook his head at her then threw his arms around his mate, holding her tightly. He gave her a kiss then tapped her lips with his finger, silencing her.

    “Not so loud. As you're here you might as well come downstairs. I’ll get the fire going, you look cold”. 


    Aela followed him down the stairs. Her head buzzed with questions and his actions when he held her left her feeling more than a little confused.

    “Why must we whisper?” 


    “Shhh. Because you’re not supposed to be here! Why do you think I left Jorrvaskr?”


    Aela snapped back angrily, but she managed to contain her voice.

    “How the hell should I know? I thought you left because of me”. 


    “In a way I did”. Sotek replied. “I’m trying to protect you. Have you eaten? I bet you haven’t, you’ve been sitting in your room stewing”. Sotek took some venison and started cooking it over the fire pit, then he went upstairs and bought down some furs. He laid two out on the floor then sat there. “You shouldn’t have come, but I’m glad you did. Will you sit with me?” 


    Aela almost dived on him. They both collided on the furs and fell on their sides. Giggling, she moved between his legs and leant against him.

    “Hold me. Tell me that you...” 


    “I love you, don’t you forget that. Now, eat something”. He served up the meat and shared it between them. Once they finished Aela grabbed his arms and wrapped herself up in them, earning a sad shake of Sotek’s head. “Aela, you can’t stay here”. 


    As he looked at her, he could see she was hurting inside. She didn’t look at him; she just turned her head to the side and pleaded for clemency.

    “Just for an hour? An hour? Please?” 


    Sotek lay down on the furs then pulled her near him; she tucked herself into him, holding him tightly. “Before dawn, you got to leave, ok?” She nodded her head as Sotek wiped a tear from her face. 


    A few hours later Aela was woken up by Sotek.

    “Hey you got to get up, come on”. 


    “Aww bloody hell it’s still dark? What is this all about?” 


    “I can’t tell you. Now you promised, please don’t make this harder for me. You have to go. Get yourself back to Jorrvaskr, get to bed and sleep. Aela, thanks for staying with me”. He gently pulled her close then gave her a kiss. A few moments later she gave him a small smile then headed outside. Sotek pulled back the curtain and peered through the window. From there he watched Aela head off to Jorrvaskr, sneaking through the shadowy streets like a thief in the night. 




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    Ebonslayer   ·  August 19
    "However, that’s [Red's] home."

    “Not so loud. As [you're] here you might as well come downstairs."

    "[Her] head buzzed with questions and his actions when he held her left her feeling more than a little confused."
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      "However, that’s [Red's] home."

      “Not so loud. As [you're] here you might as well come downstairs."

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      The Dark Brotherhood.... they are certainly on the agenda....
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    What the... where did this come from?
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      A Shadow Under the Moons
      A Shadow Under the Moons
      What the... where did this come from?
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      Well, remember Sotek never explains...