U.O.T.W. Chapter 262 Fish Supper

  • Chapter 262 Fish Supper

    A few minutes after Vilkas and Rikke left the camp, Sotek’s eyes fixed along the tree line by the shore of the lake. Aela couldn’t help but feel the intensity of his stare and found herself musing over it.
    “What are you watching?” She looked over to where he was looking then smiled as she saw movement between the trees. “Oh, deer. Three of them”.

    She licked her lips as she turned to the Harbinger who was looking intently to her and Sotek.
    “You two just can’t switch that off, can you?”

    “Yes, we can”. Aela stated with far less confidence than what she felt. She quickly backtracked as she come to realize she didn’t want to ‘turn it off’. “No, sorry we can’t, it’s there constant. I, I don’t want to turn it off…... Mind you, we all need some food for tonight”.

    Farkas laughed as he watched the hunger in Aela’s eyes.
    “Oh yes! Harbinger, Tilma, Eorlund, the three of you have to try Red’s venison; it’s chewed to perfection. Mind you, Scarface’s venison is nearly as good but he does overdo it with the slobber. No! Sorry Aela, but Ebony and I will get them. You two be good little doggies and stay”.

    Upon hearing Farkas’s snarky comment, Aela turned to Sotek and growled.
    “Can I shoot them?”

    The Argonian was feeling rather like minded but he had different ideas.
    “Shoot who? The deer or Ebony and Farkas?”

    “Ebony and Farkas”.

    “No, but Red can bite Farkas on the arse”.

    Aela’s eyebrows lifted as she responded rather excitedly, gaining Kodlak’s attention.

    Kodlak shook his head, interrupting them.
    “No, he was joking… I hope”.

    A high pitch whining could be heard across the camp from the She-wolf’s tent. Aela got up and went towards it and opened the flap. Fang, who was sleeping, curled up on a fur, stepped out and sniffed around the entrance of the tent.

    Farkas groaned when he heard the sniffing.
    “What? Why did you bring him?”

    Aela sat back down with Sotek and wrapped his tail around her legs. Only when she was comfortable did she defend her actions.
    “What was I supposed to do, leave him by himself? Besides he’s a lot bigger now so he needs to start coming outside. Fang, here boy”. Fang looked up at Aela then slowly made his way to her, sniffing at all the new smells he could as he progressed through the camp.

    Sotek gazed across the lake as a thought occurred to him.
    “Hey Aela, does Red like fish?”


    “Does Red like fish?” He repeated, asking the rather bemused Companion a second time.

    She turned around with a totally perplexed expression on her face.
    “Ermm, sorry I ermm”.

    Sotek laughed at her blank face then beckoned her to follow.
    “Tie Fang up then come with me. Anyone else want some fish?”

    Kul-et looked across at him with curiosity.
    “What are you gonna do? Use magic?”

    Farkas called over to her and smirked.
    “What, like conjure up a rod or something?”

    Kul-et laughed back at him.
    “No silly, lightning”.

    Sotek shook his head at her. He had something else in mind.
    “No, nothing like that, Scarface can’t use magic. Come on Red, let’s go fishing”.

    Aela looked across to the Harbinger and shrugged her shoulders, then got up and followed Sotek along the shoreline. A few minutes later they reached their destination. Sotek pointed to where the lake ran down past some rocks into a river.
    “There, the rapids. Come on”. Sotek then immediately changed forms. Under the watchful gaze of Aela, Scarface dropped to all fours and made his way across the rocks to the top of the rapids where Salmon were jumping up to reach the lake.

    Scarface backed into the water, submerging himself up to his midriff. Once he had done so he snapped at a salmon with his mouth and caught it. He hungrily swallowed it then turned to Aela and softly growled.

    Aela creased up laughing as she watched him waist deep in the water catching the fish. Kodlak hadn’t seen anything like it before and asked Aela about it.
    “Oh my! Aela, did you teach him that?”

    “No! I’ve never even thought about it”. Moments later she changed as well. Red made her way over the rocks then settled in the water like Scarface did then she snapped at a salmon but missed it. She tried a second time, snapping twice at a single salmon that managed to avoid her fangs. She started snarling at the fish in the rapids then tried again. Several attempts later and she still failed to catch one. Yet as she watched Scarface, he managed to catch several.

    Red lent over to him and snapped at him instead. He just snarled at her. She tried again and managed to catch one. She threw her head back and swallowed the fish whole then she resumed snarling at the other salmon. This time she watched Scarface grab one in his mouth. She studied his technique for a few minutes and finally how he did it. The next moment she managed to catch two in a row. Tilma clapped her hands together, congratulating her.
    “Oh well done”.

    Scarface looked over to the Harbinger, and then he moved forwards, lifting himself out of the water. He watched the fish for a few moments then swiped out at a salmon and caught it in his paw. It flew from his paw and landed on the side of the riverbank. Red stopped and just watched, fascinated by his audacity. He swiped out several more times and managed to throw onto the bank three more fish. Farkas came to where the Harbinger was but suddenly a salmon slammed in his face, catching him completely off guard.
    “Urggg! What the hell?” He turned to see Red and Scarface swiping at the salmon. “Oh great. Well I suppose there’s no teeth marks”.

    Tilma clipped his ear and told him off.
    “Don’t be so ungrateful. Did you get the deer?”

    “Yes, two of them. Ebony’s cooking them now”. He replied as he nursed his earlobe.

    Scarface started heading back to the bank but Red had other ideas. As he passed her, she bit out at his leg making him slip. The next second there was a horrendous splash as he hit the water and sunk. Red peered over the lake to try to see him but she couldn’t. Seconds later Sotek burst out of the water and grabbed Red by the neck. The next second there was another gigantic splash as Red was pulled in as well.

    For several minutes the lake was still and calm then a large ripple formed in the centre and made its way towards the others. Soon Aela broke the surface whilst holding on to Sotek. Moments later they were at the shoreline. Aela playfully slapped Sotek on the chest and commented on her wet clothes.
    “I’m soaked you moron”.

    “Hey, you started it”. He stated defensively.

    Kul-et walked over to them and giggled while she talked about her idea.
    “I thought you were going to use magic”.

    Sotek was curious so he stepped back, allowing her a clear route to the lake.
    “Show me”.

    Kul-et used her lightning spell at the rocks, catching a salmon in the blast but then the fish was washed away downstream. Aela laughed, as she pointed at it.
    “Quick, it’s getting away”.

    Kul-et could do nothing as it was washed passed the rapids and downstream, in seconds it was way out of reach.

    Sotek smirked at her then he commented about her spells.
    “Hey, nice try, but ermm who taught you magic?”

    “Self taught”. Kul-et explained as she held her hands flumped dejectedly by her sides.

    Sotek stood there for several seconds as he examined her.
    “I see… yes, why not. Right Kul-et, pick up the fish, then it’s back to camp. Aela’s dripping water everywhere”.

    “That’s because some Argonian reptile dragged Red into the lake”.

    Farkas laughed.
    “Well at least we can rest easy knowing Scarface and Red don’t have fleas”.

    Aela scoffed at him.
    “Humph! If Red does have fleas then they're Argonian ones”.

    Sotek ran up to her and lifted her up. He gleamed evilly as he threatened to throw her in the lake.
    “Hang on, you still got some. I just need two seconds”.

    Aela screamed at him whilst she laughed. Struggling to break free, she called out to the Harbinger.
    “Get off! Harbinger, helllppp”.

    All Kodlak could do was laugh.

    Once they got back to camp Kul-et, Sam and Saber cooked up the fish while Ebony sat with the others. Sotek sat behind Aela and wrapped a fur around her while he rubbed her back, keeping her warm. Soon enough Vilkas and Rikke arrived at the camp.

    “Hey Sotek. Vilkas said you’d be interested in this”. Rikke said as she passed across the black soul gem.

    Aela looked at it with disdain.
    “Why the hell do you use them? They're nasty and evil”. She screwed her face right up as she looked at it. “Get rid of it”.

    “Aela”. Sotek stated as he warmly smiled. “You got some funny ways”.

    “That may be but I don’t like them, they're wrong. It’s just wrong. Tell me this; if you died tonight, you would go to the Hunting Grounds, yes?”

    “Yess”. Sotek hissed as he waited for her argument.

    “And when I die, I would join you. We’d be together for eternity in the Hunting Grounds. But, what if I got trapped in one of those... things? What then? I don’t like them”.

    Sotek slowly nodded his head and glanced over towards Kodlak.
    “Harbinger, could you look after this for me?” Then he threw it over to him. Kodlak caught it with one hand then passed it to Ebony who put it away in the main tent.

    Aela weakly smiled at Sotek, but he simply kissed her on the forehead then resumed his watch, keeping Farkas and the fish separated.

    A few minutes later the salmon was cooked so everyone sat down to the evening meal of either salmon or venison. Each dish was supplemented with bread and fruit. While they all ate, Aela handed out to everyone a bottle of mead. Shortly afterwards, Rikke got up then poked Vilkas in his side with her short sword.
    “I remember someone boasting like a common dog”.

    “You really don’t know how to pick your fights do you?” Vilkas stated as he got to his feet. Moments later there was a clash of steel as they fought against each other.

    Vilkas swung his sword overhead, forcing Rikke back a step but she retaliated by thrusting her sword at his chest. His sword came down hard clanging against her weapon, knocking it away from him. Gradually, as the fight developed, Rikke was forced back further and further. Soon they were practically out of sight. Vilkas swung his sword at Rikke across her stomach armor and forced her back against a tree.
    “Now I got you. Surrender”.

    Rikke whispered back.

    Vilkas leaned in closer; add his weight to the force of the blade.
    “Surrender you Imperial dog”.

    Rikke whispered even quieter than before, drawing him in.
    “No, you rebel scum”.

    Vilkas leaned in closer still but just as he started to threaten her again, she stretched her head forwards and quickly kissed him on the lips.
    “What the?”

    A second later she stamped on his foot then shoved him backwards, tripping him up. He landed on the floor with a crash. Rikke stood over him, but before she could gloat he grabbed her leg and pulled her down on top of him.

    Despite of the darkness of the night, Aela could make out their feet in the trees. She smiled as she saw they were both lying down together.

    Two minutes later they both returned to the camp. Rikke had a massive smile on her face as she declared her victory.
    “I beat him”.

    Aela threw her a wink, and received a slight nod in return. Seconds later Ebony got up then passed around more bottles of mead, she then sat back down and looked straight at Aela.
    “Aela, can I ask you a question?”

    “Sure what?” She asked in a light hearted manner which was something of a rarity.

    “Ermmm it’s a bit personal”. Ebony said as she shuffled on her backside where she sat.

    Aela cast a curious look over to her and shrugged. There wasn’t much the Whelps didn’t know and she was curious as to what the Whelp wanted to ask.
    “Ok, I suppose”.

    Ebony took a deep breath then put forwards her question, not realizing the trouble she could cause.
    “There were no Trolls in Wayward Pass was there? That was Red that fed on the four bandits”.

    Sotek’s eyes shot wide open as he stared into the distance while Aela’s eyes fixed onto the Harbinger. “Ermm”.

    Kodlak slowly raised his eyebrows as he called out the two Companions.
    “Sotek, Aela is there something you want to tell me?”

    Ebony tried to back track but it was way too late.
    “What? Ermm, no that’s not what I meant”.

    “Ebony quiet”. Kodlak ordered as he tapped his finger on his knee.
    “Sotek, Aela is there something you wish to tell me?”

    Sotek smirked which prompted an elbow in the stomach from Aela.
    “No Harbinger, there’s nothing we wish to tell you”.

    “Ok”. Kodlak mused. “Is there something you’re going to tell me whether you would like to or not?”

    Sotek gave a sigh, and shook his head at the Whelp.
    “Hircine’s hide Ebony”. You’re a squealer. Harbinger it was my fault, I knew Aela was having some temper issues. To counter this I arranged to have some bandits to ermm… kill her”.

    Aela sat up and shook her head.
    “No, I’ll not have you take the blame. It was my fault; I kept losing my temper because Red needed a kill. I needed a kill. Harbinger it’s my fault”.

    Sotek nudged her in the side, pushing her out of the firing line.
    “No Aela, it was my decision, I’m to blame. You were trying to handle it but I knew you couldn’t; hell even the Harbinger knew..... Hang on”.

    Sotek sat there thinking for a few seconds before addressing the Whelp.
    “Ebony you’re absolutely right. Red tore up and devoured those four bandits. I arranged for them to attack Aela. We made up the tale about trolls to cover the fact that Aela was a very hungry werewolf. What I would really like to know though, is this... Harbinger, what have you got to say for yourself?”

    “Pardon?” He exclaimed. “You can’t blame this on me!”

    Sotek looked straight at him and nodded rather enthusiastically.
    “In all honesty Harbinger, I can’t place the blame on anyone else. You don’t understand? Ok, well, here are the facts. Correct me if I am wrong”.

    He leaned back and smiled as he went into his speech, showing his fingers as he counted.
    “1. You and I both knew Aela was having a hard time that day controlling Red’s urges”.
    “2. You were fully aware that, despite us not being allowed to hunt, we still need to”.
    “3. Knowing this, you had a perfect opportunity to allow us to hunt away from everyone. Instead, you deliberately placed a Whelp, aka Ebony, directly between Aela and Red. She didn’t stand a chance. Sorry but it’s your fault. Aela, don’t worry about the pass, we’ll blame Kodlak”.

    Aela had a massive grin on her face as she nodded to the Harbinger.
    “So, ermm… what’s your defense?”

    Tilma looked over to him and muttered under her breath.
    “And just how much of that is true?”

    Kodlak started getting flustered so Sotek stepped in.
    “Oh you can’t really blame him either. If we played it straight with him, he wouldn’t have sent Ebony with us. We tried to manipulate the situation, let’s just say we all learned something that day”.

    Later that evening everyone settled down, Aela gave it five minutes then went to the big tent. “Harbinger, can I have a quick word?”

    “Yes of course. What’s the matter?”

    “This ‘pass’ business. I’m sorry, it was my fault. I did try to contain it, I just...”

    “Aela listen to me, it’s my fault. Sotek was right, I knew you needed it. I sometimes forget just how much you two need it. I’m sorry”.

    Aela threw her arms around him.
    “I’m sorry too. We’ll try harder, I know we keep saying it but we will”.

    “No you won’t. If anything you’ll try even less. It would see that you’re being accepted far more easily than I thought”.

    Aela looked over to Tilma who was smiling.
    “Tilma you look cold. Would you like some more furs?”

    “Yes, but there aren’t any child”. Tilma stated, half wishing she was in Jorrvaskr where it was warm.

    “Oh you can have some of mine. I’ll get them”. Aela said as she headed outside.

    Kodlak smiled at her as he interrupted.
    “Aela, what with Rikke being here, there’s not even enough tents. You’ll stay outside, I know you will. You’ll need the furs”.

    “Harbinger with all due respect, I’ve got Sotek. He’ll keep me warm”. Then she headed out and picked up three of her furs.

    Sotek counted how many they had left and hummed over their situation.
    “That will only leave us with three”.

    “Yes, but we can cuddle up. You’re great at keeping me warm. Besides, if I get too cold, Scarface will look after me”.

    A few hours later, Aela awoke to find the fire had died down to just a feint glow. She kissed Sotek on the side of his cheek then she got up and built the fire up a bit. The wood didn’t catch fire so she had to blow on it for a few minutes.
    “Here, let me”. Sotek said then he used his flame spell on it. Instantly the logs burst into flames lighting up the camp and throwing out a wave of heat.

    “Oh that’s better. Sorry I didn’t mean to disturb you”. She poked her head in to the main tent to see if the Harbinger was alright. “Hey Sotek come here”.

    “What?” He went over and stuck his head in the tent. There was Kodlak cuddled up to the back of Tilma with his arm around her. She was holding his hand like Aela would with Sotek’s tail. Aela smiled at the pair of them then noticed the maid shiver slightly.

    Aela grabbed the three furs then sneaked into the tent and gently placed two over her then the last one over Kodlak. Once she was satisfied she closed the tent up and sat by the fire.
    “Oh Hircine… I never considered they might have feelings for each other”.

    Sotek smiled as he cast a quick glance back at the tent.
    “You seem quite pleased”.

    “You know what? I am. Before you came to Jorrvaskr, I was quite solitary; I wouldn’t mix much with the others. Oh we’d sit at the table and everything, and my two pain in the neck ‘brothers’ would pick on me, but I was in some ways very much alone. Don’t feel sorry for me, I was happy. Red could hunt, well on the quiet anyway. You changed all that. Now I can’t bear to be alone, like when you went off with Rikke, I hated it. No one should be alone. I don’t often say it to you, but I need you so badly, it almost hurts. When you’re not there, it does; it really hurts. Anyway, yes I’m pleased, they are a good match. They’ll give each other some companionship. But for us, it’s gonna be a cold, long night I’m afraid. Sorry”.

    “Oh so you lost it then?” Sotek asked with a sly grin.

    “Lost what?”

    “The ring! Hircine’s ring”

    Aela looked down at her finger. The ring was there, tight and snug.
    “No I haven’t. Besides, it’s not Hircine’s… it’s mine!”

    “Change with me”. Sotek changed form, then Scarface looked over to Aela expectantly. She changed moments later.

    Just as dawn was breaking, Kodlak awoke to a strange heavy scratching. As he got up Tilma woke up as well.
    “Oh, that wasn’t a bad sleep. I felt warmer after you gave me the extra furs”.

    Kodlak turned to face her.
    “What extra furs? Aela!” He exited the tent expecting to see Aela shivering or sitting by the fire. However he was certainly not expecting to see what was waiting for him.




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    "Aela playfully slapped Sotek on the chest and commented on her wet [clothes]."
    “Well at least we can rest easy knowing Scarface and Red [don't] have fleas”.
    “Humph! If Red does have fleas then [they're] Argonian ones”.
    "They're nasty ...  more
    • Sotek
      "Aela playfully slapped Sotek on the chest and commented on her wet [clothes]."
      “Well at least we can rest easy knowing Scarface and Red [don't] have fleas”.
      “Humph! If Red does have fleas then [they're] Argonian ones”.
      "They're nasty and evil”.
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      Fixed the errors.
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      Jumped ahead of Ebonslayer with some luck. 
      Checked Empire, Emperor, defiantly, definitely, Nine and Eight ect.
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        I was wondering why the usual typos aren't here, that makes my job easier.
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    Now I'm stuck with the mental image of Scarface and Red catching salmon like bears.
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      A Shadow Under the Moons
      A Shadow Under the Moons
      A Shadow Under the Moons
      Now I'm stuck with the mental image of Scarface and Red catching salmon like bears.
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