U.O.T.W. Chapter 259 Sea Dogs


    Author’s note: The chapter has not been edited except for odd mistakes and errors therefore the content may change at a later date although the plot will remain the same. The content you read now is as I written it in 2014-2015. I hope this fact doesn’t lessen your enjoyment.

    As always, should you see an error or something you feel is off then by all means let me know.

    Sotek Loyal Hound of Hircine


    Both Sotek and Aela headed through Whiterun’s gate and slowly made their way towards the stables. Aela gave a slight groan as she glanced at the horses.

    “Oh, here we go again, I was hoping for a bit of a break”.


    “Yes, but at least we had last night. I know you feel somewhat pushed out by me and Scarface but... Aela, you have nothing to fear, ok?”


    “I don’t want to talk about it! I was a bloody spiteful bitch, I know I was. Please, let’s talk about something else”. Her face scrunched up as she held his hand for the fleetest of moments.


    As they climbed up on the cart, Sotek threw a bag of gold over to Bjorlam and relayed their destination to him.

    “Morthal please?”


    Aela looked at him with complete surprise.

    “Morthal? The Emp... ermm... why there?”


    “Well, north of there is the marshland”. Sotek whispered so their strategy wouldn’t be overheard. “That leads us to the harbor, nice and quiet like”.


    “Ahh, sneaky, sneaky, fair enough”. Aela glanced back at the walls of Whiterun, silently wishing they had another night of peace before being thrust out into the realm of Skyrim. As she thought back of Jorrvaskr and the Companions, something occurred to her and the more she thought about it, the stranger it seemed. “Speaking of being sneaky and quiet, did you notice Kul-et and Veezara? They never once looked at each other, not one single glance”.


    Sotek thought about the day’s events in Jorrvaskr and realized she was right.

    “You know I can’t say that they did! That’s odd... unless they know each other and they don’t want anyone to know”.


    “What? Secret lovers? Hahaha. No, they all play the field as it were. Even Ebony's been busy in that regard. I know Farkas and Vilkas have”.


    Sotek quietly gulped as he thought about Farkas and Ebony.

    “Anyway, a change of subject. I have a plan; it’s basic but it’s somewhat reckless”.


    “Reckless? Now why aren’t I surprised? In what way?” The Huntress smirked. Most of their plans would be classified by Kodlak as reckless. Then again, this time it was Sotek placing it in that group. One thing she was sure of; they were in for an interesting time.


    “We have to save the Emperor, while the assassins there, in the room, in front of him”. Sotek hoped to feel somewhat better once he said it but he didn’t. His stomach felt tight and his whole plan seemed, overall, ridiculous.


    “What? Why for the love of the Nine?” Aela didn’t understand. All she knew was there was an assassin they needed to kill. Did it really matter where or when? As long as they killed him in time, the details didn’t matter.


    “Because I need something. Aela don’t ask, you’ll find out soon enough. But please, you have to trust me”.


    She got up then sat next to him.

    “I trust you, ok?” She leaned into him, then closed her eyes. “When will we get there?”


    “In the afternoon, then it’s straight to the harbor. Get some rest, you’ll need it”.


    “But he’s not expected till tomorrow”.


    “Yess”. Sotek replied. “In Solitude. The assassination will take place on his ship. I’m waging tonight. Now, please get some sleep, you didn’t sleep that much last night”.


    “Yea, but that was your fault”. Aela said with a smutty laugh.


    “That may be”. Sotek chuckled. “But after that you stayed sitting up at the campfire, watching the flames, you didn’t sleep until just before dawn”.


    Aela’s eyes went wide as she stared at him.

    “No way! You were asleep; I can tell when you’re sleeping”.


    Sotek sighed, and then he weighed something up in his mind.

    “Don’t be angry with me, you swear?”


    Aela eyed him suspiciously.

    “Ok, I kinda swear”.


    Sotek took a deep breath.

    “Ok, here we go. ‘Sotek, I know I should say this to your face, but I just can’t, I’m scared. I’m really sorry about how I acted. I’m going to change; I’m going to make you proud of me, the Harbinger proud of me. I’m going to be worthy of your love and care, this I swear to you’. Before you say anything, remember you promised not to be angry”.


    Aela immediately went to thump him, but she just managed to restrain herself.

    “You fucking asshole!”


    “Wait, wait, I’ve got something to tell you!” Sotek’s hands sprang up in front of him like a shield for him to hide behind. “Aela, I am proud of you. You struggle with things that most can’t understand and even those who do; they don’t fully fathom or comprehend the difficulties in which you face on a daily basis. Yes, you’re a bit of a bitch and a psycho, but you’re my psycho. Kodlak, the Harbinger? He’s proud of you too, you should know that. Now get some sleep”.


    “You bastard! How the hell do people read Argonian faces?”


    Sotek gave her a hug and smiled to himself. Aela looked at him closely but try as she might, she couldn’t tell a single thing.


    By the afternoon they arrived at their destination, but instead of heading into the town they headed straight towards the marshland. The marshes stretched out for miles south of the wide tidal river which solitudes harbor was built upon. There were many tiny islands abundant with wildlife from poisonous flowers, to dragonflies; an alchemist’s wonderland, of plants and bugs.


    Although practically inhospitable, the marshland itself wasn’t by any means treacherous. The swampy ground held little danger, so often alchemists could be found on the edges gathering supplies. Even so, only the bravest or the most daring would transverse the inner marsh, for there was talk of nightmare spiders that hunted the deepest sections.


    Aela stood on the edge of the marshland and starred into its depths.

    “We’re not going through, are we?”


    “Yes, straight through, it’s the quickest route”. Sotek never bothered to slowdown, he just entered headlong into it.


    Aela’s face screwed up as she stepped in the muddy water.

    “Ok but we stay to the north of the centre. Spiders are said to lurk in the darkest depths of the marsh”.


    Sotek started chuckling at her. He could see she was suffering from trepidation.

    “Don’t go ‘Farkas’ on me. It’s probably a few spiders, one or two at the most”.


    Aela shook her head. She hesitated for a moment then whispered back to him.

    “I’ve see them. Kodlak forbid me to go near that place, the centre; so did Ma. So, I went there and had a look… There’s a ‘queen’. She’s massive. I’ve never seen a frostbite spider like her. She’s the ‘Scarface’ of the arachnid world. She’s also surrounded by a whole contingent of frostbite spiders. There must be around fifteen of them in all. You can’t tell Kodlak, I swore to him I wouldn’t delve in there”.


    The sound of Sotek’s legs sloshing through the marsh came to a stop as he looked towards the south. He nervously gulped then inherently turned northwards and took a few steps.

    “A queen? I’ll follow your lead on this. Northwards it is”.


    The two Companions bypassed the middle of the marshland by keeping to the outer edge of the swampland. They trudged through the murky waters where Aela just so happened to step on a patch of waterlogged mud. It squelched as she lifted up her boot and the stench caused her to screw her nose up from the stagnant smell.

    “Oh yuck. This place stinks”. A second later she regretted saying it out loud as she thought about Sotek and his homeland. “Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that”.


    Sotek paused then turned to face her.

    “What? Why?”


    “Well it’s like Black Marsh isn’t it? Your homeland”.


    Sotek gave a small laugh at her.

    “Aela, I have no idea what Black Marsh looks like. Well, the coast line I do and that is nothing like this. Besides, my homes in Whiterun”.


    “Don’t you want to return to Black Marsh one day?” Aela asked.


    Sotek immediately turned back to the north and carried on making his way through the marshes.


    Aela sped up a bit to catch him up. As she quietly walked alongside him, she realized once again how alone he really was.


    As they made their way through the marshes, Aela saw something which she could use to break the uneasy silence. She suddenly shouted with glee and pointed to a clump of purple flora.

    “Hey flowers, come on, act like my boyfriend! Go pick me some flowers”.


    Sotek laughed at her.

    “Girls are supposed to want flowers because they’re pretty and smelly. Not because Deathbells make great poisons”


    “Smelly?” Aela laughed boisterously as he screwed his face up.


    “Not smelly? Ermm, fragrant?” Sotek asked as he smiled back. If the truth be told he was trying to think of a way to break the silence too.


    “Stinky!” Aela replied as she held the tip of her nose, pretending to block it. “Don’t be a rotter. Fetch”. She gave him a slight shove but he kept his footing.


    The next second Aela screamed as he grabbed hold of her chest piece and waistband. The next second he strained his muscles and lifted her above his head.

    “Opps! I nearly dropped you! Careful don’t wriggle or I’ll drop you for sure”.


    “Put me down!” She screamed out but she didn’t listen to him and started flailing her arms and legs in all directions. He struggled to hold her despite the thrashing about when all of a sudden, they both went over and splashed in the marshy water. Aela cursed as she got up.


    “Urgh, damn it, I’m soaked”. She retaliated by pushing Sotek back over. He hit the water then disappeared. “Hey, where the hell are you?”


    The very next second he reached through the waters and swiped away her legs, pulling her down into the water.



    Aela tried to scream but before she could she was submerged. Breaking the surface of the water, she stood up in the marsh to find the water up to her waist.


    “You moron! I smell of a wet dog”.


    “Aela, you are a wet dog”.


    “Yea? Well don’t go crying when I bite your tail. Flowers! Get me some now, you stinking reptile”. Her fist waved in the air, fortifying her request.


    As they made their way towards Solitude Harbor, they collected a few various plants. Some for their own use but others were for Arcadia. In all they had spent a few hours traversing the marshland but now the air smelt salty as they approached the edge of the marsh. Seagulls could be heard on the wind as they cried out to the small fishing vessels which were moored at Solitude harbor. Finally, the two companions left the outskirts of the marsh and now they stood by the sea, surrounded by broken boulders and stony shoreline that were overlooked the harbor. Aela stopped and stared; transfixed by a massive ship that was docked port side.

    “That’s got to be it! Sotek you were right, he’s already here”.


    “That’s the one alright! The Katariah! Hmm… look towards the stern. You see the anchor chain?”


    “Yes. Is that how we’re getting on board?” Aela asked as she studied the galleon.


    Sotek nodded back then waved her forwards with his finger. As one they headed to the water’s edge when Aela stared at the castle for a good few seconds.


    Sotek saw her face. He knew something played on her mind.

    “What is it?”


    “Did we really jump down from up there? That’s one hell of a jump”. As Aela scrutinized the castle wall she shuddered.


    “Yes, and you had a busted ankle. That must have been agony for you”.


    She felt the color drain from her face while her stomach tightened.

    “I feel sick thinking about it, come on, let’s move”. Moments later she entered the water.


    Sotek stood on the shore for a few seconds watching her, then with a slight splash he dived in. He came up just in front of Aela, offering his back to her. The Huntress held on tight as he swam along the surface for a short while then he signalled that he was going to dive. Once she took a deep breath, Aela tapped him on the shoulder, giving him the signal that she was ready. They disappeared from the surface, leaving only a feint ripple which soon dispersed. To any observer, the harbor’s tidal waters looked calm and undisturbed.


    Within thirty seconds they had reached the anchor, Aela broke the surface gasping for breath.

    “Oh god, oh damn”.


    Sotek talked softly.

    “Steady, get your breath back then we’ll start. We can’t kill anyone so we’ll have to play smart”


    Aela nodded.

    “Sneaky, sneaky. Let’s do this”. She took hold of the thick chain and started climbing it.


    Sotek found himself fascinated as he watched her climb her way effortlessly up the giant links. He couldn’t help but feel she would have made an excellent thief or assassin. Her whispers snapped him out of his mesmerized stare.

    “Hey? Stop watching my ass, get up here”.


    He took hold of the chain then started climbing up towards her. Aela disappeared from his view, so he sped up. Within moments he got to the top. Just then Aela stuck her head out of the hole.

    “Get a move on… oh you’re here. Hurry up”.


    He clambered through the hole to find himself in a storage area. All around were large crates stacked up together with various hessian sacks dotted around them. A single lantern lit up the current section of the hold but due the crates, the actual light the lantern gave out was limited in its usefulness. Further in the bowels of the ship, Sotek could make out the doorways to different sections of the deck.


    Aela was sitting on a wooden box, grinning her head off. Sotek looked at her oddly but she just pointed to a large crate.

    “Behind it”. She whispered.


    He peered over the top of the crate which she pointed at; there tied and gagged, was a sailor struggling with his bonds. Sotek gently clapped and Aela bowed down and silently murmured back.

    “Thank you”.


    Sotek chuckled at himself at her bravado as he passed her and took point. As they made their way through the ship’s hull they reached a small side room, inside were two sailors sleeping on hammocks. Sotek signalled to Aela as to which one he wanted her to deal with then he prepared to tackle his own target. She silently counted down from three. On the final count, she grabbed the man by the mouth with one hand while she stuck her dagger against his throat.


    Sotek took the easy way out. He cast his paralysis spell on his target then tied him up where he laid on the hammock. Finally, he shoved a cloth in the man’s mouth gagging him.


    He looked over to Aela who was still tying her sailor up. In jest Sotek started tapping his foot. Aela snarled back at him then leaned over and gently bit Sotek on the arm. The Companion just managed to stifle the scream. He gave her a gentle backhander across the cheek which prompted Aela to threaten him with her fist.


    Backing away from her, Sotek decided to move deeper into the bowels of the ship. Further on they came to a wooden ladder which headed up to the weather deck. Sotek went first and gingerly he opened the trap door. He could see two of the Emperor’s guards; the Penitus Oculatus. The first one was standing against the main mast while the other one was sitting down on some wooden steps which would lead to the poop deck.


    Aela smiled as she noticed how lazy and relaxed the guards were. She whispered her feelings back to her counterpart.

    “They look bored. We should be ok”.


    Sotek however wasn’t happy. He had an idea what to expect and this wasn’t it.

    “Aela, these are the Emperor’s guards who are supposedly on duty! They wouldn’t lean against the mast or sit down. Something’s not right”.


    Sotek sneaked out of the door and along to the mast behind the guard, only then did he notice the small puddle of blood the guard was standing in. He was dead but two daggers pinned his sides to the mast to make it look like he was standing up. A quick investigation on the second guard proved to be of the same conclusion. With fearful ‘gulp’ that they were already too late, Sotek signalled to Aela then headed inside the Captain’s quarters.


    This area was vastly different to the rest of the ship. The main dining table was laid out with crystal glasses embedded with rubies and emeralds. Even the jug was made of a crystallized glass and it glistened as traces of light seeped inside through a crack in the ships window. Large pewter plates with gold and silver edging were laid out along with a bowl of exotic fruits and berries. Freshly baked bread wafted under Aela’s nose while cold meats tantalized her senses.


    Sotek ignored the table altogether and scurried around like a ship rat. He examined the various doors and gangways until he found what he was looking for. One set of double doors stood out. It had with gold trimmings, deeply set within the wood and intricate wooden carved panels on the doors.

    “This one; it’s got to be”. Sotek tried to pick the lock but a key was still inside it so he wasted several seconds trying to get the key to drop.


    Aela was getting impatient, and hungry. She scooped up a hand full of berries and cursed out at her mate before shoving them in her mouth.

    “Hurry up damn it”.


    “Aela, shut up”. Several seconds later the key dropped to the floor. Sotek breathed a sigh of relief then moments later, they both heard a satisfying ‘click’. Sotek took Aela’s bow and slowly pushed the door open. “I’m borrowing it! Don’t look so alarmed”.


    Aela wasn’t alarmed; she was deeply troubled and worried.

    “Oh, please Sotek, no”.


    “What’s the problem?” Sotek asked as he momentarily paused.


    “Oh nothing...... Don’t break my bow and for the love of the Nine and the grace of Hircine, don’t shoot the bloody Emperor!”


    “Hissss. Stay out here on guard… and don’t stuff yourself silly so you’re sick. We’re on a ship, remember?” Then without a further word Sotek sneaked inside.


    As he headed into the room Aela couldn’t help but glare at him.

    “Hiss at me you bloody reptile”.


    Sotek sneaked into the room and just by the decorations he knew straight away that he was in the mperor’s quarters. In the middle of the room was a large wooden desk with elaborate carvings. Silken tapestries hung on the walls and a rich red carpet lay out across the floor. Standing by the desk, holding two blades, stood the assassin clad in his Dark Brotherhood armor. Sotek crept as silent as a mouse to the side wall and waited in the shadows, from there he could hear every word.

    “So, my time draws to an end. You have come to kill me and words will not sway your blade. I knew the guards wouldn’t be able to stop you; not many have managed to stay off the Dark brotherhood”. From what Sotek could see and hear, the Emperor, Titus Mede II sounded calm and relaxed, almost as if the meeting had been preordained by the Aedra’s themselves.


    “Not many? Who would deny sweet innocent Cicero? Silence! Mother is calling. Is that you mother? Yes, yes! My blade is sharp! It’s shiny, gleamy and oh so deadly. No mother I don’t want to wait… Stab, stab and stab I say. Else the Emperor walks away!”


    Upon hearing the assassin’s insane cackling and laughter, Sotek paused and looked behind himself to try and see who the assassin was talking to. He found it hard to understand how an ‘assassin’ dressed as a jester and one who sounded insane could sneak aboard the Emperor’s own ship. As he watched, the assassin, who called himself ‘Cicero’, merrily danced as he stabbed at the air.

    “Madness is merry, and merriment’s might. When the jester comes calling with his knife in the night. What is that you say? Yes, I know its day! Just like that fair maid Nelly, I’ll plunge my knife in your royal belly”.


    Sotek heard enough. He started to draw the bow but as he did so, Cicero moved towards Titus. Having found he ran out of time, Sotek decided to play the maniac against himself. He whispered out and watched.

    “Cicero, are you there Cicero?”


    Cicero stopped and lowered the blade. He turned around with a bemused expression on his face as he held a hand to his ear.

    “Mother? Is that your voice I hear? Hmm? No, no… Just my mind playing tricks. Foolish Cicero!”


    Upon hearing this, Sotek’s jaw dropped. He whispered a second time and readied the bow.

    “Cicero… Cicero… The night Mother calls”.


    “Mother!! You speak? Oh joy, oh joy, the listener is me!”

    He danced a jig while his face filled with merriment then he stepped towards the curtains.


    Sotek hissed out at him.

    "She callsss for you”. A second later an arrow flew across the room and struck the assassin full in the chest. He exploded in flames as he shot across the room and slammed into the wall.


    Sotek stepped from the shadows and walked as casually as he had ever done, he searched the body of poisons and vials, all the while he watched the Emperor stand there facing him.

    “I must congratulate you Emperor, your taking all this in your stride”.


    Despite the sudden explosion and revelations, the Emperor replied with his usual calmness and decorum.

    “It would seem the players have changed but I cannot wonder if the game remains the same”.


    Sotek motioned to the chair allowing the Emperor to sit down.

    “That depends on you, and you alone”.


    “And who do I have the pleasure of facing now, before my death?”


    Sotek carefully laid the bow down on the table.

    “I’m not here to kill you, I’m here to save you. My question is however, should I have bothered? I am Sotek, Companion of Whiterun. Outside is Aela the Huntress and I see from the expression and tired smile on your face that you have heard of us”.


    “Indeed; the General has stated that you have been very useful, but he also has forewarned me that you’re...”


    “Werewolves... yes, we are. Don’t be alarmed, not that you would be…” With that simple statement, Sotek transformed.  Scarface stood in front of the Emperor then rose up to full height and brandished his claws and fangs. His eyes fixed upon Titus Mede II’s torso, listening to the rapid beating heart.  Moments later he changed back.


    Sotek rested his hands on the table, steadying himself. He pulled off his flask and tipped some over his head, cooling himself down before guzzling three mouthfuls of water. As an afterthought, he offered his flask to the Emperor who held a hand up, politely refusing to partake of Sotek’s offering. Shrugging back, Sotek sat down on one of the chairs and spoke; not particularly caring if the Emperor was sitting or even standing up.


    “Don’t think me as being arrogant. I live by the laws of the land while your laws are of white stone and walls. That was Scarface, my werewolf form. Werewolves are hunted down but I am somewhat hoping that due to my services to you and the empire that certain liberties, if you will... Could be met?”


    “Aela’s a werewolf as well?” Titus Mede II asked as he looked past the table at the door at the far end of his chambers.


    Sotek nodded then called out to his mate.

    “Aela? Come in!”


    Aela gently opened the door, then saw them both sitting at the desk. Sotek beckoned her to approach the table and introduced her without even bothering to sit up.

    “Emperor, I would like to introduce to you, my better half, Aela the huntress. Aela this is the Emperor, Titus Mede II”.


    “How do you do Aela. I’ve heard a great many things about you. You serve your Jarl well”.


    “Th... Thank you ermm...”


    Sotek laughed at her stammering.

    “Oh, come now, he doesn’t bite! That’s our prerogative remember. The Emperor would like to be introduced to Red”.


    “Wh… what?” Aela’s eyes flicked between the Emperor, who she still couldn’t believe was sitting in front of her and Sotek who she couldn’t believe was being so blasé about everything.


    “Show him, I need all the cards on the table”. Sotek stated, egging her on.


    After taking a deep breath, Aela nodded and for reasons she didn’t understand, she changed. When the metamorphose was complete, Red stood up and looked down at Sotek. She wasn’t sure what was wanted or expected. Sotek stood up, scraping the chair across the floor then he patted red in the cheek.

    “That’s my girl! Say hello to the Emperor. Softly mind!”


    On cue, red growled and shuffled backwards, lest she scare the strange man who seemed to show no fear. Titus gasped as he looked at her body, something he couldn’t help but comment on.

    “She’s impressive; what fine coloured fur”.


    Sotek smirked,

    “Yess, with a temperament to match”.


    “She’s not as tall as Scarface?”


    “No” Sotek explained. “She’s the typical size, but Scarface is a one off. His kind will never walk the world again”.


    Aela changed back, as soon as she did so the Emperor stood up and pulled out a chair.

    "Sit down here, I feel we have much to discuss”.


    “Ermm… no your highness. Lordship? Emperor? Ermm… your guards on the deck are dead; killed by that!”

    As she spoke she pointed to the corpse who was still pinned to the wall.


    “Ahh yes, and of those you both met on your way here to me?”


    Sotek smirked at him,

    “They’re tied up”.


    The Emperor slowly nodded then pulled on a cord, sounding a bell. During this time Aela’s face went white but Sotek has a strange smirk on his face.


    Moments later, six guards burst into the room.

    “Put your swords away, earlier would have been ideal but as you can see, you’re too late. Aela the Huntress, could you escort the guards to where you tied my people up and have the guards free them. Oh, and Aela, I would consider it an honour if you showed my ‘Captain’ where his weak points are, concerning the ship’s defences”.


    Aela looked at him then at Sotek totally unsure as to what to say.

    “Ermm yea”.


    Once they disappeared Sotek shut the door. He sat at the table and laughed.

    “Oh Aela, fancy saying ‘yea’ to the Emperor. Now, Titus Mede II, Emperor of Cyrodiil and the lands beyond. It’s time we sat down to business for there is much business for us to discuss”.


    Two hours went by and not once did Sotek or Titus Mede II leave the Emperor’s study. When the door did finally open, they both left the room to find Aela and the Captain sitting at the Emperor's table. Aela was enjoying stuffing her face with every possible thing she could try.

    “Hey, you gotta try this venison, it’s great. The Emperor’s red deer! Oh, the wine here”. She passed him a glass which he took and placed on the table.


    The Emperor laughed as he watched her eat.

    “My, she’s hungry”.


    Sotek laughed as he bit into a green apple.

    “She has the manners of a dog”.


    “I am a dog”. Aela stated as she smiled.


    Sotek sat down watching her,

    “More precisely, we’re on a ship so you’re a sea dog. And that puts me in with good company then. Eat up, in ten minutes we’re off to Whiterun”.


    “You guys were in there for hours! What did you talk about?” Aela asked as she watched Sotek’s tail for any signs of trickery or deceit.


    “You guys? Oh, you mean me and the Emperor?” Sotek stated as he tutted jestingly.


    “What? Oh crap! Sorry, I meant no disrespect”.


    The Emperor laughed and brushed her objections aside.

    “See to it that they have ample supplies. Captain, come with me, we have plans to work on. Sotek, Aela, until we meet again”.


    Aela jumped up to her feet.



    Sotek just sat there and mused over the Emperor’s parting statement.

    “Will we?”


    Titus Mede II turned to face him. He raised an eyebrow and enquired to Sotek’s meaning.

    “What do you mean by that?”


    “Will we meet again?”


    “You’re the one that survived the Dark brotherhood assassination, are you not?” Titus asked, knowing full well it was Sotek who had defeated the Shadowscales when they attacked Jorrvaskr.


    He certainly wasn’t ready for Sotek’s answer though.

    “Yes, two were killed. But then again Emperor, you survived an attempt as well, did you not?”


    “Indeed, yes! No doubt we will meet again, I look forwards to our next encounter”. With that the Emperor and the Captain left the table then entered the Emperor's private quarters.


    Half an hour later, Aela and Sotek were on the carriage heading back to Whiterun. Aela sat on the cart smiling.

    “Last time we left here we were running for our lives and now we have one of the Emperor's hampers and we actually sat at his table. Oh Hircine, what an adventure! The others won’t believe it”.


    Sotek smirked at her, she looked far happier than she had for days.

    “Once we show them the hamper, they will have no choice”.


    “Yea, that’s a clever idea. What did you both talk about? You were in there for ages?”


    Sotek turned to her, his face was all serious.

    “I love you, I really do, but don’t ask. I would hate to have to lie to you. Let’s forget it. I’ll tell you what, when we get back let’s have a break. Everyone can go to the lake for a night. We’ll even see if the Harbinger and Tilma would like to come along”.


    Aela’s eyes lit up at the suggestion.

    “Everyone? That would be great! Yes, I’d like that”.


    By the time the sun started rising, they arrived at Whiterun. Sotek stood there looking at the walls, studying them.

    “It’s hard to imagine there was a battle here! That’s when it all started”.


    “When what started?” Aela enquired.


    “The plan did! That was the initial seed, when we talked to the Jarl. That’s when it started to grow”.


    Aela looked at him, he could tell she was confused.

    "What seed? What are you on about?”


    Sotek looked at her, then laughed as he pushed open the gates of Whiterun and stepped inside.




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    You killed Cicero! Nooooo! Damn you! But yeah, it was quite interesting seeing this moment from the other side too. Well done.
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    Shy Knight of the Shovel   ·  July 31
    this was a great way to twist the Assassinate the Real Emperor quest. Cicero trying to win the Favor is Funny.