U.O.T.W. Chapter 263 Let Sleeping Wolves Lie


    Not too far from the fire, Scarface laid stretched out on his back in a large half circle with Red slumped across his chest. He had an arm held over her as he held her with his paw. Red kicked out with her hind leg, scratching at an itch on her stomach while she whined and snarled quietly in her sleep. She snapped out at the air, making the Harbinger jump, but a second later she was still again. Fang was curled up around her tail with just his head poking out.


    Kodlak had to look twice at them both and gasped in surprise.

    “Good grief”.


    Tilma exited the tent and looked over to them, “What? Ahh, so that’s where the furs came from”.


    Farkas and Vilkas were both sitting by the fire, warming themselves up. Upon seeing the Harbinger, Vilkas picked up some spare wooden bowls and started filling them with soup from the large iron pot.

    “Harbinger Tilma, Eorlund? Here, have some soup; it's hot mind”.


    Farkas sniggered as he watched Red and Scarface sleep.

    “It’s so tempting to grab a bucket of water right now but she would kill us”.


    Kodlak laughed.

    “Quite possibly”.


    Tilma quietly stopped the idea in its tracks.

    “You leave them alone. How often do they sleep like that?”


    Vilkas cast a quick look at them.

    “We don’t know. That’s the first time we’ve seen Red and Scarface sleep”.


    Fang got up then started patrolling around the others begging for any scraps. Kodlak gave him a few leftover pieces of venison from the previous night.

    “Aela’s right, he’s getting big isn’t he”.


    Soon enough the rest of the camp awoke and took their places around the fire, except for Scarface and Red they both just stayed where they were sleeping. Rikke couldn’t help but comment as she saw them both.

    “I said to Aela I thought it was weird, her and Sotek being together. But when you see them together, it all makes sense. Let alone Red and Scarface. Shouldn’t we wake them up?”


    Kodlak shook his head.

    “No need, we got all morning. We’ll be picked up around noon; Bjorlam will be coming here to get us. Let them rest. Did they go off hunting last night?”


    Vilkas and Rikke both smiled to each other, then Vilkas answered.

    “Ermm… not that we’re aware of. After everyone settled, Rikke and I sat at the fire for a few hours, they were laying down there then”.


    “What about in the night?”.


    Farkas shuffled on his seat then added to the conversation.

    “It must have been in the early hours. I was at the fire, it was low so I built it up a bit. Ebony joined me there, she was feeling the cold”.


    Vilkas and Rikke looked at each other then threw two looks of surprise at Farkas and Ebony, they both saw the glances then looked at each other. Realism hit them as they stared at Vilkas and Rikke.


    The Harbinger was oblivious to it all, he just watched Red sleeping, “They’ll be hungry then when they wake up. No matter”. then he smiled to himself.


    “What’s going on in that head of yours?” Eorlund asked as he saw the Harbinger plotting.


    “Well, they haven’t had a great deal of time to themselves so I think they can make their own way back across the plains while the rest of us travel by the Carriage”.


    Vilkas spoke up.

    “I said I’d walk with Rikke back to the fort”.


    “That won’t make a difference to them, they’ll be well on their way before you're both ready”. Kodlak replied.


    At that moment Red stirred, she let out a slight snarl as she opened her eyes and lifted her head towards the talking. She looked over to the group and saw them all watching her. She flumped her head back down on Scarface as she stared blankly at them for several seconds then she gave a slight snarl again as she sluggishly got up. Seconds later Aela stretched up, getting her limbs to move a bit.

    “Morning everyone, I’m hungry… give me food!” She exasperatingly cried out.


    Farkas gave a chuckle at her.

    “Here, soup”.


    She disdainfully peered into the bowl.

    “Ermm, soup?” Upon seeing something float in a liquid of… whatever it was as she couldn’t work it out, she screwed her eyes up.


    Kodlak laughed then passed her three pieces of cold venison that were cooked from the night before.

    “Here you go”.


    “Thanks, Harbinger. Is this all that’s left?”


    “Unfortunately, yes”.


    Aela took one then wrapped up the other two pieces and placed them besides her. She threw Fang a small piece then proceeded to eat it. “Those are for Sotek, he’ll need them”.


    The Harbinger looked over to him.

    “He’s certainly sleeping well”.


    “Yes, Scarface and Red had trouble sleeping. They kept hearing odd noises last night… strange”.


    Farkas, Vilkas, Ebony and Rikke all stared at each other, both the girls started blushing.


    Farkas steered the conversation in a different direction.

    “Do you two often sleep like that out there on the plains? We never seen it before”.


    “No to be honest that was a first. I gave Tilma my furs then Sotek suggested I try it. Scarface had before, but just to keep me warm, but for Red and Scarface that was a first. Harbinger did you know Red had dreams?” Aela stated gleefully. For her it was a whole new experience. What with Red fishing the day before, this was turning into a fantastic experience for both Red and Aela.


    “Red has dreams? Why no, I didn’t. Not bad ones I hope”. Kodlak asked as he watched her carefully.


    Aela smiled broadly while she shook her head,

    “Nope. I was on the plains, ermm sorry Red was out there on the plains. She was chasing rabbits. They were everywhere. She’d chase one then snap at it and thrash her head around”. As she talked about her dream, she shook her head in emphasis. “Then she’d stop and eat it. A second later another rabbit would run past her and she’d be off again”.


    Rikke cringed.

    “Oh what a nice dream of slaughtering and devouring cute fluffy rabbits, how delightful. Thank you for that insight in the World of Aela”.


    Aela laughed.

    “It was, it was a lovely dream”.


    At that moment Sotek changed, but he never got up, he just laid there on his back, staring up at the sky blinking heavily.

    “What was?”


    Rikke laughed.

    “Aela dreamt of Red chasing rabbits and eating them”.


    “Cool, did Red save Scarface any?”


    “Nope, but I saved this for you instead”. Aela got up and carried the two pieces of venison over to him.


    Sotek sat up where he was and thankfully took the more than welcome meal.

    “Thanks. Have you eaten?”


    “Oh yea, I had one just now”. Aela stated. She tried to sound content but she was still hungry. Not hungry enough for soup though. She quietly snarled at the pot.


    “Just the one?” With that revelation, Sotek took Aela’s dagger then cut a piece in half. “Here, eat”


    Aela sat next to him then they started eating the venison while looking out across the lake. As she held his arm she realised how much of a strain it was for him to stay as Scarface.

    “You’re burning up”.


    “I’ll be ok. Once I finished this I’ll hit the water, I just feel a bit hot”.


    “You want some company?” Aela asked, silently wishing he would say yes.


    Sotek smiled at her.

    “I was hoping you’d ask”.


    Moments later the pair of them dived into the lake then within moments the lake was still as the both swam around deep below the surface. Aela held onto his side as they swam passed the different plant life and the fish that scattered as they passed through them.


    Kodlak smiled as he watched the ripples disperse.

    “Aela the huntress, Nord, wolf, and now a fish? Whatever next?”


    Kul-et laughed.

    “That’s an easy one, if he ever takes her to Blackmarsh, then she’ll be an honorary Argonian”.


    Gradually the minutes ticked by, then the Harbinger once again looked across the lake.

    “Are they still in there?”


    Rikke glanced across the surface and scanned the length of the lake.

    “He has a habit of disappearing once he submerges. Maybe they came out further along the shore?”


    The Harbinger watched the sun climb over the mountain then he looked once again at the lake.

    “Kul-et, can you see if you can find them please? Don’t spend too long, just a quick look”.


    “Certainly Harbinger”. The next second she dived into the lake and started searching. She headed to the ship wreck Aela and Sotek had explored the day before. Towards the centre of the lake she saw them both together.


    Aela held tightly onto Soteks hand and stopped swimming, in effect pulling Sotek back. He turned then swam up to her to see if she was alright. She grabbed both of his hands and moved them to her hips, then she wrapped her legs around his waist and held onto his shoulders. He felt somewhat confused but the moment he looked into her eyes, he knew what she wanted. She leant into him and kissed him for several seconds as slowly their desires took control and they made love to each other there in the depths of the lake.


    Kul-et froze, she wasn’t in anyway prepared to see them both intimately involved when she dived into the lake. She stopped then turned around as fast as she could and resurfaced.


    Kodlak was just as surprised by her quick return.

    “That was quick! Did you find them?”


    “Huh? Oh yea, ermm no, sorry what?” She said as she tried to compose herself.


    He looked at her oddly, obviously she was somewhat flustered. But he had no idea why.

    “Sotek and Aela, did you find them?”


    “Oh yes. Sorry ermm, they’ll be back soon, after they ermm finished”.


    Kodlak looked hard at Kul-et, he knew she wasn’t ok but he had a tough time working out exactly what was wrong.

    “Kul-et, are you ok?”


    “Yes Harbinger, I’m fine. A slaughter fish attacked me, it just made me jumpy that’s all”.


    “As long as you're sure”.


    Farkas got up then headed off into the woods. He wanted a chance to talk with his brother over the nights events.

    “Hey Vilkas, let’s have a look around”.


    Vilkas quickly followed him, grateful of the opportunity to speak as he also needed to talk.

    “That’s a good idea, hey Ebony why don’t you join us”.


    Farkas immediately stopped then looked back at the camp. He guessed Vilkas was going to have words with them so he pulled in the fourth player.

    “Yea, Rikke did you want to come along as well?”


    Both Rikke and Ebony looked at each other, totally unsure as to what was going on. Ebony sat there with a blank expression, so Rikke called her over.

    “Yes, why not. Come on Ebony, we’ll soon catch them up”.


    Farkas led them through the woods south around the side of the mountain down the valley slope. Nearby they could hear a stream running down. It cascaded over a small waterfall forming a small pond which broke off into another stream, running further down the hillside.


    Ebony walked over to the small waterfall and sat down on the rocky ledge with her legs dangling over the rocks. She sat there fascinated by the bugs and plant life, she watched the dragonflies hover and dart about. Moments later she gave out a heavy sigh then turned towards Farkas and Vilkas.

    “You two seem angry with each other, why?”


    Farkas who up to this point was pacing back and forwards stopped as he called up to her.



    “Oh, you two. You're pacing around, stomping your feet and he’s sitting there throwing rocks at bugs. If I was a bug I’d throw one back”.


    Rikke walked over to Vilkas.

    “What’s the matter, you were both fine earlier?”


    Vilkas stood up the turned to face Farkas.

    “How long have you two been seeing each other?”


    Farkas came over to him.

    “Oh no, you bloody sneak! How long have you and Rikke been together? Hmm?”


    “Me and Rikke? You need to look at yourself, Farkas! She’s a Whelp, your screwing a Whelp. You remember that when the Harbinger finds out”.


    “Why, you insolent bastard”. Farkas gave Vilkas a shove, sending him heavily on the floor. The next second Vilkas lunged forwards into Farkas’s stomach. Within seconds they’re both rolling around the floor fighting. Rikke shook her head then walked over to Ebony.

    “So, are you and Farkas ermm, serious? Or is it just some sort of thing, you both just do?”


    Ebony gave her a slight smile as she answered.

    “I’d like it to be serious, but he’s just out for short term. What about you and Vilkas?”


    “I really don’t know. I like him, I really do, but we only slept together the once, that was last night. Shall we break them up”.


    Ebony gave them a second glance then shook her head.

    “No, forget them. Come on, lets head back”. She took Rikke’s hand then headed up the valley slope. Within ten minutes they were back at the campsite to find Sotek and Aela had returned from the lake several minutes before. “Ermm, Farkas and Vilkas will be along soon. How long until the carriage arrives Harbinger?”


    “Oh, they have a few hours. Aela, would you and Sotek be heading back with us or were you intending to head back via the plains”.


    “Ermm sorry, what? I thought we were all heading back together?”


    “Well I thought you two might like to make your own way back, we’ll take Fang with us”.


    Aela gently squeezed Soteks hand.

    Your call”.


    “Do you want to see Red’s and Scarface’s home?” Sotek asked, half expecting a blasphemous reply.


    Aela instantly looked upset.

    “I forgot about that, yes, I want to see what the bastards done to it. I’m not getting burned out Rikke, if they come back, Red will fight for it”.


    “I’ve had words with Tullius about it. He didn’t know, he sees you as allies”.


    Sotek tapped Aela on the nose.

    “You’re not fighting anyone over Greenspring Hollow. What I need you to do is to leave it to me, can you do that?”


    Aela looked over her shoulder to him.

    “But it’s their home, Red's and Scarface’s”.


    “Yes, but I watch over it, not you and definitely not Red”.


    She turned to the Harbinger.

    “We’ll head back later, I need to see it. I won’t get into trouble, and I’ll keep my temper”.


    Kodlak just smiled at her.

    “Yes, I know you will. Go on get out of here, just be back by noon”.


    “Noon!! but Harbinger you’re not leaving here until then, that won’t give us any time”.


    Sotek laughed then nuzzled at her neck making her squeal.

    “He means noon tomorrow”.


    “Ahh, yea! Of course. You sure you don’t mind Harbinger?”


    “Not at all”.


    Aela rested her head in Sotek's chest as she thought about the overhang.

    “Hey, when we set it back up, we could level out the ground under the overhang. It won’t take long, in fact it’ll be better than what it was. Come on, let’s see what the Imperial pigs have done to it, no offence Rikke”.


    “None taken”. Rikke sat there as she watched Aela and Sotek pack their gear then moments later they headed towards the lake.


    “Hurry up slowcoach”. Aela shouted, moments later she dived into the lake, just to have Sotek follow her seconds later. Within a few minutes everyone saw Aela and Sotek on the far bank. Aela changed then Red howled out at them, moments later Scarface and Red ran along the trail and headed towards the plains.


    Ebony shook her head at them.

    “I bet you they screw before they get there”.


    Kodlak looked up in surprise.

    “Ebony! Really?”


    “What? They haven’t touched each over since we left”.


    Kul-et turned away, but Ebony saw her. “Kul-et, what is it?”


    “Oh nothing”.


    Tilma looked across at her.

    “It doesn’t look like nothing”.


    “They ermm, in the lake. Look I’m not comfortable talking about this, it's private”.


    Ebony laughed.

    “Private? It can’t be that private if you were watching”.


    Kul-et glared at her.

    “Ebony stop it”.


    “What happened in the lake?” Kodlak asked. He was now getting rather confused.


    Kul-et gazed towards the fire.

    “Harbinger, I lied, I wasn’t attacked by a slaughterfish, I saw them, ermm, together”.


    Ebony looked confused as well.



    “Oh, about twenty feet down, near the bottom”. Kul-et calmly replied.


    Ebony cried out.

    “Oh wow, Harbinger you were right! They did it like fish”.


    Kodlak shook his head.



    At that moment Farkas and Vilkas both separated, they were both covered in grass and mud let alone blood and bruises. Farkas looked around but it was obvious the girls were gone.

    “See! That’s your fault”.


    “My fault? Why the hell didn’t you tell me you were seeing Ebony on the quiet”.


    “What? Because it was on the quiet. What about you and Rikke?”


    “Same here. But Farkas, you could have told me”.


    “Yea? Likewise. Does anyone else know?”


    “Yea, Rikke said that Aela was aware of us two”.


    Farkas shook his head.

    “Oh crap, Sotek knows about us”.


    “Oh, for the love of the Nine. If those two talk, we’re sunk. We’ll have to tell the Harbinger”.


    Farkas looked horrified.

    “Oh, hell no, we’ll keep quiet. Look, it’s somewhat complicated. I really like Ebony but she’s just interested in a bit of fun. If Kodlak finds out, it’ll be finished. Wait a minute, you’re not angry cause I’m screwing Ebony?”


    “I’m angry cause you felt that you couldn’t tell me”


    “But that’s why I was angry with you for! For not telling me about Rikke. Damn it, we just beat the crap out of each other. Where the hell have they got to?”


    By the time they got back to the camp they had tidied themselves up a bit. Vilkas looked across the campfire at the Harbinger.

    “Sorry we were so long, we got into a sparring match”.


    “Yea sorry about that Ebony, Rikke. We got carried away”.


    Rikke shook her head disdainfully.

    “yes well. Next time you will be. Vilkas you still up for a walk to the fort, you were going to help with the defences remember?”


    “What? Sure yea, sorry. I thought with how we acted you wouldn’t want my help. You just say when you’re ready”.


    Rikke rolled her eyes at him and smirked.

    “I just did”.


    Soon after Farkas and Vilkas got back to camp Bjorlam arrived, Vilkas and Farkas loaded up the wagon then Rikke and Vilkas said their goodbyes as they headed off towards the plains. Once Kodlak and his party were heading back to Whiterun, Rikke and Vilkas were on their way to the fort.


    Red was also running as fast as she could. However fresh blood dripped from a bite wound in her hind leg which caused her to limp heavily. Scarface was a good few seconds behind her but rapidly catching up. Hs fangs dripped with saliva while his eyes burned with fury.




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    “Harbinger Tilma, Eorlund? Here, have some soup; [it's] hot mind”.

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      Another 2 comments. Gotta love 'em.

      “Harbinger Tilma, Eorlund? Here, have some soup; [it's] hot mind”.

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      "Come on, let’s see what the Imperial pigs [have] done to it, no offence Rikke”.

      “They ermm, in the lake. Look I’m not comfortable talking about this, [it's] private”.

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        "Come on, let’s see what the Imperial pigs [have] done to it, no offence Rikke”.

        “They ermm, in the lake. Look I’m not comfortable talking about this, [it's] private”.

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