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    Author’s note: The chapter has not been edited except for odd mistakes and errors therefore the content may change at a later date although the plot will remain the same. The content you read now is as I written it in 2014-2015. I hope this fact doesn’t lessen your enjoyment.

    As always, should you see an error or something you feel is off then by all means let me know.

    Sotek Loyal Hound of Hircine


    The moment Aela entered the hall of Jorrvaskr, she literally ran up to the Harbinger and threw her arms around him in excitement. 

    “We did it; we saved him, the Emperor! Oh the ship was massive! He’s really nice... the Emperor, Titus Mead? Meme? Mede II? I dunno..... He said one day he’ll like to meet you and visit the hall”. 


    “Really? Oh my, fancy that, the Emperor, Titus Mede II visiting Dragonsreach”. Kodlak said with a chuckle. It was a rare moment when he got to see Aela like this. The little girl he once knew with eyes full of excitement and wonder. Since she was in her pre-teens, the wolf all too easily smothered her.


    Aela shook her head.

    "No, here! Jorrvaskr! One day he would like to visit us. Oh Harbinger, I know it’s not likely but just imagine if he did. The Companions future would be assured; we’d get hundreds of recruits”. 


    Sotek laughed as he watched her rosy cheeks.

    “She’s been hitting a few bottles of wine on the way back”. 


    Aela smiled at Sotek.

    “Oh yea, the hamper, here”. She got Farkas and Vilkas to lift it on the table. “It’s a gift from the Emperor to all of us. Help yourselves”. With that she picked out one particular bottle of wine and gave it to the Harbinger. “He specifically had this one sent over for you”. 


    As Sotek sat on his step he looked over the hall to Farkas.

    “And our business. Is that concluded?”


    As Farkas looked across to him, he had a massive.

    "Yes, that’s dealt with”. 


    Sotek looked at him slyly studying his face.

    “And how much did that set you back?”


    “Nearly a thousand septims for everything”. Farkas muttered. 


    Aela glanced back at Sotek as she had inadvertently, although deliberately, started listening in.

    "A thousand for what?” 


    Sotek ignored her and turned his attention to Ebony.

    "Listen well Whelp! Go to my room. In my wardrobe is a chest. Take out a thousand gold and give it to Farkas”. 


    Farkas looked at him somewhat confused.

    "But I thought?”


    Sotek just smiled.

    “I wanted you to fix it, which you did. Paying for it is my responsibility, not yours. So, what have everyone else been doing?” 


    Saber produced a headband; it was gold with a bright green emerald in the centre.

    “Well Sam and I retrieved this when we checked on the towers a few days ago. Belethor would only offer thirty gold which seemed a bit low”. 


    Sotek’s eyes lit up the moment he saw the emerald gem.

    “I’ll buy it if it fits! How much?”


    “Ermm to you?" He started scratching his head then he looked around the hall. Saber thought about all the times Sotek would just hand out weapons or armor without even suggesting a payment. He glanced across to Sam who seemed to be of an equal mind. "I don’t know! I suppose you can have it”. 


    Sotek chuckled and nodded. He took it from Saber and approached his mate.

    “Here, put this on”. 


    She did as she was asked, but she wasn’t overly sure about it.

    “I don’t wear head gear”. 


    “Yes I know but Aela, that really suits you, doesn’t it everyone?” The other companions agreed, along with the whelps. Sotek took it back off her. “Oh yes, tonight, why don’t everyone have a trip down to the lake, we could all go. Even Eorlund and Tilma, you three won’t have to do anything; we’ll sort it all out. Well what do you think?" While he waited for an answer, he gave them fifty gold to Saber then he counted out another fifty gold septims for Sam as well. 


    The Harbinger looked across to Tilma, he saw she was feeling somewhat tired so he readily agreed.

    “Yes, why ever not”. 


    Sotek immediately took charge and organized the Companions.

    "Listen up! I'm not dealing with a pack of hounds; I deal with wolves. That means you what you are told when you are told. Aela, Farkas, Vilkas arrange the supplies with the Whelps, Sam tell Bjorlam he’s required in three hours. I’ve got something to do”. 


    Vilkas called out to him.

    “Ermm you said about Legate Rikke coming at one point”. 


    Sotek nodded.

    "Yes. Vilkas, go see if she wants to join us there”. With that Sotek headed off to his room. Five minutes later he headed out to Dragonsreach.  


    Two hours later he came back in the hall. Everything was packed up ready.

    “Right Whelps start shifting the gear to the carriage. Where’s Vilkas?”


    Aela smiled at him.

    "He’s not back yet so I presume Rikke and he will meet us there”. 


    Having been satisfied with Vilkas's location, Sotek approached Kul-et and pulled her aside.

    "I want a quick word”. Then he led her outside to the training yard. 


    “Kul-et, I have a massive favor to ask you. When we get to the lake, I want you and me to take Aela swimming. Keep your sword on you, in case we come across any slaughter fish”. 


    Kul-et wondered what he was up to.

    "Ok, but why do you want me as well?” 


    Sotek chuckled and gave her a sneaky wink.

    “I want help to drag her to the bottom of the lake”. 




    “Oh trust me”. With that he laughed then headed outside to the others, leaving a rather shaken and quite confused Kul-et behind.


    Once everything was packed up on the carriage and everyone was onboard except Aela Sotek and Farkas, the carriage set off. Farkas went to hire three horses but Sotek intervened.

    “No, we’ll just need the one, well you will. Aela and I will walk. We have something to discuss”. 


    “Oh ok. I guess we will meet you there then?” Farkas asked as his eyes flicked between the two Companions, Sotek and Aela.


    “Yess, or on the road”. With that Sotek led Aela away on foot, leaving a rather befuddled Farkas with the horse.  Aela silently walked alongside Sotek as they followed the cart. Inside, she felt a bit concerned. She couldn't shake the uneasy feeling which seemed to follow her footsteps as she wondered what the talk was about. 


    Once everyone was out of sight, Sotek stopped walking and wiggled his finger at Aela, beckoning her to move closer.

    ”Do you really want to walk?”


    “Pardon? I thought we needed to talk?” She looked along the roadway at Farkas who was riding off in the distance before returning her gaze upon Sotek. 


    “Yes, we are talking". Sotek calmly stated. He repeated his question then fell silent until he had a reply. "I need to know, do you really want to walk?” 


    “Sorry I’ve got no Idea what you’re on about”. 


    Sotek chuckled back at the confused Huntress. As if to answer her, he changed his form then Scarface dropped down to all fours and lowered his shoulder. Aela grinned like a crazed animal and jumped on his back.

    “The Harbinger won’t like this one bit”. Despite this she wore a massive grin and hey eyes almost buzzed with excitement. Scarface softly snarled as if he was answering her then he charged along the road towards Riverwood. Within fifteen minutes he was skirting around the edge of the town before rejoining the road.  

    Just after the carriage left Riverwood behind, Farkas caught up with it.

    “Where’s Sotek and Aela?” the Harbinger called out as he noticed the Companion was alone. 


    “They needed to discuss something first. They’re following on foot”. Just then, Farkas looked behind him as he heard a distant rumbling. In the distance he and saw a dust cloud approach them all at speed. Groaning, he quickly ushered his horse to the side, making way for the approaching rider and her mount. “Oh, you cheating bitch”. Kodlak looked at him then turned to see where he was looking. At that moment, Scarface with Aela riding him, shot past at full speed. His paws hammered along the path kicking up dust and tearing out foliage as he ran. 


    Bjorlam gripped the reins of Chestnut, his horse as he tried to steady it.

    “Damn it! I hate it when they do that”. 


    Aela called out to him as Scarface slowed down to a trot. Like a giant wolf on the prowl, he slowly walked past them on all fours.

    “Sorry about that". Aela said apologetically. "He kind of gets it into his head to go charging off. He certainly has spirit”. 


    Bjorlam wasn't the only one who wasn't impressed. Kodlak stood up and held onto the wagon’s side as he condemned the Huntress and Scarface's actions.

    "That is hardly appropriate is it? In the middle of the day?”


    Aela chuckled at him as she explained.

    "Harbinger you worry too much. Scarface and Red are accepted in Riverwood since we killed that dragon months ago”. 


    “Riverwood’s garrison is ok with him? What about the residen... What dragon? Aela!! What dragon?” 


    The Huntress laughed boisterously and smiled and she saw a Riverwood guard approach them.

    “Oh yes, look here comes a guard”.


    As the guard walked past he tipped his head to Aela.

    "Afternoon! Out for a quiet ride I see”. 


    “Yes, we’re off to the lake”. 


    “If you could pop your head in Embershard Mine we’d be grateful. Bandits have been roaming around”. The guard said as he pointed towards the disused mine.


    “I’ll be sure to send Scarface and Red. They’ll be more than happy to have a peek”. Aela said as she flashed her eyes. She inadvertently licked her lips, causing the guard to smirk. 


    He gave the Harbinger a salute then the guard headed off back to Riverwood, whistling as he went. 


    “Hey, Scarface we go a job later”. Aela said as she passionately patted the side of Scarface's neck.


    “Grrrrrrrrrr”. Was the beast's reply as he repositioned his paws, almost barging into the cart.


    Aela laughed then looked at the Harbinger.

    “I presume that’s a 'yes'”. 


    Kodlak just shook his head.

    “I’m too old to keep up with them”. 


    Aela laughed then she gently dug her heels into Scarface’s side. He started speeding up a bit.

    “See you there, giddy up”. Within a few seconds he was bounding along the path once more with Aela tucked into his back. 


    Eorlund smiled at the pair of them as he watched the two Companions ride off.

    "At least she seems happier now”. 


    Kodlak was still unhappy with the situation.

    “Yes that’s one thing I suppose, but their discretions gone right out of the window”.  


    Tilma joined in the conversation with a fact which Kodlak had momentarily forgotten about.

    “That happened when they fought for Whiterun. There’s no going back from that, not for anyone”. 


    By this time, Vilkas and Rikke were sitting on a large log by the edge of the lake as they patiently waited for the rest of the Companions to arrive. Vilkas gave a sigh as he glanced along the pathway which followed the lake before throwing a flat stone across the water. It bounced a few times as it skimmed along the surface until it collided with a protruding rock. 

    “We can’t set up anything until we know where the camps going, but I’m glad you could come along. It’s only fair considering”. 


    “Oh? How so? I don’t have much to do with the Companions”. Rikke stated. She had worked closely with Sotek and more recently Aela but she was surprised at getting an invitation to join them. 


     “Yes you have. Besides, maybe we can have that contest? I’m looking forwards to that”. Vilkas said as he smirked. 


    “Why? Do you like losing?" Rikke coyly said with a grin.


    “Losing? Girl, you don’t stand a chance, I’ll have you on your back in minutes”. 


    Rikke didn't answer out loud. She bashfully turned away as a thought ran through her head.

    'What would you do with me then?' 


    Vilkas whispered so she wouldn’t hear but in his eagerness he wasn't quiet enough.

    "I'd like you on your back". 


    “I beg your pardon?” She stated, pretending to be angry. 


    He looked over to her embarrassed.

    "What? I never said anything”. 


    She laughed at him.

    “You bloody liar. I’m damned if I’ll let you beat me in a drinking competition; it’ll be you on your back”. She knew what he had whispered, she heard it clear enough. Courage fueled her beating heart and before she could stop herself she replied in a hushed breath. “Then you’ll see what I can really do”. She sat there smiling as she saw him shuffle a bit as he tried to sit more comfortably.  


    The moment was lost when Scarface came bounding over a large rock with Aela clinging on for dear life. Rikke nearly screamed as he came bounding towards her while Aela was swearing her head off at him.

    “You stupid fucking moron! What the hell! When I say stop you idiot, I mean stop”. Scarface came to a halt then Aela climbed down and lightly kicked him in the hind leg. “Sorry about that; he’s still in training”. 


    Upon seeing Legate Rikke, Scarface prowled towards her and took a long sniff of her body. He exhaled through his nose, clearing the naval passages of scents and smells before howling out as he stood upright. Once he transformed back, Sotek grinned as he greeted the Legate officer.

    “Hi Rikke. How’s the cease fire going?” 


    She looked at Vilkas, the turned a bit red.

    "Ermmm yea, quiet I suppose”. 


    Aela saw her face and smiled discreetly at her. She went over to her and whispered in her ear.



    Rikke started giggling as she whispered back.

    “I think he likes me”. 


    Aela gave her a girly hug.

    ”Stick around”. 


    Soon afterwards the cart arrived along with Farkas who rode alongside it. Sotek placed out three chairs and offered them to Kodlak along with Eorlund and the maid.

    “Harbinger, you three sit down, I don’t want you doing anything”.


    Within half hour everything was sorted out. One large tent which was divided up into sections was set up while various other smaller tents were dotted around the camp site. The Whelps gathered firewood for the fire which Sotek set about building. A few hours later Sotek stared across the lake, he turned around and looked at Aela as his tail slid across the ground mischievously.

    “Aela, I got you a present. You have to promise me, no matter whether we argue or if you’re angry with me, you never leave Jorrvaskr without wearing it. You have to swear to me; here and now”. 


    Initially Aela was exited but that feeling quickly nosedived into a murky puddle and sank as she saw the 'gift' in his hands.

    “It’s that headband isn’t it?” She winced as if in agony as she looked at it.


    “Yes; but you have to swear”. Sotek said eagerly. Aela's mental state was obvious but Sotek was undeterred and eagerly held it out to her.


    “Sotek, I never wear them”. 


    “Well you can until tomorrow, here put it on”. He lifted her hand up and placed it in her palm before wrapping her fingers around it.


    Dejectedly, she took it from him and placed it on her head.

    “It feels a bit weird! Sotek, I really appreciate it but”. 


    “No, you have to wear it until we head back”. Sotek stated unconditionally. He point blank refused to allow her to take it off.


    “Very well, ok I will. Don’t expect me to wear it again afterwards”. To force her point she waved a finger at his face. With a sigh, she put it back on her head.


    Now she was actually wearing it, Sotek called over Kul-et.

    "You up for a swim?”  


    “Ermm oh yea, I suppose”. Kul-et answered but she seemed apprehensive and unsure of herself.


    “Aela you coming in?” Sotek asked as he gave her a nudge in her side. 


    “Oh yes! We got a fire going so why not?” With that she dived into the lake. Kul-et followed her in but she didn’t look happy.  


    Sotek hung back, and then he addressed the Harbinger.

    "Whatever happens don’t be alarmed and don’t expect us to surface any time soon. Just know I’ll keep Aela safe”.  


    “Why? Where are you taking her?” Kodlak asked as he glanced at the impetus Argonian.


    “There’s an old shipwreck at the bottom. We’re going to explore it”. Sotek eagerly replied.


    This sparked Rikke's interest. She was still unable to work out how Aela managed to stay below the water in Solitude harbor.

    “Aela said she doesn’t have to breathe if she’s with you. What is that about?”


    “When we dived into the sea, I breathed air into her mouth so we could stay under the water”. 


    “Oh right! Is that what you’re going to do in the shipwreck?”


    “Nope”. With that he dived in and followed Aela and Kul-et. He swam one side of Aela while Kul-et moved to the other side, then at his signal, they both grabbed Aela’s ankles and dragged her down to the lake bottom. 


    Aela struggled straight away while everyone on the shore looked on with concern. Farkas and Vilkas both dived in and gave chase but Kul-et and Sotek carried on dragging her down. Aela started to panic as she struggled to fight free. She grabbed Sotek and tried to hold her mouth against his but he held her back away from him. A second later she gave up the fight and released her mouthful of air and her mouth filled with water. She desperately glared at Sotek, then she felt the water enter her lungs. She flailed about for a few seconds, then stopped as she faced the pair of them with complete shock and surprise. 


    Aela moved her mouth open and shut several times in quick succession as she tried to work out what had just happened. With a broad grin, Sotek let her go and signaled to Kul-et to do the same. Aela just stayed there looking at the pair of them. She mimed at the two rogues, calling them names. She then pointed at Sotek and slid her finger across her throat.

    “You bloody pair of reptiles, you bloody wait”.


    Sotek just grinned then offered his hand to her. She went to thump him but the water made her movements sluggish. She still couldn’t believe that she could actually breathe underwater. Sotek offered his hand once more which she took then they went off heading to the ship wreck Sotek found some months before. 


    Kul-et signaled that she was heading up. Aela gave her a cheerful nod then Aela held onto Sotek's back as they headed further into the depths, Aela pointed to the wreck as it came into sight.  


    As Kul-et got to the surface she saw Farkas and Vilkas in the water.

    "Hold on you two”. They both took hold of her shoulders and she dragged them to the shoreline.  


    “What the hell is going on?” Farkas snapped when they reached dry land. 


    “Sotek never told you? It would seem that he’s enchanted the headband. It’s got water breathing. Aela can breathe underwater. They’re exploring a wreck, it’s about fifty feet down. He never told her either, she’s well gonna kill him when they re surface”. She explained with a smirk.


    Sotek swam to the top of the deck then Aela let go. She pointed to the Captain's door and swam towards it. Seconds later three fish shot out from the cabin, making her jump. She smiled broadly as the fish swam passed her but not before she managed to rub her hand against one when it swam off. Inside, they found a mudcrab that disapproved of the unwanted intrusion. The Huntress pulled out her dagger and stabbed it three times, easily killing it, then she explored the room. In the far corner was a chest. She skillfully pick locked it then opened it up. A large air bubble shot out as water filled the box. Inside she found an old scroll and a diamond which she tucked in her pack. Then they both went further down into the depths and explored the hull. 


    Half an hour later the surface of the lake was broken by Sotek and Aela. The rest of the Companions watched as Sotek swam to the shore with Aela still holding on to his back. Once they reached the shoreline, she walked up to the fire and pulled off her boots then sat down and vigorously shook her head to shake off the excess water. Once she finished, she told the others about their adventure.

    “That was bloody amazing! It’s a whole new world down there. The fish and sea life? Wow. We explored a wreck, it was fantastic”. With that she started laughing.  


    “Nether mind about that”. Tilma stated as she threw a fur towards her. “Dry yourself off”.


    “Tilma it was great, it really was. I got a bloody shock though! Sotek you bastard! You could have told me the headband had water breathing”. 


    Sotek shook his head at her.

    “What and take away my fun? Oh no. Anyway, as you won’t use it anymore can I have it back?” 


    Aela’s eyes narrowed as she dared him to try and take it away.

    “You try and take it. It’s mine”. 


    Once the two Companions settled down, Aela gave Rikke a mischievous wink.

    “I’m not up for it now, but we’ve been asked to take a look in Embershard Mine. Could you and say... Vilkas? Maybe take a look and see what’s going on? The guard at Riverwood mentioned bandits”. 


    “Sure, come on Vilkas, it won’t take long”. She smiled back at Aela as they headed off towards the mine. 


    Sotek sat there lying against a stump when Aela moved over to him and sat between his legs so she could rest on his chest. She eyed the tip of his tail and started giggling.

    “Hey everyone, watch this”. She gently stroked Sotek’s tail a few times then it flicked up by a good foot then thumped onto the ground. Aela burst out laughing as the Harbinger chuckled.


    Sotek rolled his eyes at her and growled.




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